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Navarasa Day 01-18-2023

It started as a normal day but thinking now about the way it unfolded is very interesting.

5:30am – Woke up early as it was office day for me. I prepare the shower to find there is no hot water flow! We kind of expected it as water flow was warm for past few days but today morning hot water flow totally stopped!! I just refreshed quick and left to office as I organized a work lunch meet with senior leaders and juniors that day that I cannot miss.

7:30am – I get text from M. He was upset with the situation. He took that frustration on me and I felt helpless being away from home. This kind of put my mind to a restless state as I can’t get back home for another 12 hours!

8:45am – I reach office and go about my day. I did not have the right mindset but still went ahead with work demands and meetings.

12pm – Lunch meet at a local restaurant (this went very well but my mind was still racing and all I wanted was to just go back home)

2pm – Continued with back to back meetings and accelerated work

3:30pm – Wrapped up work! I was targeting to get the first return bus back home so rushed out of work in a hurry burry mode with a still restless mind!

4pm – Reached the bus stop and picked up my bluetooth to make a phone call while waiting for bus! Surpriseeeee the two ear pods inside the case were missing. Case was empty!!! Replaying the day reminded me of dropping the case at my desk. Apparently the pods got scattered when the case dropped to floor and I just picked up the case assuming the pods are inside the case! I didn’t care to open the case to check if pods were inside! Remember the hurry burry to get back home and restless mind!!!

4:02pm – I messaged a co worker who was still at work to check around my seat and after few minutes of search he found the ear pieces on the floor. Coordinated with him to find another colleague who lives about 40 minutes away from my home and asked the coworker to send the ear pieces with this person! Plan was to collect it later in the day. Other option was to go back to office, collect the ear pieces and take a later bus. I didn’t want to do it as M was already upset and was expecting plumber in the evening. I had to go home and release him from LHB’s evening duties. LHB had a soccer team tryout session that he was so looking forward to!

4:04pm – Boarded bus. Usually I take a nap in hour long bus ride but today I couldn’t. My eyes were burning to shut down but I just couldn’t rest!

5:20pm – Reached home and LHB was waiting outside ready for me to take him to his soccer tryout session. It was a touch and go, I just switched car and took him for the session.

7:10pm – The session was over. It was a good drill for the kids and parents almost froze to death waiting outside in the soccer field in this cold weather. My fingers turned blue and feet was numb by the time the session was over! Imagine my state standing in this cold weather for 1.5 hours watching LHB’s drill after my long day at work! LHB was super nervous about this tryout and gave his best. Team selection results will be out in next few weeks.

7:15pm – LHB and I returned to car. It felt being in heaven to sit inside the car with heat turned on. I turned on heat on my seats too 🙂 We ate quick bites of some food/snacks I bought from work and started the drive to this coworker’s home

8pm – Arrived coworker’s home and collected the ear pieces. A big sigh of relief. I have written about my ear buds here

8:45pm – Arrive home and the plumber was almost wrapping up work! Thankfully he fixed the water heater.

9:30pm – Hot water flow resumed and so was my state of mind! M came to normal mode too as it was all taken care of!

10:30pm – Took nice hot shower

11pm – I wanted to write about the day but eyes were begging to sleep so resorted to WW diwali sweets picture post

11:30pm – Went to sleep!!!

When I woke up in the morning, I had no clue about the way this day will unfold, misplacing ear buds added more drama and overall it was a day filled with mixed navarasa moments of love, laughter, sorrow, anger, courage, fear, disgust, surprise and peace all on a single day!

What matters is the day ended with peace. Peace out people ☮️ ✌️