You dont need hands to play slide or swing

Myself and Adi went to a nearby park and she played in sprinklers for a long time though she hesitated initially. A boy poured a bottle of water on her at an unexpected moment and she didn’t like it. Instantly, she wore her complaining face mask and started whining nonstop.  It took me a while to convince her and make her get into the mood of wearing the playing facemask. Then, she started sprinkling water on other small kids and they all played well.

I initiated following dialogue before going to park thinking that it has been more than a week since she wrote anything and this is the best opportunity to make her write something

Me: Pappa, I need 15 more minutes to get ready. Since you are all dressed up would you like to do a little of writing before we go to park
Adi: ammmaaa, guess what my hand is hurting since yesterday
Me: OMG you didn’t tell me, then how can you play monkey bars in the park? Ok let’s not go to the park then (I was laughing inside)
Adi: ammmmmaaaa (with an irritating face), I just said my hand is hurting that means I cannot play only monkey bars. I can still play slide and swing. You don’t need hands to play these :-(((

I was ready by then and what else can we do other than heading to the park. Till we reached park she constantly reminded me that she cannot play monkey bars today.

Missing summer holidays

Both of us being working Adi badly misses the summer holidays that we enjoyed the most in our childhood The school was closed for 5 weeks this summer and all 5 weeks she was put in a summer camp. She had been telling me for a while that she has to stay at home at least for one week. The reason for stay is different each time. This time it was the boo boo she got while sliding at the indoor park in school.

Adi: Amma, ennamo thriyuma (Eng: Mom, do you know something?)
Me: ennamma? (Eng: What’s that honey?)
Adi: I got boo boo when I was sliding today, so I think I cannot go to school for next one week
Me: what will you do then?
Adi: I want to stay at home for one week
Me: But, who will stay with you?
Adi: Its you !!!
Me: Sorry honey, my boss will not give me leave for one week at this time
Adi: You can work from home?
Me: Nope… I dont think I can work from home all 5 days
Adi: Then do one thing … send a mail to your boss that you cannot come to office for one week
Me: He will ask me the reason. what shall I say?
Adi: Tell him that your “pattu rajathi – this is how I address her @ home :-)” had boo boo and you have to stay home to take care of her
Adi: Then, he will say ohh that’s okay then you can stay at home with your daughter

I was checking my personal mails during this dialogue and she was literally forcing me to send this mail to my boss. poor girl…

I wish to send such a mail and stay with her but cannot do so taking into consideration the work nature at this point 😦


where is the bathroom?

Scene: M brushing and stepped into the dining room to say something to me

Adi: Appa, where do we usually brush?
M: can’t avoid the scene though he knows where she goes
Responds as “In the bathroom pappa”
Adi: with both hands on her hips, raising her head, starring at him Is this your bathroom?
M: with a sad face “No pappa”
Adi: what room is this?
M: stares at her
Adi: bathil sollunga (Eng : give me an answer). What room is this ?
M: dining room
Adi: then, why are you brushing here? get out of this place you yuckyy boy

M was already in bathroom before she finish above sentence..

Adi continued with her philosophy for next 15 minutes nonstop.

Amma, look at what he has done, he is a yuckyy boy, don’t give him breakfast today, Let’s not be his friends anymore as we are good girls, good girls always brush at the right place like you and me right mommy? what to say? “You are absolutely right pappa”.

I told myself better getup early and brush before she wakes up as at times I also just step out to the backyard door for seconds
to watch outside while brushing


dandanakka danakkunakka

Last evening the family was watching Airtel Junior super singer telecasted in Vijay TV we were admiring the talents of all little kids

M: Pappa, I wish you should also participate in such a talent show
Adi: ok ppa
M: do you know which song I want you to sing
Adi: I know
M: really, can you tell me that

There was a pause for next 30 sec (myself and M were excitingly looking at Adi’s face) and she sang …..

hey dandanakka hey hey danakkunakka !!!!!!!!


Almost 5 years old trouble

Adi at home getting ready to summer camp

Adi: Appa, I don’t love you.
M: yes I know you will not love me because I bought chocolates for you yesterday
Adi: yes, that’s right I don’t love you because you are not bringing chocolates everyday for me
M: also for the reason I bought you lollipop’s the other day

I didn’t hear above conversation. Adi came rushing to me and said

Adi: Mommy, we shall buy 5 lollipops on this weekend
Me: yes, sure honey (I was not ready to handle any tantrum in the morning)
Adi: do you know why I said 5?
Me: no ma, amma don’t know that
Adi: because I am going to be almost 5 years old (FYI – she turned 4 just 2 months back)
Me: oh okay. We shall definitely buy 5 lollipops

M joins the conversation

M: then, for tonight’s dinner you should eat 5 chapatti’s as you are going to be almost 5

A long pause from Adi, she just turned to me and said in lower voice. Mommy we shall buy 5 lollipops okay? I nodded my head

Adi in bus on the way to summer camp

Adi: Amma, ennamo theriyuma? (This is how she starts a dialogue) – (Eng: do you know something?)
Me: Ennamma?
Adi: Daddy sollaranga, naa 5 chapatti’s sapidanumaam (with a very sad gesture) – (Eng : Daddy is saying I should eat 5 chapatti’s)
Me: I thought for a moment , hugged her and said I have a plan
Adi: what’s that ?
Me: Let’s make one chapatti, cut it into 5 pieces and tell daddy that you had 5 chapatti’s
(what an Idea!! perfect mommy… I know what’s running in your mind now – urupitta mathiri thaan )
Adi: Wow !!! Thank you very much mommy. Like you did the other day. Let’s keep the egg omelets inside chapatti, fold it and cut them like pizza pieces in triangle shape.
Me: perfect… I can do it as you wish.
Adi: I love you so much mommy…

P.S: M didn’t know this idea yet…

Yet another dialogue in the evening

Adi: Amma, ennamo theriyuma? (Dialogue starts…)
Me: Ennamma?
Adi: I have cold and cough. Whoever has cold and cough will never do their writing
Me: But, you just drank mango juice.. Whoever has cold and cough will not drink cold juice too…

She did not respond and went to her room for playing….. There ends the writing for yesterday. She did not write much and I also did not force her…

Eve of 9th July 2009

Yesterday, for the nth time I decided to control my anger towards Adi (my 4 yrs old daughter/companion).. I promised myself that I should not yell at her anymore for small reasons, I should not make her mad often… Started form office a little early around 4:40 (my usual time is 5pm) and reached Adi’s daycare at 5 dot.. Its a 15 min walk from my workplace. Picked her and on the way back home we were discussing about her options for the snack.. she asked a number of questions…

Adi : Do you have bread at home ?
Me : Yes honey we have..
Adi : That’s okay I dont need bread today..
Adi : Do you have dates at home ?
Me : Yes honey we have..
Adi : But, I dont feel like eating dates today…
Me : would you like to try toasted bread with chicked nuggets ?
Adi : Na.. I dont think I will like it.. But, I have a plan toast two breads. one for you and one for me but remember if I dont like it then you have to eat both the breads. Does that sound like a good plan ?
Me : Indeed.. Agreed maam
We reached home and she had snacks without any fuss. Now, its time for writing and today I decided to sit next to her for the writing session (usually I do my kitchen work and by the side guide her through writing)
We decided to do writing in the backyard and set the place. We spent the next 40 mins there to do one row of math addition and speak lot about ..
the neighbour house,
the small tree,
cat that lives in our backyard,
construction happening behind our house,
what she did at daytime,
what’s there for dinner,
which cartoon she can watch and what she can play after writing,
is it Friday tomorrow ?
what if a bumblebee comes next to us ?
why is the backyard door open ?
how her children behaved when she was playing as a teacher ?
what she likes to eat ?
what her friends are doing now ?
will they finish writing faster that her ?
which row are they into now ?
what if it rains now ?
and so on….. (assume each question repeated again in different combinations…)
I handled all these questions very politely (controlling self internally that I should not make her mad and need more patience) But, all of a sudden my temper grow very high after 40 mins…. I took her books off, told her that I cannot stay with her anymore expecting that she would continue her writing, she dont need to do writing she can opt to remain as a “makku pillai”… I was very much harsh to her (the degree was more than any other normal day) and did not talk with her until we went to bed… Yesterday, I was planning to start fresh reading lesson and had a new set of print outs on tamil alphabets but all in vain…

the evening was worse than any other day… I fail again and again in controlling my anger towards her…

before going to bed…

Adi: mommy, I love you
Me: But, I dont love you because I am mad at you
Adi: mommy, I want to sleep with you
Me: But, I dont want to sleep with you as I am mad at you
Adi: mommy, please can I sleep with you
Me: do you hear what I am saying ? I am mad at you.. do you know why I am mad at you ?
Adi: enakku theriyadhae
Me: then forget it I dont want to talk with you
Adi: If I tell you the reason why you are mad at me, will you talk with me ?
Me: first tell me the reason, then I will decide about talking
Adi: because I didnot do my writing good
Me: why you did not do your writng good ?
Adi: because I dont like it anymore
Me: so, you opt to be a makku pillai
Adi: NNOOO I dont want to be a makku pillai
Me: then, you should do your writing properly
Adi: ok mommy, from tomorrow I will do my writing properly.. will you talk with me now ?
Me: yes, I will talk with you now… let’s go to bed…
Adi: yeeaahhh…
Me: Will you make mommy mad again ?
Adi: No…
Me: I love you, good night and sweet dreams honey…
Adi: I love you, good night and sweet dreams mommy
she didnot remember anything today morning and something ithes me that I have done a big mistake by being so harsh to her….
I understand that kids cannot be forced to do anything…but I dont know if I had to be strict to her when it comes to studies….