Adi’s day – 06-14-2018

I want to record Adi’s schedule today for posterity as today was one of the busiest day for her! Like I tell her, once she starts high school, its only going to get tougher. She can’t expect to have free days often. She should accept the fact that not every day will be the same. There can be days when she has to stretch and days when she can just curl up on the couch!!

6:45am – Wake up
7:15am – Leave to school
7:30am – Piano practice along with band to play on Graduation day
8:30am to 3:30pm – School
3:30-4:45pm – Music practice and catch up on some homework
5pm – Carnatic vocal music class
7:30pm – Piano class (To practice for the upcoming exam)
9:00pm – Arrive home, start preparation for social studies test scheduled for tomorrow, wrap up homework
10:30pm – Retire to bed

On the other hand, LHB went to backup care (of course with whining and loads and loads of promises that he can stay home for next 3 days), celebrated Father’s day at the centre, played, ate, slept, played, came back home, went for bike ride with Amma, walked around a bit and now watching Peppa pig. Whatttayy life!!!


Concert that I will remember

Adi’s choir concert on last Thursday will be etched on my memory for longer than the other one’s because this is her first concert rather first school show that I missed due to office work. She is pretty upset about it. Me too!!

There was a hackathon event organized by a different company in my office building and I signed up for it at the very last minute just to understand how these events operate and its a good opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. Also it was in same building so all the more reasons to participate.

At the hackathon, we were split into teams in the morning, each team had about 3-4 members and there was total of around 8 teams. Then, each team was asked to pick an idea. One of the guy in my team had this awesome idea and rest of the day was spent in prototyping our idea with zilch break. It was an one day event and the results were announced on same day evening.

My initial plan was to be part of the team, skip the final presentation and go to Adi’s concert. But, I was so hooked to different ideas that I stayed back to see the presentation of all teams. Then, it was judging time. After seeing all the presentation I had a strong feeling that my team could make it to at least the 3rd position so couldn’t leave though my heart was all at the concert. The judges took forever to come up with the results and I was calculating and recalculating the train schedules to see if I can still make it to the concert. I was sitting at the tip of my seat with bags packed and ready to scoot right after the announcement.

The announcement was made finally and all I could say is it was worth waiting πŸ™‚ We won the first prize. Each of the team member were gifted an iPad and I was glad to receive it in person. Judges were impressed with the amount of work we got done in 6 hours and liked our demo. I scooted away right after receiving the prize still holding on to my hope to make it to the last part of the concert. I ran all the way to catch the earlier train and trust me that day commute was the longest I ever had! I just couldn’t stay put in the seat and felt so restless.

Hope Adi reads this post some day and understands why I had to skip her concert. I tried my best to make it to the concert till the very last minute but this is the same day I chose to forget the phone at home. So, took a taxi to her school and by the time we reached her school crossing, concert was over and all the cars were driving out so the taxi driver denied to get into that traffic. Instead, he dropped me home!!

Next day, I collected the videos from fellow moms and watched her perform.

I have refrained from getting an iPad all these years as I didn’t want to add more screens to home. This one hopefully will be predominantly used for LHB’s study purpose **rolls eyes** The last thing I want to see happen is LHB glued on to iPad playing random games and watching videos **rolls eyes heavily**

Student of the month – March 2018

This deserves a separate post for 3 reasons

  1. For the extraordinary effort put in by the girl. She got perfect score in consecutive vocabulary tests that impressed her English teacher to honor her with Student of the month award.
  2. I have not seen her so excited about anything as much as this award. So excited that she was particular about me coming for the breakfast arranged to give the award. This coming from the typical tween girl who ignores the presence of her parents in public.
    As luck would have it my official trip conflicted and I was not in town on the day the breakfast was planned for. But, how can a true wish of a little girl not come true? Our town was affected by snow storm while I was away and school declared “delayed opening” on breakfast day. So, breakfast was postponed to a later day. I was joking “what if I have to go on another trip on the new date?”. Adi replied “Simple ma! You have no choice but to say no to that trip” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    So, we attended the breakfast and I can’t skip that twinkling in my eye when the girl was presented with the certificate. M and I played it cool by not going for the seconds though the bagels and cakes were very inviting. Order from the girl so we obeyed. I must admit it was very tough to play it under especially when I saw her photograph in “wall of fame” board.
  3. She did not talk about this with her friends gang because only one other girl in the group got this award and Adi didn’t want the rest of the gang to feel bad. Basically, she didn’t want to brag. Again, it was very hard for me to not brag about it but this life lesson from this little girl hit me hard that I chose to not brag too!

Proud of you ma! God bless you dear!

Getting independent – Day 69/18

Happiness or not is seeing your children getting independent (the “not” part really depends on your mood and the task in hand).

Yesterday evening, Adi and LHB performed their own tasks independently and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Adi: Making of oreo balls covered with milk chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate. Though this falls under junk category, I was happy to see the girl handling kitchen on her own. The picture was taken in a hurry as I was afraid that it will all be gone by the time I arrange them for a photo shoot. So, pardon the messiness please!

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 3.15.30 AM.png

LHB: Solving of PJ masks 48 piece puzzle. I did not help at all. We all were very much impressed with the way he solved it!




Distinction – Day 60

Happy to share the news that Adi passed the piano exam she gave last weekend with distinction. Her teacher is super proud of her.(This is not the exam she attended on Saturday). Piano exam was on Sunday and M escorted her.

As dotting parents we promised to treat the girl with a family lunch or dinner at a restaurant to celebrate her effort. It’s been a while we ate out as a family at a restaurant to celebrate something (Not counting those quick bites during winter trip).

Amma double happy today 😊😊

ETA: What do double happy Amma do? She makes onion pagoda for her family at 9 in the night as the husband says he wants to eat something yummy and crunchy. And to have a simple same day celebration of daughter’s milestone.

Best of 2017 – Day 50/2

I am not summarizing the best of 2017 but just quickly sharing one thing that I consider as the best of all.

Towards the end of road trip, when we got nothing much to do I started a conversation with the girl.

What are the best things happened to you in 2017?

Guess what she said???? (Guess before you read further and comment on your guess please)




























The elective that I chose for her few weeks ago. Hope you all remember my earlier post on this subject.

I am not exaggerating at all. That moment I just wanted to roll down the windows of the 80mph fast moving car and scream on top of my voice, a happy one πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

This post deserves to be considered the best of my 100-happy-days post πŸ™‚


Band Concert – Day 43

Today, we attended Adi’s band concert and the girl played a solo piece for less than a minute in the beginning of her song. It was indeed a proud moment for the momma and I was this close to get up and shout as “that is my girl, that is my girl”. But, Adi had strictly warned me against the thought so just didn’t do it.

But, how can I just let it go? So, made friends with an Indian (Tamilian) sitting next to me. They apparently live in same community as us, started with small talks and literally forced them to share about their kid and then I said it. I said “the girl on the piano, that is my girl”. What a relief that was!!! Phewwww!!! I felt so good after letting that out πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

That is my girl on the piano bending forward, laughing about something. All the kids were amazing. They mostly played Christmassy songs and I was constantly tapping my feet.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 11.13.11 PM.png

I enjoyed every song played in the concert and the attitude of her music teacher. He was rocking the floor with his attitude. His face was full of expressions while conducting and just watching him conduct was an absolute delight. It is the same teacher who wrote that “tomorrow” funny response. One could easily see his passion for his job through his actions. Something to learn.

PTA update and random talk – Day 34

Friday, the PTA meet for the boy went better than expected. There are challenges and rooms for improvements which we will get evaluated and work on but overall what stood out of the meet for me was the teacher said he is sweet boy being nice to everyone. That, she can match him with any group of kids for activities and he hesitates to express when he doesn’t like something. I understand he has to be more expressive but the thought that he hesitates to hurt others made me feel good. I wish my sunshine to shine bright with kindness and happiness always. He can be a rowdy to me, just me. I will take it πŸ™‚

I am super sleepy but have two days of random updates to post here. Let me just get done with it before it slips away from my mind.

  1. Adi made masala chai for us on Friday evening. Pakka stove top Indian milk masala chai from start to finish for the first time. So from now I can nag her officially when I don’t feel like making it for myself.
  2. Kids had pizza for dinner yesterday and I sneaked one slice too. Nothing can beat a slice of pizza. I tell ya!!
  3. I started with my work at 9pm last night and had to continue with it till 6am today fire fighting one issue after the other with a bunch of people on call all the time. The funny part was we unintentionally took turns to power nap and the rest continued to work. Glad that the task finally got done by 6am today morning.
  4. Β I went to bed at 6:30am and woke up at 2pm while M engaged the kids. He took care of their breakfast, lunch, took them out to classes and weekly shopping.
  5. Today was the first snow of this season. First snow is always magical but the days following that are scary. I am super scared of black ice on curbs and roads.
  6. Due to weather conditions, Today Adi’s very important test and LHB’s Tamil class were cancelled. I was more happier than him about his Tamil class cancellation as today he was supposed to say a kuppan, suppan “aabathil udhava nanban” story in Tamil. All he says as of now is kuppan, suppan. I have no idea about how to make him tell a story in Tamil. As if this is not enough, next week he has to make a family tree project and say it loud each relationship in front of class. Sigh!! I don’t see this happening so already made up my mind to put him in same level next year too. I highly doubt he will pass current level this year.
  7. Today, I made cauliflower rice no carbs biriyani for us and vegetable biriyani for kids. The cauliflower rice biriyani came out pretty decent. I made both versions very spicy though. More details and recipe are saved for a later post.
  8. Also, made cardboard guitar for LHB. More details to follow later.
  9. Friday was the first day I missed daily target of 10k steps since 1st Dec. Hope to make up for it next week.
  10. Adi’s PTA on Thursday evening was a breeze. Met a fellow mom who was praising Adi non stop and I actually started feeling odd after a point. Couldn’t be more proud of my sincere dedicated girl.
  11. I gathered the courage to talk to Adi about her “new” elective on Friday. She seems to accept it quickly and move on. She has made some friends in the new class and having couple of events coming up this month.
  12. One of her crazy after school class schedule has come to an end last week. The girl is super happy about it and now struggling to figure out how to spend all that free hours.
  13. Christmas tree was put up by the trio today while I was sleeping. I openly asked Adi to give me choices (no more playing secret Santa with her) and her choices were cookies, cakes, chocolates and candies πŸ™‚
  14. LHB said he will tell it secretly to Santa as what he wants *rolls eyes*. When I told him I will recommend to Santa to keep him in nice list he said with a firm face that nobody can talk to Santa. Santa only gives gifts, he doesn’t talk or listen to anyone, not even to Amma’s. Fair point!
  15. I am not able to watch a 2 hour movie fully. Both times I tried to watch some movie, I dozed off in the middle and woke up for the climax. Getting old?????

The End

Feeding me – Day 32

Today was a productive day at work. The last day of my 5 day learning program at work. I made good progress, my mentor was impressed with my artifact and we got it to a logical end so it can be showcased to others. It did take lot of effort for 2 days to bring it to this state.

I had to leave early to take Adi for a school appointment and had exactly 3.5 minutes to stop by home and pick her up. So, packed my dinner to eat on the way but couldn’t eat as I was driving and there was tension in the air as we were running late for the appointment. It is only at time like this I feel that whole world choose the same time to drive on the same route as you.

I was super hungry as I hardly took any break at work all day. So, the girl fed me as I was making stops at red lights πŸ™‚ She did not complain and fed me quick as I was demanding for next bite even before the current one was over. I was super hungry and those quick bites were all I needed at that time. I thanked her profusely as nothing can beat a happy tummy.

Pearls from LHB – Day 28

Today, I was not in great mood during bedtime and LHB sensed this and said all that his little brain could think of to make me feel better.

Amma, I want to tell you something that can make you feel better

  1. Santa is going to give you a nice gift.
  2. Ask for something green okay? anything that you like an earring or anything in green.
  3. I am talking softly Amma so you will feel better.
  4. I am being polite to you.
  5. Akka whispering in his ears (Say I love you Amma. You are the best mother in this whole world)
  6. Akka say something nice to Amma to make her feel better.
  7. I will tell “happy birthday” on your birthday and will get you a nice gift ok?
  8. See Amma I hug you tight. does that make you feel better?

If sad tears can switch gears to happy tears. It is this moment. He did win in making me feel better and nice about myself.

What more can I ask for? I am blessed. I don’t even care if the whole world conspires against me, I have two little souls that can save me and make me feel nice and worth living every second of my life. God bless you my dear kiddos.

Amma will make a special breakfast tomorrow my darlings. And for that she has to go to bed now so she can wake up early to do the preparations.

I can even bring the moon down for you guys but for now let’s settle with a yummy breakfast deal?

P.S: Adi – I spoke to Ammachi and got to know how to make world’s best potato fry that you enjoyed from her kitchen during summer. All that is left to do now is for Amma is try it tomorrow and hold my breath with fingers and toes crossed for your verdict.

P.P.S: Today has been a long day and I am super tired. I haven’t blog hopped yet. I am sorry. Will read all my favorite bloggers very soon.

P.P.P.S: We cancelled today’s potluck to support the terrible loss of the colleague’s family. I was the one to initiate the plan and was coordinating with people for past two weeks about this surprise welcome party for the newly wedded couple. But, this cancellation strengthens my belief that no matter how much effort we put in, the final decision always remains with super power.