My recent love

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If there is one thing that has made my life easier in this pandemic time, it is my Galaxy buds live earbuds. My work now demands to spend time on calls most part of the day. On an typical day, I spend 5 hours on work calls. Morning hours are usually spent multi tasking between kitchen needs, work calls and LHB’s school.

Before buds days, I would either have my kitchen apron on that has pockets and wear sweat pants with pockets so I can hook the wired earphone to my phone and walk around with phone and earphone while taking calls. But then, I started dropping the phone or the wire gets stuck or disconnected and all weird things started happening that added frustration to the already hectic multi tasking mornings!

I have done active/passive multi tasking in old times like be on a call as a silent listener not being attentive and respond to someone 1-1 on chat or do some household chores but now pandemic redefined multi tasking. I can focus 100% on cooking like cutting onions while actively talking on a work call about a complex issue with work laptop on the countertop chatting with colleague in between sautéing the veggies. Like literal active/active multi task!!! I digress!!

With all this, the wired headset only made it worse. I couldn’t put the phone on charge, had to carry it all the time, deal with the tangled wire et all.

Later, I tried few models of Samsung ear buds and declare that galaxy buds live tops the list. Its comfortable to wear for long time, battery life is long and comes with noise cancellation. I can leave the phone on table while being on call walking around hands free. It feels very liberating. I have fallen in love with my buds live from all aspects.

Here is my beauty with whom I spend most of my time these days.


Getting along

Today morning:

Scene: On the way to airport to drop M. LHB came along as it was an early morning drop and timings worked out perfect to drop him at school on the way back.

I asked something to M and he snapped at me with raised voice

LHB: Amma, you will not see Appa soon again. He is gone for 1 month. Be nice to him.

I had to clarify to the little one that its not me but his Appa who raised his voice and felt terrible about it.

Adi got used to our skirmishes but LHB observes keenly and even voiced it out loud few times in recent months as “Will you guys ever get along?”

One day, M and I were having a casual convo and laughing over something and this boy shouts from behind “Akka, they are getting along, they are getting along” **face palm moment**

But, that triggers my thoughts “Will we ever get along? like ever??”

P.S: Day one of single parenting. Just 26 more days to go!!

This and that

LHB got this garland from last week temple visit. We went just before the closing time, LHB wanted to pray lord Hanuman so as we were approaching Hanuman the priest gave him the garland from Hanuman. Goosebump moment!! I couldn’t hang it in front door for the lack of nails so hanged them here that you can see as soon as you enter the home.


Sunday, I went to a Pooja at neighbor’s home, had nice lunch, came home and crashed in bed. Had a satisfying siesta after a very long time. I don’t know anything that happened at home that afternoon, not even the door bell ringing or LHB screaming. All I remember is waking up to hot hot “Vattayappam” shared by my other neighbor. Counting my blessings.

M is out on a business trip this week and I am single parenting the kids for the first time in this home. He will be back in few days and again disappear for one month long. I will see you all by March in one piece if I survive this phase!!

Work is building up like crazy and my eyes are constantly in burning/irritating mode these days that I am not able to focus on anything. Guess an eye checkup is in the cards.

Today’s lunch was liked by both kids which was a big win. They polished off all the Pav Bhaji and asked for more!! I am yet to figure out the list of LHB’s favorites food so I get nervous when he rejects the food that Akka likes.

LHB irritates me by saying “You are suuuuch a baby” whenever I try to go into whining phase. Sighh!!! A person can’t even whine in peace!!!

Our bedtime routine is getting worse these days. We are getting to bed only past 10pm 😦 😦

I am behind on reader by few days. Hope to get to them soon…



About my day

Today is another milestone. I have joined my client as full time employee. I was contracting for past few months and last month they offered to hire me full time with the new role I am playing now. It took one month for paperwork and today was decided as my joining date.

Most part of the day was spent in orientation with good lunch. We were a group of 15 people from different portfolio joining today and I enjoyed that one day celebrity treatment. We were escorted to all places, treated with special lunch and badging office had our badges ready even before our arrival.

Returned to work around 3pm and rest of the day was productive and satisfied.

I am drafting this post in WP app from phone offline while travelling in tunnel. I can’t get over this app yet. How did I miss this awesome stuff all this time?

Yesterday night I volunteered to put LHB to sleep though chores were yet to be done. It was a big step from my side considering how I get carried away with chores most of the time and prefer to tick things off my chores list before calling it a day. When I entered bedroom the little guy started searching for his books and settled in his spot with blanket rolled up. What a sight that was!!! We read books, laughed together, made some funny faces and happily drifted to sleep.

I took 725 train today morning and will be taking the same train for next two days as we have all day meeting from 8:30-6pm tomorrow and day after. I surely miss my sleep 😦

I couldn’t complete this post while travelling in train so continuing now at 10:36pm. LHB wanted to go to bed at 8:45pm and guess what? He called out for mommy as he was climbing the stairs. I couldn’t deny at all. Just asked M to switch off the stove after the cooker whistles twice and ran upstairs.

When we were about to settle with books, Adi came from nowhere to ask me something and this messed up everything. The boy started to cry asking for his daddy and Adi when she left the room and we could hear the duo talking in loud voice downstairs. Tears were rolling down his cheeks heavily as he was trying to open the locked door. I made Adi come up for 5 minutes. We played games ignoring him as he was continuing to cry, slowly getting confused whether to laugh or cry staring at our silly reactions.

After few mins, I approached him, picked him up, he budged, stopped crying and the three of us played for few more mins. That eased the situation. Then, Adi went downstairs to continue with her work. LHB slept in less than 10 minutes and I stepped downstairs to attend to the cooker that released all the pressure long back. Wish we had such a system within ourself, just to release all the pressure.

22 minutes 52 seconds

I don’t remember when did I last watch an interview of an actress that lasted for 22 minutes 52 seconds. This one hooked me on. I can’t guarantee for the integrity of this interview but it left a warm feeling in me. Hats off to her husband Surya if whatever she said about him is true. Watch it for yourself if interested.


Song on loop at our household for past few days. I am missing Chennai very badly… The city that’s full of life and the city that holds the best and worst memories of my life.

I want to go back to Chennai like RIGHTNOW !!!!!!!!.

Happy Birthday Chennai.. The city very close to my heart…

Riddlesss – answers

Please if you plan to throw anything on me after reading the answers please through it as pairs and flats okie? you see my back pain doesn’t allow me to use heels.

1. A girl went to NY on horse on a Friday. It took her three days to come back and she came back on Friday. How is that possible?

Her horse’s name is Friday. She came back on Friday (her horse) not actually on a Friday (day of the week). I know I know now please remember the deal okie? only pairs and flats. 

2. What will a bear say when it is offered dessert?

No thanks because its stuffed. 🙂
      Lifesong – cheating… googling is like copying in board exams..
      Bikram – did you google? If yes cheater, cheater or else accept the yayyyy. You are the only one to get this correct. 

3. Why does it take long time for the pirates to learn English alphabets?

Because they were struck with C (Sea) for a very long time. 
Yayyyy to Swaram, Bikram and ashreyamom

4. Which alphabet is very cool?

“B” because its between AC (A and C) 😀 
Yayyyy to garima. You are the only one to get this correct.
RM – half point to you as your reasoning is not correct. I am a strict officer you know?
chipmunk madam – how can AC be an alphabet? could you please kindly clarify?

5. Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 789 (7 ate 9). 

Yayyyy to RM, chipmunk, Bikram, Lifesong.
garima – not counting your answer

6. Who is the king of the classroom?

Ruler  he he heee

Yayyyy to Bikram. Again you the only one to get it correct
Lifesong – not counting you sorry 😦

7. Why did the boy study in the airplane?

Actually there is two answer to this:
1. Because he wanted to pass with flying colors.
2. Because he wanted to score higher grade. 

Yayyy to nobody 😦 most of you get only half point as “higher” is correct but its not higher education.
garima – I am not counting your answer but I like your honesty 🙂

8. What two things can you never eat for supper?

Breakfast and lunch 😀 

Yayyy to RM, Swaram, garima, ashreyamom. good job ladies. 

9. Who un-invented the airplane?

Wrong brothers

Yayyyy to chipmunk, garima and Lifesong. 🙂

RM – We un-invent many things. I am there to give you company.. 🙂

10. What do you call the event where spiders get married?

Webbing 🙂

Yayyyy to Swaram and Lifesong..

RM – LOL at spider kalyanam 😀 

11. What happens once in a month, twice in a moment and never in a hundred years?

Letter “M” he he heee (remember the deal okie?)

Yayyyy to RM, Swaram, Bikram, ashreyamom and Lifesong.. This is the one that most of you got correct.

12. What has rings but no fingers?

Telephone.. 😀

Yayyyy to chipmunk and Swaram.

So, the final scores are (Keep your fingers crossed participants)

Bikram – 5.5
Swaram – 5
ashreyamom – 4.5
Lifesong – 4
RM – 3.5
chipmunk – 3.5
garima – 3

ETA: (Reevaluation done to accommodate participant’s request)
12. What has rings but no fingers?

Earring and Saturn will also be considered as correct answers. 

Bikram – 5.5
Swaram – 5
Lifesong – 5
ashreyamom – 4.5
RM – 3.5
chipmunk – 3.5
garima – 3

Please please pardon me if I had done any mistake with the scoring.. I scratched my head (seriously) for more than one hour to write this post (no I didn’t take any break in between).

A beeeeeg round of applause for the top 3 winners, a bigger round of applause to the participants who were honest (those who gave the credit to google) and a bigger, bigger, bigger round of applause to all the participants (what winning or losing doesn’t matter. participation is the key na?) I know I am in zen mode now after scratching my head for too long. Let me stop here.

Thank you all for the participation. Hope you all had fun.