Child psychology – glad it works sometimes

Amma: Pappa, can you please do me a help?
Adi: NNOOO (totally expected)
Amma: Oh thank you so much pappa. Actually I don’t want you to do it and I was eagerly waiting for you to say No. Thank you cutie pie!!
Curious Adi: What do you want me to do?
Amma: Never mind. I didn’t want you do it and you will not do it.
Adi: No, I will do it. Tell me what is it?
Amma: Its okay pappa. Forget it
Adi: Tell me amma. what is it?
Amma: Can you do this for me? I know you will not.
Adi: I will do it (and jumps right into the task)

She doesn’t know that Amma was so desperate in getting that task done from her.

No matter how dump or innocent you were in your BC (Before Child) life, Mommy hood will give you real time training on child psychology. Agree?


She speaks when…

Yesterday evening when I wanted to have a random talk with Adi

Me: Adi, this girl S at your class.. she is very calm and quiet right?

Adi: what made you think so?

Me: I don’t know.. Just the look makes me feel like that

Adi: No.. She is not like that. She will speak when she needs to.

Me: How about you then? you speak all the time at school?

Adi: what do you mean amma? Everyone speaks only when they need to..

Now, do you really want to know my reaction. Forget about that when will I learn to speak when I need to or only when I need to ?  😦

Adi’s replies are very sharp these days that I find it hard to gulp down most of the times 😦

Good reason

Adi: Amma, can I please have kids meal (store bought) for my dinner today?
Amma: Sorry pappa.  I don’t think you can have it today.
Adi: I know you will say NOO. You always do this to me. You never ever want me to be happy blah blah blah

After ten minutes (past ten minutes was spent by lying upside down on the couch.  Technically five minutes on the couch and five minutes facing wall with hands criss crossed, face down, eyebrows shrinked)

Adi: Ammaaaa, can I please have my kids meal for dinner today?
Amma: I am really sorry da pattumma. Didn’t you hear me before?
Adi: Ok. If you say no to something there will be a good reason behind it. Tell me what is the good reason behind this?

The moment I was yearning for.  It was a moment of mixed emotions and my eyes were welled up.  I explained the reason and my sweetie pie agreed to it.. what more can I ask for?

For a change

I was on the other side of the table yesterday.

Reason : I lost my ear muff last weekend, bought another one the same day and broke it yesterday.

Adi’s comment : “Paarunga enna panni irukeenga-nnu. One thing-avadhu safe-a vachu kareengala? bad mommy.”
Eng : Can you keep at least one of your stuff safely? See what you have done. You have lost 2 earmuffs in less than 2 days… I will tell appa not to buy another one for you.

Come on people laugh at me 😦


Deal or No deal

Adi had taken two hard boiled eggs to school on Monday to decorate for Easter. Will publish the decorated one later this week. These days she is buzze with her coloring, crafts and other activities. Good news is she is on the last lesson of the reading book purchased from  She can now read level 1 story by herself and needs some help with level 2 stories. The deal while reading level 2 stories is if she finds a hard word she would say “Mommy I need your help” and I have to read the word for her.

She is getting more independent these days. Some times locks her self in the room and says “Mommy don’t come here for a while okay? I want to play something”. That scares me a bit and the devil mommy inside forces me to spy her but I ignored it so far. What the max will a to-be five year old do in a room? I will be the first to join “parents should be the first to trust their kids” club if there is any. I remember doing the same when I was a kid. Lock the door and try to do make over, style my hair in different ways, tie saree with duppatta and all other girlie stuff. So, I am not worried about it at this point.

Her recent styles of getting things done from me

1. Mommy I have two things to say if you don’t do one of them then I don’t want you
2. Mommy I have two things to say if you don’t do one of them then I will be quiet and will never ever talk with you
3. Sometimes if she doesn’t get what she wants then she says “Mommy I don’t want any dolls at home. I don’t want any of my favorite dress or shoe or other stuff. You keep all of them for yourself. Okay?”

After throwing one of above tantrum she wears the mad face mask and either sticks to the wall by folding her hands or lies upside down on the bed/couch.  Based on what and when she demands I either go at her back or remain silent allowing her to come back and bargain with a set of different options.
She is clever in picking options. Read this for a sample… (This is exactly how she says)
1. One thing is give me dosa with orange chutney for dinner and second thing is feed me the vendaikkai (vokra) poriyal
               – fed the poriyal
2. One thing is I want to watch TV and second thing is I need a chocolate 
               – gave the chocolate
3. One thing is I need the glue for my craft and second thing is take me to the park right now
               – gave the glue
4. One thing is I need a lollipop and second thing is make me rava laddu
               – bought lollipop
5. One thing is I want to wear my princess costume today evening and second thing is pick me up early today evening
              – she wore princess costume

Needless to say deal or no deal is happening at our household every day :(. Poor thing is she manages to make the deal most of the time.

Question Rani

The queen of questions is developing her skills on minutely basis. Sample 50 questions from recent times

1. What is earth quake?
2. Will there be earth quake in India?
3. Why there is no earth quake here?
4. Why no human lives in other planets?
5. What is the color of Neptune / Uranus?
6. Where will the sun be at night time?
7. Why is the moon following me everywhere?
8. Why does the moon’s shape change everyday?
9. Why the clouds are sometimes white and sometimes black?
10. How can we sometimes see moon at daytime but cannot see sun at nighttime?
11. What will happen when you go near the sun?
12. Do these clouds go to India?
13. Can we walk along with these clouds to reach India?
14. Will there be bed in India to sleep?
15. How big will it be?
16. How can everyone in the family sleep in that bed?
17. If everyone sleeps in different room then will there be lot of bedrooms in India?
18. Is India house very big?
19. How do people sleep in floor?
20. What is a mat?
21. How big will the mat be?
22. What is 1-way?
23. Can there be a 3-way, 4-way, 5-way?
24. Why do we call some road as avenues and some road as streets?
25. Why are we not calling 70 as “seventy zero” when we can call 71 as “seventy one”?
26. Why pigeons don’t have jacket?
27. What will they do when they feel cold?
28. Where will the baby pigeon stay?
29. Why there is no red/green pigeon?
30. Why babies cannot speak?
31. How will a baby say when it feels hungry?
32. Do babies wear slippers when they sleep?
33. Why there are no leaves in the tree during winter?
34. Does it snow in India?
35. When will we go to India?
36. Why do you ask me to eat vegetables every day?
37. Can we eat leaves?
38. If we can eat spinach why not other leaves?
39. Why is “K” silent in “Knife”? Why at all “K” in this word?
40. What is Republic Day?
41. When is it Republic Day at US?
42. Why is it only holiday at India for Republic Day?
43. When will I become a mummy?
44. How much old will you and daddy be when I become 10 years old?
45. Can I work in your office next to you when I am ready to work?
46. What work do you do at office?
47. Is daddy and you are working in same office?
48. What will your manager say if you go late to work?
49. Why do you pack boxes for both of you every day?
50. Last but not the least. The famous question, few minutes after dumping everything inside “did I eat my dinner today?”

 Enough is enough the list is endless.

 If you are tired of reading the questions imagine my situation I need to address these questions every day. You can see that most of the times the next question is framed from my previous answer. She is driving my nuts. I am thinking twice no no thrice before answering her. Like mom like daughter. I heard that I was like this in my childhood. Now, I realize that it is easy to ask questions. I hear my mom happily singing “Anubhavi rani anubhavi”


Adi getting ready for the birthday party and Mommy declared that she is stepping out only if she finishes her horlicks.

Me: Pappa, why do you always give hard time to mommy? The horlicks is in the table for more than an hour now. Why don’t you drink it as a samathu pillai?
Adi: I know it does not taste good amma
Me: How can you say that without tasting? Take a sip first

Adi tasted it after 5 minutes and her reaction was totally different. HHHmmmm yyuuummmmyyyy

Adi: Amma, this is really yummy. Appa used to give me some thing as horlicks but that was not as good as this. Can you give this to me every day after breakfast and dinner? No no give it for snack also. It’s so yummy

Appa, appa come here and smell this. This is called horlicks. Did you get the smell? (She made him smell at least 3 times) Remember this smell when you make it next time for me okay?

Amma, better you make my horlicks every day.

P.S: We were giving her milk+turmericpowder+sugar for last one week as she had cough ‘n cold. this time the combination was milk+horlicks+sugar.

We should love each other

 Me: I love you honey (I say this often to her for no reason. I would love to hear back “Me too” from her)
Adi: no response
Me: Couldn’t restrict myself from asking her “Did you say something now?” (expecting her to say “Me too”)
Adi: No I am just thinking if I really love you or not

Pause for a minute

Adi: I think it is y.e.s (she spelled it. she is after spelling every single thing these days)
Me: Oh thank you honey. I am so happy
Adi: Do you know why I said yes?
Me: because you always love me (with an innocent face)
Adi: No not that. I love you because we are a family. We have to love each other to be a happy family.

Periya manushi (old lady) gave me a big lecture for next 5 minutes…

My mobile is not mine anymore …

Yesterday evening Adi’s best friend mom called and said her daughter wanted to talk to Adi as they did not meet for long days (4 days). I gave the phone to her and here is the rest

Adi: Hi Ila how are you?
Adi: I just reached home. Yet to change my dress
Adi: You know I bought my hello kitty doll to school today.
Adi: We came home early as my mom had office work. That’s why i was not able to wait for you
Adi: We will meet tomorrow okay? Have you reached home? Removed your shoes?
Adi: what are you doing?
Adi: Just be on the line. I will be right back. Need to wash my face and hands.
Adi: I am back. Are you there? What are you doing?
Adi: you know my mommy is very busy. She is making snacks for me. You need to wash hands before eating snacks.
Adi: what is your sister doing?
Adi: Ok I have a plan. Let us finish our snacks first and then call again okay?
Adi: I will ask my mommy to call you after I finish my snack
Adi: Mommy, cut the line. You can connect us back later.

I can now escape myself from the blames if the phone bills are high. Myself and Adi have started sharing the same phone 🙂

The day is not far to get a mobile for herself.

Boo boo and on demand I love you

boo-booAdi’s first big boo boo. She had minor tummy ache on Sunday and threw up couple of times. To ease the condition M took her out for a walk. On the way she fell down in the curb and landed with her face. It has become like drawing a big line next to the small one. Her tummy ache has taken the back seat now.She is at home for past 2 days. I stayed home yesterday and M is staying back today. We were upset more than her. We are not sure if this will leave a scar in her face. Googling around said the scar will fade off as she grows. But, she was strong than expected. Had the antiseptic cream applied in intervals and did not make a big deal.She didn’t want to show or talk about her boo boo to anybody. She even kept away from joining the patti’s club next door in the evening.She didn’t want to go to school as her friends might ask her about it. I had a conversation with her and told her that its okay if people around speak about it and she can just respond that it will go away in 6 days. She was okay with that and is looking for next Sunday so that her boo boo will be gone.

A dialogue for smile:

Adi: Appa, I don’t love you
M: Thank you very much pappa
Adi: But, I love you tomorrow
Adi: That’s because you are going to stay with me tomorrow right.
(8 out of 10 dialogues from her will start with “That’s because”)

Today I love mommy as she stayed with me and I don’t love you but tomorrow I will love you 🙂