Archive | January 24, 2023

Sustainable Living Sort Of..

If yesterday’s post was about garden, then today’s post has to be about recent lifestyle adaptation to move one step closer to sustainable living.

One self-improvement I am very proud about in recent years is the consistent effort I take in separating garbage at home. I separate them as 4 piles now. Trash, Recycle, Plastic and Compost. With this change, the trash bag doesn’t get filled even after one whole week! Is the family happy about this separation is a topic to discuss another day!!

Trash and recycle – They are picked up by township from the curbside!

Plastic – I have a friend to hand over plastic collections (I keep collecting them and give to him once in few months). He drops it at an upcycling center where they make chairs and benches out of plastics.

Compost – All of kitchen waste and coffee powder except for meat remains go into compost bin setup at backyard. Last summer, we took more than 10 buckets of black gold from the bin, and it was a proud day for me! I have been religiously following the routine of adding all waste to the bin for more than a year when no one trusted that it’s going to turn into compost. The earth worms overworked and proved them wrong when we took out buckets and buckets of black gold 🙂

It’s safe to say that this has become an effortless habit now. There is no looking back. Wish I can say the same about fitness someday!! Wishful thinking!!!

I am also thankful to the state for plastic bag usage ban at stores. I love carrying my tote bags wherever I go!

At home, some days you can even catch me rummaging the trash bag to pull out plastics and recycles trashed by the family **rolling eyes** I just cannot walk past knowing trash bag is not the right place for them especially plastics!!

This is one lifestyle change that makes me sleeps well at night! Kumudha very appy annachi 😁😁

You keep adding kitchen waste to top of the bin layering it with browns. When it’s time, you take the compost from the bottom. Nature’s wonder or rather earthworms wonder. My respect for earthworms has gone rocket high after witnessing the result of its hard work!

What you see below is a sample of kitchen waste on the left and the final outcome of compost on the right side.