Perfect day – Day 93

Yesterday was a perfect day after a long time..

  • We all woke up late, had late breakfast (crispy dosas with red chutney and molaga podi)
  • Adi and LHB put up tent in living room, arranged it with board games, snacks and I let her dream come true by granting permission to order pizza for lunch.
  • Gorged on pizza topped with pinnapple/jalapeno, chicken/onion combos and hershey’s soft baked cookie cake.
  • Watched a movie in the afternoon without disruption while rest of the clan had a siesta.
  • Nice long hot shower. It is a luxury these days!
  • Visited friend’s home in the evening
  • Had masala chai at their home and then we all headed out to bowling
  • Non stop chit chat with friend while kids had fun at bowling centre.
  • Go to an Indian restaurant for dinner at 10pm and ordering like 10+ dishes just when they were about to close the kitchen.
  • Have sweet pan and kashmiri pink tea on the way back to friend’s home.
  • Continue with chit chat while watching LHB dance to tamil video songs at their home.
  • Arriving home at 1am.

Perfect day 🙂 🙂



Happiness #88 is – Day 88

  • Waking up at 4:29am and picking up the phone to see the time change to 4:30, the time you set the alarm for.
  • Having an evening chit chat with blog friend Indu – LHB’s dosa aunty and my tea/cake rusk girl. Hope you don’t mind our impromptu show ups.
  • Saying NO to cheese cake at work. This miracle happened yesterday and I want this to be recorded here. Though it was not “on the spot” happy moment, it made me feel so proud and happy later. I can now save those calories to gulp down some other junk right? Right!!
  • Forgetting LHB’s backpack at home but promptly taking the gifts we packed for his classmates and teachers. Hey we got our priorities right and that is what the teacher said too 😀 😀
  • Seeing the boy dance away to glory at the dance event organized by his school for Valentine’s day.
  • LHB hugging, kissing everyone at home in the morning, wishing happy valentine’s day but treating me extra special with this necklace. I am wearing it all day 😀

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 2.22.06 PM.png


Wowwww – Day 82/31

That is all I want to write today wowwww and a pat on the back of everyone who survived the blogathon. Thank you all is the least I could say and it was a pleasure reading all of your blog.

I tried my best to keep up with the reader. I feel great today and this year in spite of doing 100 happy days for a while thankfully I didn’t run out of topics, actually have a few more in drafts. That’s probably a sign that I should come here more often 😁

There are very few things at this point of life that gives me pleasure and keep up my emotions and this blog is one of the few. Life without emotions is meaningless and I appreciate that mixed bag of emotions that makes me who I am.

Eternally thankful to all you my loyal readers and those who all participated in blogathon. Getting too emotional, So me!!!!

Let’s keep this yearly tradition rolling. See ya next year!!

Life is short. Appreciate every single kind act, stay positive, be full of emotions and make a difference in someone else’s life.

Have a great year all!!

2017 highlights – Day 78/27

Highlights of 2017 in order of occurence:

  • LHB roller skating classes. He did pretty well but we stopped it after couple of sessions. Planning to enroll him into ice skating in next winter.
  • LHB dance trying to follow the steps by the lead in the screen. This has become a frequent routine at home now. Planning to enroll him in dance class.
  • Being part of craft exchange group. Enjoyed making the crafts. Hope to ship the rest of the crafts by this summer.
  • Getting introduced to Kefir (probiotic drink). Purchased kefir grains online and made it at home for few months but couldn’t continue as we were out of country during summer and couldn’t keep the culture alive.
  • A small project at work in new technology that I could feel proud about. Its my baby and glad to see people using it.
  • LHB study time routine at home. This is a love hate routine as of now that requires conscious effort. Its definitely not a natural fit in daily schedule yet.
  • LHB riding around the community in his new blue bike.
  • Adi’s music performance in local temple.
  • Adi’s music concerts at school.
  • Mother’s day breakfast at LHB’s school.
  • Adi’s mothers day gift (cloth bag with her drawings that has turned into my gym bag now)
  • Adi’s birthday party at a ceramic painting art studio (have to do a separate post to capture all details)
  • Meeting a friend after college days at NY while she was vacationing with her family. They have come from other side of the world, I saw her updates in FB, exchanged messages and we met 🙂
  • Summer vacation to Singapore/Malaysia/India (deserves a separate post)
  • Kick start of butter/ghee/paneer making at home.
  • Signing up for the 5am team training at gym.
  • Swaram stay at our home. She stayed with us for couple of days and I thoroughly enjoyed her stay. I am glad this wonderful lady chose to stay with us. Waiting for her next visit already 🙂
  • Wearing saree to work for diwali potluck (I know its a big deal really)
  • Making of Jack-o-lantern with LHB. Hope to make it every year until he gets tired of it.
  • Family event day at work. Took LHB with me and it was a total mommy boy day. Enjoyed it to the core giving the boy a glimpse of my work day schedule (boarding train et all)
  • Adi appearing for exams outside school syllabus.
  • Getting a Harvard collaborated leadership course completion certificate.
  • Winter vacation – road trip to Florida (deserves a separate post)

Phew!!! Done with one of the long pending post!! Happiness is everything about this post. 2017 has been a good year. Hope 2018 is nice to us as well.

Friday evening – Day 74/23

I missed to write about last Friday evening. A friend invited us for dinner and I was clueless about what to take to their home as it was a last minute invite. Not that I would have been totally prepared otherwise!

As it was getting delayed at work, I thought of just buying something from the shop. We were supposed to be at their home by 7:30pm. I was running late and as my luck would have it I missed the 6:30pm train by few seconds. Spent the next 25 minutes in the waiting room and boarded the next train. Called M, my chauffeur to let him know the arrival time. We agreed that he would come to the station near friend’s home along with kids and we will go to their home straight from station.

So far so good. I call him again when I am 10 minutes away from destination. He cuts my call. I try again in panic. He cuts the call and texts saying he got into an important office call. I know that he would definitely come to pick me up so got off in the station we agreed to meet and waited for him. He sounded very tensed (not his usual) and I didn’t want him to come for dinner with that pressurized mind. I sensed that he needed a little space.

So, quickly changed my plans. We went back home from station. I had my tea, started making semiya payasam, mini idlis to take to friend’s home and refreshed myself. He took a good hot shower and all of us felt better having our own little space. We reached the friend’s home at 8:45pm.

The friend has made biriyani, mutton fry, chicken 65 and she said the only thing missing was the dessert and I covered it up 🙂 To top it, semiya payasam is her elder child’s favorite and mini idli is her younger child’s favorite. I could not have felt this happier with store bought goodies.

We chatted and chatted non stop until 1am and then departed (rather I spoke non stop and the rest took a break now and then). At one point the friend was asking on a lighter note if my mouth will ever pain from this non stop talking. Never I said confidently 🙂 🙂

When I have a chain of events to execute, I usually plan them ahead and prefer to go by that plan. Its tough for me to alter an execution plan as I have it pre programmed in my mind but the change of plan in this evening was a win win for all of us.

It made me learn that sometimes if the person on the other side is not in a comfortable situation, then just let go of what you think and do what the other person would expect you to do irrespective of whether that is in your plan or not (*conditions apply) It will make them feel better and the air around becomes lighter to breathe. We don’t have to prove our point always though we think/know that we are right. Letting go does wonders!!

* of course if that action is harmless to you/others and makes the other person feel better. I mean you can’t go and stab someone just because if makes someone else feel better. Also, it should not shake you off, it should not be a task that will make you feel guilty later. Use your instincts and think as what is better for that situation than what is better for you!

romba pesitanooo??? (did I talk too much?) I am not even sure if I conveyed my thoughts clearly. Such a clumsy amateurish writer that I am **rolls eyes** but where else can I pour it out if not here, so yes I am publishing this post!!

Of Aruvi,Trouble,Bread bajji,tamil dress,almost 5,no junk – Day 66/15

Aruvi – Yestreday watched this movie with Adi. A soul stirring intense movie. The suffering of a young girl for no mistake of her. It made me cry at the end and had a discussion about the movie with Adi. About trust and giving benefit of doubt to people. How the girl’s life would have been if her father chose to have a little more belief in her. A must watch for those who like to watch movies with intense subject and not just for time pass.

Trouble – Recent board game addiction at home. We settled in a blanket with pillows and LHB finally played it by rules last night. It was the perfect way to call it a day.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.07.12 AM

Bread/Onion bajji – Another recent add on. I am not for deep frying often but somehow seeing the family craving for this and the way it gets polished off in few seconds, I decided to make this on lazy evenings just to bring together the family with food and to create memories.

Tamil dress – On the occasion of Pongal, I dressed up the boy with veshti (dhoti) and embroidered shirt. He named the attire as “Tamil dress” and kept checking when can he remove his “Tamil dress” 🙂 🙂

Almost 5 – Yup, the little honey bun of the family is going to almost 5 and he has a beeg list of what he is going to do when he turns 5. Some of them are

  • share his toys
  • not scream at home
  • do studying everyday with Amma
  • play games by following instructions
  • not eat junk

Basically, anything that is a challenge for him now are instantly added to “I am not going to do it” list when he is 5 year old. I only hope things don’t get aggravated after 5 *reality check*

No junk – We went to a friend’s home for dinner on Saturday and when they were about to share a piece of brownie with me, my boy came in between and said “my mom doesn’t like to eat junk”. I blushed instantly but felt a pinch when I realized how nice would it be if its a true statement.

Something right – Day 59/9

You feel you are doing something right somewhere and got your values right

when you meet a colleague after 3 weeks and she breaks down instantly and ask you for a hug. She is going through tough times and she needed a tight hug to feel better. I gave her a big bear hug and let her cry. I told her its okay to cry and she is a strong person. She will figure out the way to come out of this.

when another colleague tells you how she missed sharing small stories with you all these weeks

when anyone you see greets you with a “happy new year” with a broad smile. Some stop for couple of minutes to ask about your holidays and a quick chit chat.

when your diet buddies remind you about dieting which was otherwise long forgotten.

when your junior coworker is excited to finally get time to put our head together into something, succeed in the effort and appreciates you with couple of special tea bags.

Felt great to sit at my window seat and glance at empire state building by just tilting my head to the left.

Took a deep breath and counted my blessings. Happy to be back at desk 😊