Ginger bread man – Day 62/11

At LHB school, they played a game in December where the kids made gingerbread man and the teacher hid it in closet telling the kids that he disappeared and went to visit places.

She requested parents to ask their friends and family from different state/country to send letters to school saying they spotted the gingerbread man near their place and explain the details.

It’s an interactive and fun way to learn about other states and countries. Did I tell you already that I love this school? It plays a major role to the wholistic progress LHB has made in last two years of course in his own pace.

See what his cousins from the other side of this country sent for him. He is one of the first to receive the letter. I loved the detail about the bridge.

LHB now talks about Mexico, China, Golden gate bridge and Florida. He wants to go to Mexico. Hope he takes me along too preferably to a beach town 😎


Club slogan and Questioning – Day 26

I had to think hard to write something today. Nothing unusual if I don’t count the study time with LHB. We spent around 45 minutes together and inspired by that Adi also wanted me to ask questions from two lessons. Both are very unusual events. LHB sitting in one place for 45 minutes can be considered close to a dead person coming alive. Ok that is a bad analogy.

Questioning Adi happens like countable times in a year. I know she really doesn’t need this but we just do it for some time pass. I remember troubling Amma with this during school days. Make her ask questions in random order and check my answers. That too when she is busy with some errands like grinding idli batter with her hands filled with batter. I will make her wash her hand and ask questions. I will create a scene as if I will fail the exam if she doesn’t ask the questions right away. That memory is so vivid. Yes, I was an atrocious kid who troubled her mother with so many silly demands.

Ok coming to the actual content of this post, Adi recently learned this slogan related to her club and kept saying it at home. It was catchy and little tough to memorize so I tried and memorized too with a strict warning from her. I am not supposed to say this loud either in front of her friends or in the club competition. I should not even show the sign of knowing this slogan. She has so much confidence in this crazy mother that she will surely sing it loud just to embarrass her girl. So, here is the slogan

it dit little dit
oat doat little doat
ishh kili otto
bodaski di ta
oda two

The great meaning of this slogan is yet to be deciphered even by its unknown creator.

P.S: I m getting more popular for jinxing day by day. Just when I was telling Adi that there is nothing interesting that happened today, I got a call from neighbor that there are 3 fire trucks and 1 ambulance outside our garage. I went out to check and it was due to a smoke from neighbor’s dryer unit. The fire men got it under control. All is well now.

It has been 5 days since I went to gym and today I ate two idlis with molaga podi and coconut chutney. So much for the no carb diet 😦

Have any of tried mixing coconut chutney with molaga podi, make it like a orangish mix and eat with idli or dosa? If not, try it soon. Heaven is the word!

P.P.S: Thank you all for your ideas for the party games. I am reading all comments. Keep them coming. Will reply to them and do blog hop over the weekend. Thank you all again. I also thought of this other game where the person has to answer for previous question and survive for one minute.


Holiday shopping, learning – Day 25

LHB had yearly holiday shopping at school today and he bought me green earrings as green is my favorite color. A thoughtful little boy made his mommy super happy. I was grinning ear to ear all evening wearing the earring 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 9.51.04 PM

Today and next two days are going to be all day learning session at work and I am loving it to learn something new. Today was a productive day. Hoping to try something new in next two days that can impress my management.

We have a potluck coming weekend. Can you guys suggest some game ideas for the bharatha vilas group (I mean its a mix of many states from India – tamil, telugu, malayalam, hindi) so it can’t be like a language specific game like dumb charades or movie name guessing.

I did it – Day 4

I don’t know what was going on in my mind, during summer I registered to a leadership course provided by my company in collaboration with Harvard university in spite of knowing the upcoming prolonged vacation, tight schedules, Q4 deliverables and other priorities.

I guess my mind was probably at the same state when I signed up for 100 happy days. It was not just a self learning virtually at your own pace course. It had 3 modules each spanning for few weeks with lessons and assignments due every week that required effort to complete.

Each module had study group activities and session with moderator. My moderator is from UK and all the members of my study group are from UK and India. What does that mean? The calls were scheduled at 5am my time. There were days nights I did marathon completion of assignments piled up for few weeks. It gave good insights into leadership roles and some good tips.

I survived through it all and had the closure call at 4am today morning (thanks to daylight savings). I will be receiving my certificate just before the Christmas holidays begin. My Christmas gift 🙂

Kumudha aappy annachiiii!!!

Puzzle time

Glad to share that LHB solved below puzzle mostly by himself. I was amazed at the way he matched the shapes to fit them. He was getting cranky and uncontrollable when failed but was doing better with proper guidance.

We first did the red bird, then yellow bird, then the stars, followed by letters and finally put them all together. Wasn’t that bad. I love this puzzle time with him!!

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 9.20.28 AM.png

He is now entering into this “all by myself” stage. God save us!!


The happy secret to better work

I am a big fan of Ted talks. Every talk teaches you something new.

This one talks about “Look at stress as a challenge not as a threat”. It is worth watching this video. Please do when you have few mins.


P.S: The contractor is finally here to work on the kitchen and I am down with a very bad cold. Running nose with watery eyes sucks!!! I am going to take some medicine and sleep early today. Let’s see!!

Endangered Species – Science Project

This is another work that we were occupied with in the month of December. Adi was asked to do build an enclosure for an endangered species. She picked Black footed faret and was given two weeks to build this enclosure. We visited the many recommended store Hobby Lobby for supplies but you could buy the entire store for the same price you will spend on the school project aisle. Miniature trees and grasses were costing so high that I dropped the idea of buying miniatures there and came back home with empty hand. On the other side, this girl was threatening me as “Oh you will spend for this and that but not for my school project”.

I then asked her to explain the plan in a piece of paper and took few days to figure out cost effective way to build the model. A visit to the dollar store, walmart, small branches from bushes near our home and supplies from our pantry were more than enough to build the model.

Adi at work


Bird’s eye view:



Aluminium foil on the over bridge to give steel look was Adi’s idea.We worked on it for almost 3 to 4 days to make it perfect. I was impressed with Adi’s dedication in this project. Needless to day, she received an A+ for this project.


Summary by Adi:


P.S: While drafting this post I was not able to recollect the name “enclosure”. So, asked this girl about it. Here is our convo:

Self: Pappa, what was that you built for black footed faret?
Adi: Why you ask?
Self: Just like that, please tell me na..
Adi: “Enclosure”. Why would you ask “just like that”. You upto something amma. Hold on, are you posting about this somewhere?
She doesn’t know about this blog yet or so I believe. I am not sure how long will I be able to keep this blog away from her. Let’s see..