Graduation 2018

Big day was 19th June. The girl graduated 8th grade. The school arranged for a promotion ceremony and it was a sight to watch all the young ladies and gentlemen dressed up for the occasion. I took day off and played chaperone for the outing planned by Adi and two of her besties after the ceremony.  I took special permission from the school principal to take LHB to the ceremony and he tagged along for rest of the day.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 11.14.01 PM

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 11.19.29 PM

We all had lunch at Panera bread and then watched Incredibles 2 in big screen. We were a good 15 minutes early for the movies on a weekday matinee show but still couldn’t get a better seat. Almost half of the 8th graders from Adi’s school were in for the same movie!!

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 11.20.08 PM

I suggested the girls to do one thing crazy to remember this day and the outing. They discussed about doing a Russian dance in the parking lot but decided otherwise later. Kids these days are too conscious!!

In the evening, we visited Adi’s piano teacher who is in rehab. He broke both his legs and is recovering slowly. What stood out for me from this visit is the post his son wrote about him in FB wall. He had written that his father had made life so simple for him that whenever a situation comes he would just think “what would my father do in this situation?” and there comes the clarity! To lead by example. I had goosebumps when I read that post and could see the pride in his eyes. It took him a whole 15 minutes to figure out FB and show that post to us and he didn’t even know about that post until a friend of him called and checked about it! Social media is still alien to a set of people.

Wrapped up the day with dinner at A2B. Melt in your mouth awesome food but service was too slow that we had to cancel the order of adai aviyal. They serve one of the best authentic masala chai I have tasted so far in this country.

Summer vacation is starting tomorrow and I so badly wanted to at least get this post out of my way before I disappear for 2 months.

Happy Summer!


Home decor

New additions to home this weekend:

Living room – Tiffany lamp. A lamp that I was browsing for more than four years and finally decided to click Buy to complement the new leather recliner sofa.


Bedroom –  Up cycled the tiffany lamp’s package box, covered it with Indian designed bed spread and moved the old living room lamp to the bedroom to make a bedside table with lamp and books that kids read during bedtime. I have to make it shorter to keep it lower than bed!

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 9.36.55 PM

Bedroom with woods view. I love summer as it gives me this stunning view of woods from my living room and bedroom windows. The greens lifts up my mood instantly!

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 9.38.12 PM

I spent the whole Saturday cleaning whole house and wardrobes and couldn’t sleep on Saturday night soaking in the glory of a clean home with my favorites at nook and corners. I just couldn’t get enough of it 😀 😀

A clean home does wonders to my mind.

Happiness is

Seeing your idli batter rise up beautifully…

LHB and I mark the batter dabba to check and measure how much it rises after fermentation process.

I don’t know why we use permanent marker. Who cares? Those lines in the dabba reminds me of our experiment 🙂

Green line – Right after I grind 4 cups of rice

From bottom :
1st black line – Right after I grind 6 cups of rice

2nd black line – This time 6 cups of rice gave me that much of batter (more than usual. I wonder how?). May be I finally got the right time and consistency! Phew!

3rd black line – After the batter fermented that too in overnight. Its a medical miracle you know! Usually it takes me more than 1 whole day to ferment.

I left it out for another half a day and that’s the top of the batter you see. Didn’t mark it though!

Ladies and gentlemen -This is true happiness. I can see those who grind idli batter at home nod their head heavily with me (especially those who live in cold weather)

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 7.48.25 PM.png

Best friend – Day 61/10

Happiness is

you call parents and your best friend picks up the phone. He wants to surprise you but you surprise him by recognizing his voice just with two hello 😊 20 years of friendship..

I laughed out so loud that people around me, everyone of them in the heated station room turned their eyes towards me. But I didn’t care a bit and continued to laugh along with him 😊

This happened just few mins after I missed the train in style (style is when the door shuts on your face)

Went to gym in the morning after about 3 weeks of break.

Packed Pav bhaji for Adi’s lunch!

Taking breakfast for my colleague who is going through hard times! Egg whites scramble with loads of veggies and a touch of basil.

Day has started on a great note! Let’s see how it unfolds!

It’s a big day for LHB. Hope it will all turn out well. I will hear from his teacher in a week or so!

Divine happiness – Day 37

Can’t write a long post now. I have been going to bed late for past one week and keep that as an excuse to not go to gym in the morning. What if I pass out while working out or during daytime for lack of sleep? Yes, yes I can stay awake till midnight and wake up early next day for anything but not gym. What if I pass out in middle of the day? You got the drift? So, after all that energetic post last Thursday morning, here I am after a week doing pathetic with my food and workout. Have struggled to even reach 5k steps every day but happy side if I may convince myself, getting many other things done especially at work. Making good progress with my baby project that is so dear to me.

Did I say I can’t write a long post now? Now that rant is out of my system, let me get to the true happiness part of the day. I absolutely can’t skip recording this here.

Today eve, we happened to go to Adi’s school to attend a concert and on the way back visited nearby temple for quick darshan. I made kesari at home and took it to temple. The priest assisted to offer the kesari to God and then distributed to all devotees right away. He then spoke to me briefly, collected my details and shared about the plan to request devotees to bring prasadam at 5:30am for next one month as it is an auspicious tamil month starting tomorrow (Margazhi maasam) and they plan to chant suprabatham and perform pooja at 5:30am every day.

Guess what, I got signed up for 1st Jan 2018. Can’t think of a better way to welcome the new year. I have to prepare and carry one sweet and one savory on 1st Jan at 5:30am to the temple. It was a moment I felt true happiness thinking of the odds of this happening. Why should he choose me to share the details? Why didn’t anyone sign up for 1st Jan yet? Why did I choose today to go to local temple which is a very rare occurrence these days? I don’t even remember the last time we went to this temple as a family.

So, lesson learned is what is meant to happen will happen. Do not fret over things not in your control. Just go with the flow of life and be happy. Be good, do good.

Hope I am not jinxing it and looking forward to execute it with no hurdles.

Tomorrow is family holiday event at my office. I am taking LHB along. The girl doesn’t want to take off from school for these silly reasons. So, it is going to be mommy son day. Gone are the years when I was excited to go in car. My son is now excited to go in train. Kali yug I guess!!!

And that is my short post **rolls eyes heavily**

P.S: It is 1:30am. Have been working and blog hopping until now and just realized that I didn’t start the dish washer though it’s fully loaded. So went downstairs to start it and that little sleep on the corner of my eye is also gone now 😦

Happiness is

Late night time spent with daughter listening to favorite music and making crafts. We are making valentine cards for LHB’s classmates and Adi’s friends. This is the time I introduce her to my favorite tamil songs and I am glad she is willing to listen to them. Moments like these are magical when I treat her as my best companion with whom I can share my likes.


So, as we were making the cards, I requested her to be extra careful with the cards made for LHB’s five girl buddies. This is the first time he is sharing hand made cards and I want my charming boy to give the best impression to the girls at his class. I know I sound crazy. I didn’t stop there. I also told her as how this day is seen during my school days, how the boys wait for this day to express their interest to girls, how girls shy away et all.

Then, she asked “Has anyone given you a card Amma?” I wanted to be honest to her and said  “Not really as somehow I had never been in that list of attractive girls”. Then we continued with the topic about her school. She said the boys at her school are scared to express. Boys oh boys!!!

I see myself getting into the next stage of parenting with Adi as she is soon going to enter teen officially. I am trying to be honest with her sharing my thoughts about all topics hoping her to reciprocate the same. This next stage of parenting is very tricky that doesn’t involve much of physical effort but it needs mutual trust and openness between the relationship. I want Adi to treat me as one of her best companion with whom she can share almost everything with no inhibition. This is my first step towards that journey. Treating her as my companion and keep myself honest with her.

Like the other day she was mad at me for some trivial thing and I bursted out to her in private. I told her that “I am going through a lot at that moment that is beyond her imagination and the last last thing I would need at that moment is for my kids to be mad at me” and walked away. I could see her understand the situation and be kind to me.

I don’t know if this is the right way of parenting but I know that I want to keep our relationship mutually strong and honest with lots of talk. Talking is very essential for any relationship. 


Happiness is

Misplacing the phone happens at least once in a week. But luckily I have always got it back after some searching. So, this is the story of one such day.

Cut to lunch time at work. We had lunch at common table, then I placed left over chutney in the refrigerator, washed my boxes (I do it these days to save space in my dish washer for other dishes), grabbed some hot water and went back to my desk. It is only after that I realized that I have misplaced the phone.

Borrowed colleague’s phone and called but couldn’t hear any sound in the vicinity. I was sure I had phone in my hand before going for lunch. So where did it go? I strolled through the whole floor, all the spots I have been to during lunch time continuously calling the phone.

Wandered around for a while but no luck. Then came the “I feel lucky” moment!!! Happiness is finding your phone _______ (fill in the blanks).  The answer is in this post. I will fill it in tomorrow’s post **evil laughter**

Guess guess!!!!! Let’s see if anyone can get it right!!

Note: I didn’t plan to keep this post a cliff hanger but the need for a daily post made me do this. The idea of making this multiple post popped up while writing that last sentence.