Satisfaction – Day 71/20

The best way to satisfy myself is to clean home. Though its a tiring job, I have to admit that it feels like a therapy and the satisfaction I feel by end of it is something incomparable. Today is one such day. I spent 7 hours straight with no break in cleaning all the rooms. I prefer to be alone when I clean. So, the rest of the clan was sent out and I was into the task with songs in background as company.

It was sort of deep cleaning that involved sweeping under the bed, moving couch, day bed et all. I found some lost treasures in nooks and corners. My body was not very happy but the good side is clean home. Clean home means happy and satisfied me. It was double dhamaka as I also reached my daily goal of 10k steps after a brief hiatus!

Other highlights of today:

  • Adi asking for an extra dosa for breakfast because the chutney was super tasty. She declared that I mastered he art of chutney making 🙂 For those curious souls, it was onion tomato chutney. For some weird reason, my brother and I used to call it as disco chutney during our growing up days!
  • Board game with kids before their bedtime and LHB giving me gyan that we have to play by rules!!
  • Oil massaging Adi’s hair (this is our weekly Saturday night routine and the girl and I have been catching up on Gilmore girls during this time). I must admit this weekly oiling session has come a long way from being extremely painful (as I try to take off the knots in hair) to watching TV shows together.
  • Kadhi and potato fry for kids lunch (this is one of Adi’s favorite combo)
  • LHB getting very upset about us watching Gilmore girls. It was kind of very cute to hear him say “You guys are watching for a long time Amma. Fine! I will not watch my TV anymore. Let it be Akka’s TV all the time”. So, the long time was 10 minutes and he couldn’t take it at all. He chose to ignore the fact that he just finished watching it for an hour. TV and kids **rolls eyes**
  • Long conversation with parents. Amma and Appa took turns over and over again to talk about random stuff. There was no pressure of tunnel approaching or reaching office. It has been a while we had such lengthy convos.

Cauliflower rice biriyani – Day 70/19

A recent addition to our food list. Not able to let go the taste of biriyani and at the same time keeping a watch of carbs intake I came up with this grand idea of Cauliflower rice biriyani 🙂 I know it tastes good as cauliflower makes it way to the weekly grocery list every week these days.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 3.16.38 PM.png

Keeping the recipe method simple for lack of time.

To grind:
1 cup of fresh garlic
1 cup of fresh ginger
3 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks(full)
3 elachi


1. Saute in below order (add half ghee and half oil for better taste)
        onion (1 no/cup of rice)
        green chillies (4 no/cup)
        tomato (1 no/cup)
        grinded paste
        mint leaves (handful)
        coriander leaves (handful)
        curd ( 3 spoons – optional)

        chilli powder ( 1/4 to 1 spoon depending on green chillies spice)

2. Shred cauliflower in food processor (check youtube for how to make cauliflower rice. It can be done with Indian mixer or any blender too).

3. Add shredded cauliflower and cook for some more time until its blended well.

4. Just continue to cook on stove top with lid open if you like it slightly crunchy else pressure cook for 1 whistle if you like it soft.

5. After cooker is turned off , add lemon juice, mix well and serve with raita!

Getting independent – Day 69/18

Happiness or not is seeing your children getting independent (the “not” part really depends on your mood and the task in hand).

Yesterday evening, Adi and LHB performed their own tasks independently and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Adi: Making of oreo balls covered with milk chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate. Though this falls under junk category, I was happy to see the girl handling kitchen on her own. The picture was taken in a hurry as I was afraid that it will all be gone by the time I arrange them for a photo shoot. So, pardon the messiness please!

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 3.15.30 AM.png

LHB: Solving of PJ masks 48 piece puzzle. I did not help at all. We all were very much impressed with the way he solved it!




Just because – Day 68/17

Today I wanted to pickup one of the post from my draft (2017 in a nutshell, 2017 in pictures, winter trip, summer trip, food recipes, Adi’s 12th birthday party and the list is growing) but just because I managed to get only 3 minutes to do the post for today I am settling with this song I was hooked on to all day long.

Working from home day means non stop shuffle of songs playing in the background

  • Meeting with LHB’s teacher went well than expected. There are some followups but not worried about it for now. We will go with the flow and focus on the tremendous progress the little boy has made.
  • Had a heavy quick lunch outside with M. We shared a kebab platter and highlight was the kashmiri tea (pink colored hot tea with crushed nuts). It was totally different and this is the first time I am tasting it!
  • Adi is making oreo choco balls with ghirardelli milk chocolate as I am typing this and I am nagging her to make me masala tea **spoiled mom alert** she hasn’t budged yet though!
  • LHB is sitting next to me glued to his own world aka idiot box! Have to distract him soon!

Heaven and Sin – Day 67/16

Have you seen heaven and performing Sin at the same time? We experienced it yesterday by gulping this down – Warm brownie filled with walnuts, topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup all over it!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.10.25 PM.png

Had family lunch at “On the border” Mexican restaurant, wrapped it up with above said sin and evening was spent shopping for Adi and LHB. It was mommy and girl shopping day. The boys chose to stay back home and take a nice nap!

I must admit its a tiring task to shop clothes for this girl who is happy with just a pair of shirts and pants. She doesn’t like bright colors, flowers, strips and intricate designs on tops. So, now tell me what choice do we have to choose? We roam around the whole multistorey shop and she doesn’t like anything. I felt how the table turns so quick. All those hard times I have given Amma during my growing up shopping days. All I knew was only two colors – white and blue and I get fixed with the first dress I see with blue/white combo. Amma takes me around to ten other stores all day to look at more options only to come back to the first store in the evening and buy that blue/white salwar. I realized the existence of other colors only after joining college. Hope, this girl realizes that someday and releases me from this task sooner!! We did get 4 tops after roaming around for 4 hours. seriously, I am not joking at all!! I will cry if you ask me one more time!!

Adi and I witnessed a first hand car accident while driving towards mall. The car that was just before us ran over the front of another car trying to merge with main road. The headlights and bonnet of the car from right were in the air and I just stopped our car not knowing what to do next. Both Adi and I felt very bad for the poor old man in the damaged car. Luckily, he was not injured as the car did not topple. Hope he has reached home and safe now!



Of Aruvi,Trouble,Bread bajji,tamil dress,almost 5,no junk – Day 66/15

Aruvi – Yestreday watched this movie with Adi. A soul stirring intense movie. The suffering of a young girl for no mistake of her. It made me cry at the end and had a discussion about the movie with Adi. About trust and giving benefit of doubt to people. How the girl’s life would have been if her father chose to have a little more belief in her. A must watch for those who like to watch movies with intense subject and not just for time pass.

Trouble – Recent board game addiction at home. We settled in a blanket with pillows and LHB finally played it by rules last night. It was the perfect way to call it a day.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.07.12 AM

Bread/Onion bajji – Another recent add on. I am not for deep frying often but somehow seeing the family craving for this and the way it gets polished off in few seconds, I decided to make this on lazy evenings just to bring together the family with food and to create memories.

Tamil dress – On the occasion of Pongal, I dressed up the boy with veshti (dhoti) and embroidered shirt. He named the attire as “Tamil dress” and kept checking when can he remove his “Tamil dress” 🙂 🙂

Almost 5 – Yup, the little honey bun of the family is going to almost 5 and he has a beeg list of what he is going to do when he turns 5. Some of them are

  • share his toys
  • not scream at home
  • do studying everyday with Amma
  • play games by following instructions
  • not eat junk

Basically, anything that is a challenge for him now are instantly added to “I am not going to do it” list when he is 5 year old. I only hope things don’t get aggravated after 5 *reality check*

No junk – We went to a friend’s home for dinner on Saturday and when they were about to share a piece of brownie with me, my boy came in between and said “my mom doesn’t like to eat junk”. I blushed instantly but felt a pinch when I realized how nice would it be if its a true statement.

Happy pongal 2018 – Day 65/14

அணைவருக்கும் இனிய பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

Happy pongal to all my lovely readers!

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 3.52.28 PM

Sakkara pongal – check
Ven pongal – check
Avial – check

Surpise visit by a friend – check

Pongal brings back so much of childhood memories. I am glad to have recorded it all in this blog. My paternal grandpa, my village, home full of elders, relatives visiting every other minute, coffee/tea boiling non stop, pongal cooking in front yard on new mud pot with turmeric plant wrapped around it, mango leaves thoranam, chithappas, periyappas, anna, akka, mama, maami.

Paal pongiyachaaa?? heard one thousand times in this day, endless eating of farm cut fresh sugarcane. I am glad to have experienced and lived a rich childhood.

Watching Aruvi with Adi now. A much watch!


Cashew chicken pepper fry – Day 64/13

Today’s lunch:
Cashew chicken pepper fry. This was made by an Akka we visited during winter break road trip and all of us instantly liked it dish. So, I contacted her later and got the recipe. Doesn’t involve much work so give it a try!

Adi’s verdict: It’s definitely better than the usual chicken you make Amma!!! **rolls eyes**

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.24.31 PM

Recipe as shared by the Akka!

Chicken – 2 lbs
Unroasted Cahsews split into half- 1 cup
Ginger garlic paste – 2 tbsp
Chili powder- 1 tbsp
Coriander powder – 1 1/2 tbsp
Turmeric- 1/2 tsp
Salt- as needed

To grind:
Black Peppercorn- 1 Tbs
Fennel seeds- 1/2 Tbs
Cumin – 1tsp
Corriander seeds – 1 tbs
Fresh curry levaves – 2 Stacks

1. Cook chicken by adding all above ingredients for ~ 20mins
Note: for dry chicken fry, no additional water required to cook the chicken. Just cook on stove top vessel with lid. No pressure cook required. Set aside once chicken is well done.

2. Dry roast the items listed under “To grind” and grind them to coarse to fine and set aside.

3. In a large tawa, saute chopped one large onion and chopped few garlic cloves until its translucent. Sauteed onion could be crunchy not over cooked. I also added some curry leaves along with onion.

4. Now add cooked chicken, dry ground masala and cook for 5 mins with constant stirring until chicken gets well coated with the masala.

5. Garnish with chopped cilantro and serve

Enjoy 😉

Guitar craft – Day 63/12

For the lack of time and being extremely tired both physically and mentally, I am going to do a picture post today. Today was being a couch potato day snacking unhealthy food all day long. I don’t want to remember this day if not for the office work I got done. That’s the one and only solace for the day!!

Guitar made out of cardboard box (costco tomato box), few rubber bands, gift wrapper , construction paper and a gift ribbon. One of the rare craft made out of own imagination 🙂 Adi liked it so much that she wanted to use it as a prop for her club. LHB used it for couple of days and then duly trashed it.

Ginger bread man – Day 62/11

At LHB school, they played a game in December where the kids made gingerbread man and the teacher hid it in closet telling the kids that he disappeared and went to visit places.

She requested parents to ask their friends and family from different state/country to send letters to school saying they spotted the gingerbread man near their place and explain the details.

It’s an interactive and fun way to learn about other states and countries. Did I tell you already that I love this school? It plays a major role to the wholistic progress LHB has made in last two years of course in his own pace.

See what his cousins from the other side of this country sent for him. He is one of the first to receive the letter. I loved the detail about the bridge.

LHB now talks about Mexico, China, Golden gate bridge and Florida. He wants to go to Mexico. Hope he takes me along too preferably to a beach town 😎