Happiness is

Late night time spent with daughter listening to favorite music and making crafts. We are making valentine cards for LHB’s classmates and Adi’s friends. This is the time I introduce her to my favorite tamil songs and I am glad she is willing to listen to them. Moments like these are magical when I treat her as my best companion with whom I can share my likes.


So, as we were making the cards, I requested her to be extra careful with the cards made for LHB’s five girl buddies. This is the first time he is sharing hand made cards and I want my charming boy to give the best impression to the girls at his class. I know I sound crazy. I didn’t stop there. I also told her as how this day is seen during my school days, how the boys wait for this day to express their interest to girls, how girls shy away et all.

Then, she asked “Has anyone given you a card Amma?” I wanted to be honest to her and said  “Not really as somehow I had never been in that list of attractive girls”. Then we continued with the topic about her school. She said the boys at her school are scared to express. Boys oh boys!!!

I see myself getting into the next stage of parenting with Adi as she is soon going to enter teen officially. I am trying to be honest with her sharing my thoughts about all topics hoping her to reciprocate the same. This next stage of parenting is very tricky that doesn’t involve much of physical effort but it needs mutual trust and openness between the relationship. I want Adi to treat me as one of her best companion with whom she can share almost everything with no inhibition. This is my first step towards that journey. Treating her as my companion and keep myself honest with her.

Like the other day she was mad at me for some trivial thing and I bursted out to her in private. I told her that “I am going through a lot at that moment that is beyond her imagination and the last last thing I would need at that moment is for my kids to be mad at me” and walked away. I could see her understand the situation and be kind to me.

I don’t know if this is the right way of parenting but I know that I want to keep our relationship mutually strong and honest with lots of talk. Talking is very essential for any relationship. 



Happiness is

Misplacing the phone happens at least once in a week. But luckily I have always got it back after some searching. So, this is the story of one such day.

Cut to lunch time at work. We had lunch at common table, then I placed left over chutney in the refrigerator, washed my boxes (I do it these days to save space in my dish washer for other dishes), grabbed some hot water and went back to my desk. It is only after that I realized that I have misplaced the phone.

Borrowed colleague’s phone and called but couldn’t hear any sound in the vicinity. I was sure I had phone in my hand before going for lunch. So where did it go? I strolled through the whole floor, all the spots I have been to during lunch time continuously calling the phone.

Wandered around for a while but no luck. Then came the “I feel lucky” moment!!! Happiness is finding your phone _______ (fill in the blanks).  The answer is in this post. I will fill it in tomorrow’s post **evil laughter**

Guess guess!!!!! Let’s see if anyone can get it right!!

Note: I didn’t plan to keep this post a cliff hanger but the need for a daily post made me do this. The idea of making this multiple post popped up while writing that last sentence.


Goosebumps guaranteed

Sharing two incidents from last year that are goosebumps guaranteed

One evening I visit my neighbor after many months to ask for something and during that 5 mins stay I get a random call on my phone. The call was from nearby elementary school principal to enquire about this neighbor. Apparently she gave me as reference for a job at that school and forgot to inform me. I was able to give honest feedback after knowing the context from neighbor by sign language while I was still on call. Is this called timing or luck or coincidence? I had goosebumps and it took me few days to get this out of my mind!!

I purchased two hair clips with fake rose from a store and showed it to my cooking aunty. The roses looked so real and instantly with no prior thinking I gave one of that hair clip to the aunty. I didn’t have any intention to give but that moment I went with my instinct and gave it to her. It is only after that she said that day was her 40th anniversary. A timely gift however small it is brings in so much happiness and joy. I was elated.

I have said this before too. I am a sucker for such small joyful, cheerful unexpected moments in everyday life. Is it tough to make someone smile genuinely? That smile is contagious, even the air around smiles broad, makes the environment light and reassures that life is worth living. Being happy is not that difficult after all. It is worth giving a try!!!

Happiness is

Looking at this poster displayed in the train during my daily commute. That care free laughter in everyone’s face makes me smile and feel peaceful. It grabs my attention every single day and I take a closer look at each face in the picture before my eyes moves off to something else. Imagine how many takes it would have taken for the photographer to get this shot with most of them in the air..

Look at that old man with glasses (2nd in right), that small boy (3rd in left). There is something magical in this poster. There are numerous ways to advertise a shirt. How did someone come up with this idea? Its a poster filled with happiness and hats off to the brain behind this.


Happiness is

when you see a set of curtains on the display, you like only that out of all the 30 odd curtains on the display, you find that its out of stock and after ten minutes of fiddling around the aisle, a salesperson comes out of nowhere and gets you two pairs of those lovable curtains from the bottom of the shelf that your eyes missed all this time.

That exactly is the moment of happiness.

Got the perfect pair of golden shade curtains with valances for the living room.

The apartment we moved in is smaller but I am loving the way the setup is coming along..


Happiness is

when you make a quick visit to a local store to buy something specific and chance upon something that’s in your “to buy” list for a long, longer time 🙂 🙂

See what is adorning one corner of my kitchen counter top now. Cups holder in brass…

I am in love with this corner now 🙂


Just for laugh:

This time it was M. Looks like this girl is taking turns on us.

We were at my doctor’s office and the other two were playing with the weighing machine as we were waiting for the doctor.

At my absence
M: Checks his weight. The scale shows something above 200 pounds
astonished Adi: Oh my god!!! Only an elephant can weigh so much!!!!!
M: Swiftly gets down the scale and takes his seat.

After a while (at my presence)
M: Do you think our bed is enough for all three of us? You are growing pappa.
Adi: (not missing a beat) Yeah that’s true.. elephants should probably sleep in their own bed… Its not me but you are growing appa!!!
M: !@#$%^&*

I had a good hearty loud laugh forgetting that we were at a public place though later I corrected the girl that she should not tease her appa as elephant anymore and she readily agreed. 

fyi – M is 6 feet tall and looks fit (just looks okie) for his height. He needs serious workout to be really fit.