Fruit themed party

Inspired from fellow mommy bloggers I always wanted to plan a themed party for Adi at home and the wish was fulfilled this year. Once it was decided to have it as a simple party at home inviting her school friends I started looking for ideas. Fruit themed party attracted me the most and the planning started. I wanted to work out the logistics before promising to Adi so collected all required details and then involved the little girl. She was thrilled to be part of the planning and preparation and the satisfaction level after the party is beyond words… Over to the party


Adi’s name banner was done by me with fruits drawn in between each letter. Do you see those apples, strawberries and grapes? The girl hugged me at least a dozen times for this banner 🙂


Hanged these inflatable fruits randomly at different places and also at front door so that it will be easy for guests to locate our house. That is the hallway outside our apartment leading to backyard door.

Camera Uploads-001

M’s contribution to decoration was with streamers

2013-05-12 09.41.40

Fruit based party supplies – invitations, plates, cups, napkins

2013-05-12 14.25.17


I made fruit pizza, cup cakes with strawberry/blueberry toppings and arranged cut fruits/marshmallows in a platter with skewers. The idea was for kids to make their own fruit kebabs. All the three items were huge hit. I made two batches of fruit pizza still we didn’t have any for ourself and one of the mommy asked for a to go 🙂 :). Kids made kebabs of their like and the platter was empty within minutes. I kept cantaloupes, red seedless grapes and banana for the kebabs.  Another mommy didn’t believe that cup cakes were baked at home. M agreed with her but later said, he would have given credit to me if I had baked it from the scratch. I used the cup cake mix. Still it was me who baked it at the right temperature/time and decorated with frosting and fruits. Doesn’t that count? 😦 This guy exists just to make sure that I won’t fly in the air even for a nano second.

2013-05-12 12.56.31

Cake cutting errr Fruit pizza cutting:

2013-05-12 16.58.30

We also ordered cheese pizza and bought cheese puffs/juices for the kids. For adults (mostly non-Indians), Amma prepared chicken biriyani, onion raita, chicken pepper gravy, Idli, coconut chutney, rasam and white rice. I was surprised to see that all of them tasted every dish without any fuss. They loved indian food and appreciated Amma very much.

2013-05-12 14.25.25


It was a week long discussion between Adi and myself. I gave her many options and the girl finally choose three among them.

Candy toss: Kids have to stand at a distance and toss candy into a bowl. They earn all the candies tossed into the bowl and the one who have tossed the most got a medal at the end. I bought fruit shaped hard candies for this game.

Pin the tail on the donkey: Kids will be blind folded and then have to stick the tail on the donkey. I bought the kit from dollar store and the game was a huge hit among the kids. The one who was closest to the actual tail got a medal.

2013-05-12 16.26.38

Straw candies: Put M&M’s on one bowl and the kid has to take the M&M using a straw and put it on another bowl. We had advance levels for kids who were good at it. We kept increasing the distance between the bowls and then made them kneel to get the candy. Adults were attracted by the game and they tried their hands too.

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Making fruit kebab was itself like a game and there was pinata too. The kids loved the medal ceremony 🙂

2013-05-12 17.36.07

And of course bubbles.. They played bubbles at backyard.

Camera Uploads-003

Return gift:

Fruit tote bag, Snap circuit and their candy loots. The fruit tote bag can be squeezed like a fruit. I missed to take a picture of them. These pictures are taken from the original websites.

Camera Uploads-004

It was not an easy task. M and Amma helped me to pull it together. It was a budget party and I was very glad as the actuals was very close to my initial estimation. There were obviously some tensions around like I kept the decorated cup cakes inside “just used” oven and the frosting started to melt. Luckily I noticed it at the right time and took the cup cakes off the oven. Then, Adi was throwing up in the morning. But, overall the party exceeded our expectation and we all had great fun. For once, I didn’t forget anything (remember the last time I forgot party hats?).

Thanks to our apartment supervisor. If he had not cleaned up the backyard I would not have planned this party at all. Also, thanks to LHB. He was a darling through out the party. He settled in ammachi’s lap and spent all the time observing the kids around. There was not even a tiny whine.

ETA: She was upset with the boys in the party. There is this girl disease and boy cancer viral and girl/boy thing going on now. Looks like if a boy touches a girl he will turn into a girl and that’s girl disease. Don’t ask me about boy cancer. I didn’t ask them either.  Looks like these boys threw most of her stuff in a bucket full of water and she was very upset about it.  Still she gave me thumbs up and 5/5 for the party and that’s is all I wanted end of day 🙂

We had around 10 kids and 10 adults in total.

For those interested I bought most of these items from and rest from dollar store except for the snap circuit.  Oriental is a very good site for party supplies and its value for money.

On her birthday eve we went to Paratha junction for dinner. It was a bad choice as food was not great. Still, all that mattered to the little girl is that she went to a restaurant with family for dinner on her birthday.

2013-05-13 19.10.53

On a different note, this was my breakfast on the party day which collided with Mother’s day. Adi fixed this for me with Ammachi’s help. She remembered that  I like Idli podi for the side. A thoughtful girl I have 🙂 She also asked me what did I give to my Amma?

Btw that’s her old picture in new frame.

Camera Uploads-005

Last Friday I took Amma to a restaurant for lunch and gave her the printed copy of  “My Amma” post. She was overwhelmed is an understatement.


Treasure hunt

The girl is obsessed with treasure hunt. For her 6th birthday, I had setup a hunt to give her birthday gifts. From then on, she demands for a treasure hunt for every birthday and randomly surprises us too.

Here is a hunt she had setup for me this month. A separate hunt was setup for M as well.

first clue - It was under TV

first clue – It was under TV


second clue - under christmas tree

second clue – under christmas tree


third clue - near window

third clue – near window


fourth clue - dining chair

fourth clue – dining chair


the brown bag had my gift

the brown bag had my gift


tada - this is the gift.. an origami flower

tada – this is the gift.. an origami flower


Knock Knock

is the latest game we are forced to play every time Adi gets bored (mostly played during the boring car transit)

Disclaimer: Players need crazy thinking skills. Any formal training is an added value.

Player 1 : Knock Knock
Player 2 : Who’s there?
Player 1 : Banana
Player 2 : Banana who?
Player 1 : Banana who flies up in the air (this has to be a funny statement and here we have to use our thinking skills)
All players : LOL (Seriously you have to laugh out loud. This is very important for the game. Most of the times I fake a laugh)

More funny silly statements (to make sure you get the funda)
An ice cream that is baked in the oven (now seriously practice laughing out loud hahahahahahhahahha)
A bus that runs on the rail track (don’t forget to practice laughing)
TV that swims in the water

Jokes apart Kids really enjoy this game. Try it out folks…


Guess the broken

Something is broken at home that made me happy and Adi sad. any guesses? This doesn’t need a clue at all.




















Here I give it to AK, utbtkids and ambulisamma … you all got it right (PV you got half mark okie?)

It is the Television that was my favorite years ago until it has become Adi’s love.

Her first reaction when it was broken was

That’s okay amma I will either watch DVD or play starfall on the laptop !!!!!!!!!

Pretend and play

The latest game we play most of the evening.  Some of her pretending include being mommy, teacher, princess (seriously she dresses like princess right from tiara to toe) and baby (very rare).

Yesterday she pretended to be a birthday girl and the deal is I have to give her as much surprises as possible and keep her happy (that means no face wash, no study hour, no milk, no cleanup and of course a lot of TV time).

Having said all this do you think it is feasible to keep this girl happy everyday by the mom who dreams way too high about her discipline and future?

Still I made an effort to keep the pretending birthday girl happy yesterday. The surprises mommy gave were her favorite food for dinner (Poori), favorite PJ’s to wear , a special birthday hug and kiss before going to bed and gifts for every half hour  (the rule for gifting is that the item can be any old stuff from home but it has to happen in below way)

Me: Call her name gently like Adiamma or pattu rajathi from Kitchen
Adi: As I call her name she will move to living room (If she is already in Kitchen), then come back to me and ask with an innocent face (as if she just landed on earth) enna amma (yes mommy)
Me: I have a surprise gift for you. can you please close your eyes (sometimes the gift will be chosen by her before she goes to the living room still its a surprise for her)
Adi: Done
Me: Bend my knees, kiss on her hands, give a gentle hug (not the one I usually give by shaking her left to right), give away the surprise gift and sing the birthday song
Adi: Reacts as if she won the Miss. Universe title and then makes a ballet performance for the birthday song sung by me (If I miss a line or she misses a beat then I have to start over)

On the whole it was a pleasant evening for her, well a tough evening for me (I was not even bound to raise my voice to the birthday girl still get all the work done from her)  you agree?

Game for a five year old

We play these games every day on the way to school and back home.

Animal/Fruit/Vegetable/Bird farm

No. of Players: Unlimited (Minimum 2)
Rule: Find the name of the animal/fruit based on the clues given by the player. If we cannot find the animal with first clue then the player will continue to give more clues until we find the animal.
Special rule for adults playing with kids: You have to take it easy for few animals and pretend it to be the hardest ever.

Animal farm
1. This animal has long neck and stores water
2. This animal has white and black stripes in its body
3. This animal has black spots on its body and lives in forest
4. This animal jumps from tree to tree and hangs on the tree
5. This one has long neck and long leg
6. This has a trunk and big
7. This wags its tail often
8. This is a cute little one that stays at home
9. This has no legs
10. This likes mud very much

Fruit farm
1. This is red or green outside and white inside
2. This one comes in a box and red in color
3. This comes in a box and starts with a color name
4. This is long, yellow outside and white inside
5. This fruit name is same as its color and the color’s name
6. This fruit is green, brown or yellow in color. its white inside
7. This one has thorns outside and the yellow inside
8. This is tiny and comes in a bunch. Its purple or green in color
9. This is green outside, red inside and has lot of seeds
10. This fruit name starts with a sweet name

Vegetable/Bird farm
1. This bird likes to make holes in the tree
2. This bird is green in color and has red beak
3. This veggie is red in color and almost round in shape
4. This bird is grey or white in color
5. This bird flies backwards
6. This veggie is orange in color and is yummy

Now, let’s see who scores high. I know it is going to be very hard for you all 🙂
Best of luck guys and try with your kids.