My orange beauty – Day 76/25

This is the bag I take to work every day with pride. It has travelled many places with me for the past five years. It very close to my heart as I got it as a compliment from my previous employer for completing x years of service with them. I see it as a gift for my hard work. I was given reward points in some online site and was supposed to make purchase from that site based at India. So, browsed through that site and ordered this bag which was shipped to US from Mumbai specially for me. I still remember the day the shipment arrived.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 2.44.09 PM.png

Why am I writing about it today? Coz, yesterday I noticed a rip in its side pocket. Its under the pocket so that means I canโ€™t use it anymore. The pocket where I usually keep all my travel size lotions and lip balm. I use it very rarely though!

This bag is one of the best choice I have made and guess its time to give it a good rest though it looks shiny and as new as just bought yesterday. It has worked beyond its tenure. I am sad to see her go but I am happy for the time we spent together all these years.

Starting my search for a new bag. Any suggestions? (I prefer backpack compartmentalized ones so it can fit my laptop, dabbas, travel mug, wallet, shades with its box, makeup pouch, papers and other sundry items. M is true that I am carrying 10 pounds to work every day but I prefer to keep it that way.

I like to carry that big one side shoulder bag but would that fit all of this? I am known for packing 4 set of clothes for an overnight stay. So, yes keeping all this mind share your suggestions for a new bag please.


Satisfaction – Day 71/20

The best way to satisfy myself is to clean home. Though its a tiring job, I have to admit that it feels like a therapy and the satisfaction I feel by end of it is something incomparable. Today is one such day. I spent 7 hours straight with no break in cleaning all the rooms. I prefer to be alone when I clean. So, the rest of the clan was sent out and I was into the task with songs in background as company.

It was sort of deep cleaning that involved sweeping under the bed, moving couch, day bed et all. I found some lost treasures in nooks and corners. My body was not very happy but the good side is clean home. Clean home means happy and satisfied me. It was double dhamaka as I also reached my daily goal of 10k steps after a brief hiatus!

Other highlights of today:

  • Adi asking for an extra dosa for breakfast because the chutney was super tasty. She declared that I mastered he art of chutney making ๐Ÿ™‚ For those curious souls, it was onion tomato chutney. For some weird reason, my brother and I used to call it as disco chutney during our growing up days!
  • Board game with kids before their bedtime and LHB giving me gyan that we have to play by rules!!
  • Oil massaging Adi’s hair (this is our weekly Saturday night routine and the girl and I have been catching up on Gilmore girls during this time). I must admit this weekly oiling session has come a long way from being extremely painful (as I try to take off the knots in hair) to watching TV shows together.
  • Kadhi and potato fry for kids lunch (this is one of Adi’s favorite combo)
  • LHB getting very upset about us watching Gilmore girls. It was kind of very cute to hear him say “You guys are watching for a long time Amma. Fine! I will not watch my TV anymore. Let it be Akka’s TV all the time”. So, the long time was 10 minutes and he couldn’t take it at all. He chose to ignore the fact that he just finished watching it for an hour. TV and kids **rolls eyes**
  • Long conversation with parents. Amma and Appa took turns over and over again to talk about random stuff. There was no pressure of tunnel approaching or reaching office. It has been a while we had such lengthy convos.

Best friend – Day 61/10

Happiness is

you call parents and your best friend picks up the phone. He wants to surprise you but you surprise him by recognizing his voice just with two hello ๐Ÿ˜Š 20 years of friendship..

I laughed out so loud that people around me, everyone of them in the heated station room turned their eyes towards me. But I didn’t care a bit and continued to laugh along with him ๐Ÿ˜Š

This happened just few mins after I missed the train in style (style is when the door shuts on your face)

Went to gym in the morning after about 3 weeks of break.

Packed Pav bhaji for Adi’s lunch!

Taking breakfast for my colleague who is going through hard times! Egg whites scramble with loads of veggies and a touch of basil.

Day has started on a great note! Let’s see how it unfolds!

It’s a big day for LHB. Hope it will all turn out well. I will hear from his teacher in a week or so!

Something right – Day 59/9

You feel you are doing something right somewhere and got your values right

when you meet a colleague after 3 weeks and she breaks down instantly and ask you for a hug. She is going through tough times and she needed a tight hug to feel better. I gave her a big bear hug and let her cry. I told her its okay to cry and she is a strong person. She will figure out the way to come out of this.

when another colleague tells you how she missed sharing small stories with you all these weeks

when anyone you see greets you with a “happy new year” with a broad smile. Some stop for couple of minutes to ask about your holidays and a quick chit chat.

when your diet buddies remind you about dieting which was otherwise long forgotten.

when your junior coworker is excited to finally get time to put our head together into something, succeed in the effort and appreciates you with couple of special tea bags.

Felt great to sit at my window seat and glance at empire state building by just tilting my head to the left.

Took a deep breath and counted my blessings. Happy to be back at desk ๐Ÿ˜Š

Empathy – Day 56

Empathy is the word of the day. I am reading “Hit refresh” by Satya Nadella and in the first few pages he talks about how this word had an impact on him when their first child was born. Food for thought. It made me think how beautiful this world would be if people have empathy. A simple act of kindness can speak volume! One can always wish!

Not in the greatest mood today. What do I do when I feel down? A recent trick I follow is to keep me engaged with physical work so much that I can’t even breathe, forget about space for thinking. That is what I did today. Kept myself engaged with back to back work from 7:30am to 5pm.

Morning dropped/picked up Adi from an exam we have been looking forward to but don’t have high hopes on. Though seats are very limited, it was an assuring moment in the cold morning to see so many parents having faith in their child.

A mom straightening her son’s hat while he was shying away, a dad giving good luck hug to his daughter before entering the exam hall, another mom reminding her son to rub his hands once they get in to feel warmer, another dad asking her daughter to call him once exam is over, another dad signing to his son from distance to pull up his hoodie. All those pair of eyes had some story to tell, the story of their child’s future. Parenting is truly magical. At the risk of sounding silly, I felt so proud driving my little girl to that exam. We braved the biting cold together and had our own silly talks during the drive. She said “Good job Amma” as we reached the venue ahead of time.

And one more thing made my day, Adi coming upstairs to see if I am doing okay once she returned from her weekly club meet. She said it is not normal for me to stay upstairs while they are down and that means something is not right with me. So, we watched a food video together and felt better ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I am heading downstairs to be around them in few minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

This little magical space I share with Adi and LHB is worth anything in this world and the very thought of their well being and the word empathy made me feel better today.

Maya always tells me “All is well sollunga” when I am down. I obey and say “All is well”

P.S: Please head back to my previous post to look at our pencil act (I uploaded a pic). LHB can now write tamil letter “Aa”, “Aaaa” and “Eeee”. “Ee” is work in progress!! Proud momma moment!

Today – Day 41

Today was a day I hardly got time to breathe. Letโ€™s see how it unfolded

4:40 am – Wake up
5:00 am – Gym time
6:00 am – Back to home
6:20 am – Enter kitchen
7:50 am – Go to drop LHB at school
8:20 am – Visit dollar store to get gift bags and other supplies
9:00 am – Back to home, start with breakfast preparation (Made karandi omelette as both were working from home)
9:15 am – Quick cleaning of living room and kitchen
9:30 am – Login to work
12:00 pm – Take lunch break and start with lunch preparation (chicken roast)
1:00 pm – Load dishwasher
1:15pm – Login back to work
3:00 pm – Take a break from work and start wrapping all gifts to be distributed today/tomorrow
3:25 pm – Adi comes home
4:15 pm – Sign off from work
4:30 pm – Arrive Kids doctor office for their flu shot. M picks up LHB while we wait at doctor office and I blog hop during the wait.
5:30 pm – Go to LHBโ€™s school and share gifts with his aftercare teachers.
6:00 pm – Arrive Adiโ€™s piano class, share the gift with her teacher.
6:30 pm – Arrive my doctor office for my annual physical checkup.
7:10 pm – M goes back to Adiโ€™s piano class to pick her
7:30 pm – M and kids are back. I blog hop during the wait.
7:45 pm – Leave from my doctor office
8:00 pm – Back to home
8:30 pm – Kids finish their dinner
9:20 pm – LHB and I go to sleep
10:00 pm – I come back to continue with my work
10:20 pm – Adi finishes her homework/assignments. Packs the gifts for her school teachers and friends. Goes to bed.
11:00 pm – I start drafting this post in-between my work
11:50 pm – Publish this post and hope to go to bed in another 10 minutes.

Tomorrow is another equally hectic day but no complaints!!!! The poor girl has to be in school by 7:30am and the poor momma has to pack her dabba before that!!!!

Highlights of the day:

  • Made it to Gym and I was the only person at team training today ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Bought some lovely reusable bags from dollar store for gifting.
  • Arrival of all gifts I ordered in Amazon (every 2 hours we had a package delivery today) ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Karandi omelette and chicken roast (food is very important).
  • Gift wrapping of all gifts.
  • Adi received her Nike shoe.
  • LHB asking his Akka to take deep breath when the doctor was about to give her a shot.
  • LHB braving the shot with no fuss and a big man attitude.
  • Fun family time at Kidโ€™s doctor office while waiting in the room.
  • Gift sharing with some of the teachers. Adiโ€™s piano teacher and his wife loved the gift (porcelain decorative vase)
  • My doctor impressed with my numbers from blood work (all under control) and gave some tips for dieting. I have gained 5 pounds from last yearโ€™s visit ๐Ÿ˜ฆ She didnโ€™t like that beeg fat tummy.
  • Read bedtime story and put LHB to sleep. I have to start doing this every day even if my chores are unfinished. Its tough but I must try. Those few minutes of one to one time with him makes lot of difference. That is when he shares all his school stories.

And this is my loot from Amazon. It includes the Christmas presents for Adi and LHB too.Some of the gifts I ordered in multiple like the travel mug, ceramic bowls and jewelry travel pouch to gift for school teachers. I absolutely love my choice of gifts this year and was very happy wrapping them today. They all will be shared by this week ๐Ÿ™‚

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.37.54 PM

Fun time at Kid’s doctor office while waiting:

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.39.25 PM

Adi’s Nike shoe. Santa is being very generous to the girl this year ๐Ÿ™‚

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.32.01 PM.png

And it happened – Day 38

Yesterday (Friday) morning, I was making dosa for breakfast and Adi on the table eating her dosas while checking my phone. She has her whatsapp group and emails configured on my phone so technically we share the phone.

Suddenly she asked “Amma what is between my littles and me” I didn’t understand the context for a while and made her repeat the question few times. She got frustrated by the time I understood the question.

She said “I know it’s a blog name but is it yours? Do you have a blog?”. I couldn’t hide it anymore and nodded with a yes. Yes I have a blog.

She didn’t ask anything more and we moved on to next task.

I am not sure when she will start to read my blog. Will she think I shared TMI about her childhood? Will she like this idea of online journal? I don’t know!!!

Not many of my relatives or non virtual friends know about this space and I prefer to keep it that away. I don’t share unless the person is like minded and I am very comfortable with her/him. I don’t talk about my blog at home. This is my personal space and very close to my heart. Adi would not have known if we were not sharing the phone. But I have always fantasized the day she comes to know about it and reads all my posts related to her especially my birthday letters to her.

TMI – Too much information

P.S: Adi told me on Thursday evening that she likes the new elective I chose for her ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you all for your kind words and support. Happy mommy ๐Ÿ™‚