Archive | January 30, 2023

Perseverance-kutti story

Scene – NY subway station on New year’s eve we went to see ball drop

I always have a metro card in my purse, just that it never gets used so the metro card I had on that day was expired in 2021 but had some balance. The officer at ticker counter gave me an envelope and said I have to mail the expired card to main office and they will mail me back a new card with balance loaded in it.

M and Adi gave me this look of “just trash the card” and they gave me another big look when I saved the expired card and the envelope. They were like “are you seriously going to follow up on this? The look also said you are never going to get the new card!!

Me being me, filled up the form and mailed expired card. After a month, I received the new card with balance loaded 🙂 It was worth it not for the balance but for the effort and perseverance. I follow this with almost everything I pursue in my life. Never leave any stone unturned has been my mantra as I truly believe in miracle and surprises! We are majorly what we believe in!!

Now, I have set reminder to renew the card before next expiry date! Learning from mistakes and actioning on them is also equally critical 🙂

Today’s update:

Today was office day as I had in person meetings. It was a mixed day as I had to deliver some not so good news, welcome a new member and have strategy talks, all in a day. I am on bus right now returning home with goodies. LHB is waiting for me 😁 Today he gets burger, fries and some desserts.

I loved the morning quiet time yesterday so much that I might soon repeat it to get some heads down work done. Now, I partly understand MTW’s state of mind about waking up early 🙂 Maybe once or twice a week is doable right? Right!!!

4 more days for Akka to come 💃💃 3rd Feb is a big day with multiple commitments and I hope 4th Feb to be an easy quiet day. Friday will definitely be a storm before the calm on Saturday I am preparing my mind ahead to handle this Friday!