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1. A girl went to NY on horse on a Friday. It took her three days to come back and she came back on Friday. How is that possible?

2. What will a bear say when it is offered dessert?

3. Why does it take long time for the pirates to learn English alphabets?

4. Which alphabet is very cool?

5. Why is 6 afraid of 7?

6. Who is the king of the classroom?

7. Why did the boy study in the airplane?

8. What two things can you never eat for supper?

9. Who un-invented the airplane?

10. What do you call the event where spiders get married?

11. What happens once in a month, twice in a moment and never in a hundred years?

12. What has rings but no fingers?

Have fun!!!!!


Help please !!!!!

Published on 11/14

The girl is getting smarter. She suspects that we are the real people behind Santa and have decided to check it this time. She has three things in mind but is not revealing the details to us. She wants to find out if Santa brings it or not..

Usually if we talk to her for 5 minutes we can make her spill the beans but now no trick is working. We are trying different techniques for past few days but all in vain. All she says is a strict “NO !!!!! I am not telling you guys Let me see if Santa brings it this time” ūüė¶

Can you guys please help me with a way to find out the items on her mind?

ETA On 11/15

ME  РI owe you a Christmas gift. Your idea worked. Thanks much. Over to the conversation that happened on the bus while we were returning from school last evening

Self: You know pappa. My colleague told me today that her daughter told her about what she wants from Santa.
Curious Adi: What does she want?
Self: Shrugging my shoulder.. I can’t tell you. Its her secret.
Curious Adi: Okay fine. I will tell you what I have asked for. But, don’t tell this to Appa.
Curious Self: Okay I pinky promise not to tell appa. tell me.. tell me.. (Straightening myself and bending closer to her).
Reluctant Adi:¬†Come closer. Its a secret. Don’t tell Appa okay? I have asked for A and B.
Self: Oh okay but where do you get them?
Adi:¬†I don’t know. I saw it in TV. But, now that I told you I know I am going to get it.
Self: But, you haven’t told Appa and I promise again not to tell him. Its just between you and me okay?
Adi:¬†Okay!!!! don’t even think about fooling me Amma. I am going to be awake all night on Christmas eve to make sure you don’t wrap my gifts. Don’t even think about sneaking when I fall asleep. I will hug you tight. And don’t even think about placing that big teddy bear at your place. I will easily find it out even if I am asleep as your skin is softer than the teddy bear. Remember, don’t even think about fooling me… ¬†How much can a little brain think in a split of a second? She doesn’t want to be fooled…

I was going Awwwww on the softy skin thingie (he he he.. unexpected compliment on something that’s not true. Mind you I am not thinking in terms of growing bigger with fatty muscles hanging generously all over the body that makes my kid feel that I am softer than teddy bear) and at the same time feeling bad for tricking her.

Anyways, I strongly believe that this is the last year the girl will partially believe Santa. So, let it be. ¬†We have also decided to get her the surprise third gift – the grey long sleeve pullover with beeeeg pink heart that we didn’t buy during recent purchase as it was above our budget. ¬†Adi mistook that I bought it and had that puppy sad face for few minutes when she couldn’t find it in the shopping bag after reaching home. ¬†She doesn’t remember it now but I do.. Hope the store still has stock. **fingers crossed**

That reminds me of something else. One day as I was saying “fingers crossed” for something the girl snapped back as “You know amma the crossing fingers really doesn’t work always. I think its just a myth”. So, from that day on we stopped crossing fingers. I am glad that the girl ¬†questions about what she does where as I still follow so many myths in day to day life just because my amma said so or did so… Time to learn from her…

Thanks again ME and three cheers to the power of blog world !!!!!!!

Sandy updates

Oops in the previous post I was also planning to update about Sandy’s impact on us but totally missed it. ¬†Thanks to all who checked on us. ¬†We started feeling the impact on Monday (10/29) morning. It was windy outside, very windy that the traffic lights were swaying crazily and lamp post did their part too. ¬†The direct impact was on Monday night when we lost power. Luckily, we lost power late night so slept through the rest of the night as the weather was cool and manageable without heat. ¬†The next 3 days were spent with no power, no heat again thanked our stars as we had gas and hot water. Managed chillness by wearing fleece inside home.

First day was spent with reading books, chatting, cooking and with a long siesta. Adi spent half of her day with the kids living in our apartment at their home.

Second day, M left to work promising to return in couple of hours but returned home after 10pm so it was just Adi and myself all day staring at each other not knowing what to do. Still we managed to do a lot. We woke up late, had late breakfast, cooked elaborately, took a stroll around neighborhood, spent time at neighbor’s (H patti) home, played board games, solved sudoku (did I say Adi can now solve the Easy ones within 10 minutes), read books, had candle light dinner and went to snoozeland (RM’s copyright word).

Third day, M’s workplace restored power so he resumed work as usual. I was not prepared to handle the girl all day by myself so spent the day at our friend’s place who got power the day before. Adi was happy to play with her schoolmates all day, I was happy chatting with the friend/hooked on to my laptop and our gadgets were happy as they were fed 100%. ¬†I took all the food we prepared the previous day and we shared lunch. We came back home before it was getting dark as curfew was in place at our area from 7pm to 7am. ¬†Just to let you know, these days it gets dark by 5pm. Winter is here and we are all set to cover ourselves with those extra layer of clothes before stepping out. Sighh. Its just starting and I am already cursing it. We still have so many more winter months to go.

Came back home, had evening snacks and started with cooking preparations. what else can we do? I took my own time to cut the veggies in candle light and Adi was glued to me as she was scared of the darkness around.  And then the miracle happened to be precise at 7:46pm. The moment that will stay in my memory forever and ever. That moment, we all were standing close to each other at Kitchen. Adi glued to me, myself sauteing something in the stove, M next to me looking for some snacks from the cupboard and suddenly it happened, the miracle. Power came back on and we were all teeth. Adi was jumping in joy non stop for more than 5 minutes. We felt like as if we got our life back. Our neighbors knocked on the door after some time and all we did was just laughing. None of us could stop smiling. Flashlights and candles were bid adieu and we were so thrilled for the rest of the day night. I returned the calls to all our friends who had called to check on us and invited us to their home. Then, went to bed for a warm sleep with heat on.

On Friday, everything returned to normal at least for us. Our adjacent street got power only last night, some people around neighborhood still don’t have power/gas/water, some of our friend’s house were flooded, public commutes (especially the tunnel train) are yet to operate fully, tunnel connecting NY/NJ is yet to be opened and shops doesn’t have the needed goods yet. ¬†Adi’s school was reopened today after more than a week of closing.

Guess what tops the girl’s priority list now? Its electricity. We are getting ear full from her if we leave the light on at a room with nobody or leave the charger plugged to the plug point. “Don’t waste electricity” is her mantra now.

The city is still struggling to restore back to normal and here we are again hit by another Nor’easter. Hope this is not as bad as Sandy. Right now the weather is very bad outside.. snow/rain/wind all at the same time. ¬†M is on his way to pick us up early. Hope tomorrow will dawn better for us.

ETA: A view from my office lobby. Took this pic as I was waiting for M at 4:45pm. The weather outside is terrible.

On a different note, last weekend we made these Diwali Diya’s at home. I have posted the instructions at IMC.

What are we up to?

* Visited friend’s home for Golu. The girls had a gala time and sang couple of mesmerising carnatic devotional songs.

* Watched Garba at the festival happened at India street near our home. The whole street was blocked and people were dancing in a big circle¬†oval around God’s idol. Girls were all decked up in pretty pretty heavily worked gagra and boys in Sherwani. Adi got hyped and bought the dandiya sticks but did not join the gang for dancing. Now, I am playing the audience for her dance with sticks at home every evening.

* Made a simple Jack-o-lantern with the pumpkin Adi got home from her field trip.

* Had family movie watching time at home on a Friday night. Watched “Ice age 4” with speakers on and Adi loved the experience. We have decided to have a family movie watching Friday night once in a month. You know that type where you setup everything like chips, popcorn, water, juice and watch the movie by settling down on the bed twisting/turning, fighting for pillow/blanket, switch places, cuddle as something bad happens in the movie and go to sleep as the movie ends.

* Visited Adi’s classmate’s home for Kanya Puja. This is Adi’s first time attending Kanya puja and I was her¬†chauffeur.

* Celebrated Saraswathi Pooja with simplest prasadam of semiya payasam and sundal. The girl duly arranged her books, pencil, ruler, eraser and religiously studied in front of God for few minutes on the next day. She is getting more responsible these days but the mommy in me is still treating her as a baby much to her annoyance. **Self alert – Time to grow up mommy**

* ¬†Honoured her music teacher with guru dhakshanai on Vijayadasami. Her teacher has requested the students to visit her for few minutes on this auspicious day to learn a new song. The swaram’s this girl sings transports me to a different world. That’s my biggest solace anytime. I only hope she continues to learn music and cherish it all her life. Something I was not able to pursue but still exists on my to-do list.

* The girl started talking about “prohibited” words in her dictionary that’s crush, sexy, kiss, butt, bikini and so on… She caught a dialogue from Ice age 4 and kept whispering it to me for more than a week. She giggles every time she sings it. “Diego and Shira, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g”. She pretends to close her eyes when two people kiss each other on the screen. I am listening to all those talks. The talks that starts like this “You know amma K said something really bad today and she whispers what K said after taking a pinky promise from me to not to tell it to anyone else”. It will be mostly around one of those prohibited words. I initially got scared when she said “something really bad” but now I understand the meaning of “something really bad” in her dictionary. Another sign of the girl growing.. A big Sigh !!!!. But, I am kind of liking it ūüôā Talk about motherhood. A mother wants her girl to grow up as well as stay as a kid at the same time. Motherhood can never never be satisfied. ¬†Hope she doesn’t curse me in future for writing all this in public. Oh she now has a private diary which we are not allowed to see. She writes something on it most of the night before going to bed. We have pinky promised to her that we will not touch that diary without her permission.

* I am personally going through a very tough phase. Remember those uncertain things I was talking about in earlier posts. They still exist and haunting me every second. The more I try to come out of it the more I am falling prey for it and getting into depression mode. Its been a long time I experienced depression at this level and thought I have completely outgrown it. Thought I have become so matured and practical, the type that can apply brain to situations and handle them with mind. ¬†But, isn’t life all about proving us wrong? ¬†While in depression, heart manifolds and stands so big in front of mind that any amount of convincing or reasoning is not helping. I am hating these tears that has become my shadow off late always ready to show up any second no matter whether you read a book, walk on the road, take shower or cook they just flow through the cheeks. Hoping to sail through this difficult time sooner. I will write more details once I gather more strength and get some clarity.

* Trying my best to keep up with reading. Read Indu Sundaresan’s “Twentieth Wife” and now buried my nose into the sequel of that book “The feast of roses”.

* For all those tamil cine song lovers, I found couple of youtube links that has hour long collection of best songs (Only audio. Though it has Illayaraja’s picture the list has a mix of songs from all music directors). I am hooked on to them. Hope someone likes it.


* Signing off with Adi’s classic

Adi: Amma, why are you such a small mommy?
Mommy: You know there are people who are smaller than me.
Adi: Oh you mean dwarfs?

Aarrrgghhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope all is well at your end. Keep smiling…

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Amma can you?

Amma can you work from home but not work? – from my girl who is highly fed up with appa/amma alternating work from home to cover up her week long spring break…

I have decided to take a day off tomorrow and roam around aimlessly with my kangaroo kutty (as I mention about her always).. You know that mother Kangaroo that carries its Joey in its pouch always? I sometimes¬†fantasize myself as that mother Kangaroo ūüôā ūüôā

Guess the broken

Something is broken at home that made me happy and Adi sad. any guesses? This doesn’t need a clue at all.




















Here I give it to AK, utbtkids and ambulisamma … you all got it right (PV you got half mark okie?)

It is the Television that was my favorite years ago until it has become Adi’s love.

Her first reaction when it was broken was

That’s okay amma I will either watch DVD or play starfall on the laptop !!!!!!!!!

This week quota – wireless adapter

The external wireless adapter used for laptop was fortunate enough to hit Adi’s this week breaking top list.

We bought this adapter just a month back when the in-built laptop adapter refused to work anymore.

May be the in-built adapter would have thought that these guys are accessing too much of internet and let me give them a break¬†but we didn’t loose heart and got this external adapter within a week… Until then the long wire seen in picture¬†helped us to continue the internet access.

Back to the wired period.. The picture says it all about how the household is accessing internet now…

We will get a new adapter when M gets annoyed with wires all around the house…

I am planning to make it messy at home with all wires so that M gets annoyed sooner :-)) any ideas are most welcome..


Backyard renovated

Adi has got one more space to play around at home. A green grass carpet has been fixed at our backyard. These days we have reserved some evening time every day to spend at back yard. Helen patti also joins us for a while and Adi updates her about school happenings.

The second paragragh of this post speaks about our friendly neighbors. Adi also plays for a while with Einstein (new pet at next door) of course with fence in between. She had not dared to touch or go near him yet. He is super fast in grabbing/catching the balls. Adi throws the ball few times from this side of the fence and he catches and brings it back to her to throw again.Einstein enjoys playing with Adi.

On a sad note Tootsi (Helen patti’s pet) had passed away couple of weeks back. Adi used to call patti by name “Tootsi patti”.¬†We told Adi that Tootsi had gone to a safer place to join her other dog friends and we should call patti as “Helen patti”.¬†Also, told her that she is free to talk about Tootsi to us but not to Helen patti. Adi had lot of questions about Tootsi for initial one week¬†but now she is okay and started addressing patti as “Helen patti”.

I could see how Helen patti controls her tears when Adi by accident talks about Tootsi. Emotions are same across globe.