Archive | January 27, 2023

Five on Friday

  • As I type this, LHB is super upset with me as I have asked him to pack his bag for tomorrow’s all day scout event. We have to leave home at 7:10am after packing breakfast and lunch and be out all day. He has to practice a few skills and pack his bag with essentials and the boy is on sulk/sigh mode! And this is the last thing I want to deal with on a Friday night when I am yet to clear my work emails for the day and catch up on few other stuff before I call it a day!!!
  • I have turned on the single functioning adult mode as M called in sick. I am telling you only men can call in sick at home! He is sick with terrible cold so the last thing I want him to do is accompany LHB tomorrow for tomorrow’s event where we will get exposed to cold winter weather all day! Hope he recovers soon!
  • Fridays in recent times at work has become a “catch all” day with some meetings from the week gets moved to Friday due to conflicts or double booking! This makes Friday busier than other workdays 😭😭 I was chewing gum while attending one of the meeting and guess what I did (see the picture below) LHB was super impressed, he asked me to reach him and when I made fuss, he asked me do it when he is around so he can pop it 🙂
  • I ate samosa chaat and wrapped it up with masala chai today evening and man it was lip-smacking good 🤤🤤
  • Yesterday at workplace, in the morning before 10am a colleague said I look very tired, like how I would look after a long day and in the afternoon around 3pm another colleague asked if I lost weight and complimented saying now, I look fresher, and my face has a glow effect!! Now who do I believe? 🤯🤯 Few others randomly commented that I lost weight which I did and it’s still learning in progress! Right now, I am at that phase when I give up every time, I try to lose weight! This has been the cycle for past 7-8 years, and I am so tempted to give up this time too but no I am more committed to break the cycle this time. Let’s see 🤞
  • I am writing an extra point because I can never stop with where I want to stop. I always want to walk that extra mile be it cooking food quantity – I always cook for double the people, buying gifts – I always buy more than one, I say Five on Friday but write more than five points, I always walk for 61 or 62 minutes when I intend to walk for 1 hour. I always give a little extra money – If Adi asked for 5 dollars, I would give her 7 dollars, just in case you know… This phrase “Just in case” plays a huge role in my life with anything and everything. Sigh!!!
  • Ok I do have more points to write and I will stop here and may be write them tomorrow under “Six on Saturday”

Have a great weekend everyone.. Stay safe, Stay healthy!