Today random titbits – Day 33

  • 3 days in a row to Gym at 5am. My morning routine rocks. The instructor was right. He said you will have a good day and I am so far having one. The days I make it to Gym sets in the right spirit to start the day but the effort it takes to wake up at 430 still is humongous. Did I say? I signed up for team training. Paying a hefty amount every month and its one year contract. So, just can’t give up. Its been more than 6 months I follow this morning routine at least 3 times a week but I have still not turned into a morning person.
  • On days I don’t make it to Gym I sleep till the last last minute. No biological clock when it comes to sleeping in the morning especially when you see two tiny bodies curled up next to you and its cold outside. All you want to do it sneak between the two and curl along with them. Bliss. I can never be a morning person. Even if I go to bed at 8.
  • Working from home after two weeks. What do I do first once the clan is out? I clean the living room and kitchen. Not spic and span but a decent one that pleases my eyes. Then I sit down with my tea, login to work with songs in the background. Bliss again!
  • I have a folder in my browser as “Everyday Must”. It has links to my bank accounts, gmail, Adi’s school portal and LHB’s school blog. These are links I must visit everyday as soon as I login to work. Today, the grades shown in Adi’s school portal were very impressive. The girl is surely giving her 110%. Can’t be more proud of her. LHB’s school blog somedays features videos that I watch right away just to boost my energy for the day. Its always a delight to watch the cute kids do cute things in the video especially this girl M 😉 Oh you thought I watch videos to see LHB? It is more to see this girl M and I see LHB too 😉
  • Mondays and Thursdays are tough mornings as Adi has to be at school by 7:30am. She is mostly late by couple of minutes and the family blames it on me. Today, I made everything ready before time, packed egg fried rice for her lunch, even helped her with some stuff and she left on time 🙂
  • The day is just starting and already I feel so good. Have few things to handle today. Hope to get them done and retire early. Tomorrow is my free day 🙂 I earned it. I can wake up late, LHB is home, no classes and not much errands to run. But, I have the PTA for LHB that can tally for everything else. I am nervous about this meet **fingers crossed**



Mommies group – Day 22

Few months ago, a whatsapp group was started for all mommies of Adi’s grade to stay connected. In no time, it was taken to the next level to have a potluck to put a face to the names. Surprisingly, there was good response from fellow mom’s and one of the mom agreed to host the potluck in her closed garage. Plans were made, menus were decided, spreadsheet was shared and with no big confusion or drop outs we all met on a weekend for lunch as planned. I took salad and carrots, cucumbers. This happened few weeks ago.

It was a great meet where most of us just let it go with the flow and had good chit chat. Had ice breaker games and I even won it 🙂 Thanks to one of the mom who took up most of the initiative and we all followed her. Now, she is creating Fitbit groups to focus on fitness in coming months. Sounds fun.

I like it how though kids were our common point to connect initially but we have moved towards discussing about out own self. Like the other day a fellow mom posted about how the pharmacy messed up with her orders and many of us jumped in to support her virtually. Another one came up to discuss about her thyroid issues.

With most of us nearing late 30s, focusing on fitness and discussing about our own health issues with no judgements definitely makes one feel good.

Hope this too doesn’t vanish like all other groups in few months and we all stay connected.

Dance, Chocolate, quote and lunch – Day 18

# 1 – Yesterday night just before bedtime, Adi was playing her piano and I started dancing for the tune with LHB. We were making few ballet and salsa type moves and I told Adi that the choreography came out well.

She replied “Amma I don’t know for which one should I laugh. should it be for your pathetic dance or that you thought it was good? I brushed it off and continued to dance. Then, LHB requested me to dance to his tunes and I obliged. It was just 10 minutes but all three of us had great fun

# 2

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.07.22 PM

# 3 – The quote I see at my gym. Isn’t it so true? I decided to take a picture of it today

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.08.42 PM

#4 – Today, I went to gym in the morning and packed Adi’s favorite lunch for her (vegetable fried rice special version and potato fry just the way she likes it)

Tomorrow is a big day. Friends family is coming over for lunch. Hoping to have loads of fun. Hope I am not jinxing it.


NY streets and surprise – Day 11

#1 – I got to walk on NY streets today. Yes I work in NY but never really get to walk on NY streets. There is a tunnel that takes me straight to office lobby from the train station. I just rush through that tunnel everyday and never attempt to take streets to reach the office.

What if my company’s roof comes down or my kids terribly miss me in that 3.5 mins I need to walk by the streets? So I choose to go by tunnel every single day. Today would be no different if I was going to the same office.

But, today I went to a client office located at midtown with few other colleagues. What was supposed to be a 3 hours visit turned out to be day long and I walked couple of blocks in NY streets breathing fresh air and seeing so many people busy people running around. We crossed a park on the way and I was trying to capture all that was going around. A day well spent though from official front we didn’t make as much progress as we wanted to.

#2 – The surprise element was at home. I reached home to see the living room in a better state than before and dishes done. What more can I ask for? It was a pleasant surprise and me happy happy 🙂 🙂 Just waiting for the trio to arrive home so I can do some “studying” with the boy. He is the letter expert this week for letter “M” and we have some activities due on Thursday.

I did it – Day 4

I don’t know what was going on in my mind, during summer I registered to a leadership course provided by my company in collaboration with Harvard university in spite of knowing the upcoming prolonged vacation, tight schedules, Q4 deliverables and other priorities.

I guess my mind was probably at the same state when I signed up for 100 happy days. It was not just a self learning virtually at your own pace course. It had 3 modules each spanning for few weeks with lessons and assignments due every week that required effort to complete.

Each module had study group activities and session with moderator. My moderator is from UK and all the members of my study group are from UK and India. What does that mean? The calls were scheduled at 5am my time. There were days nights I did marathon completion of assignments piled up for few weeks. It gave good insights into leadership roles and some good tips.

I survived through it all and had the closure call at 4am today morning (thanks to daylight savings). I will be receiving my certificate just before the Christmas holidays begin. My Christmas gift 🙂

Kumudha aappy annachiiii!!!

Blogging – Day 2

Thanks to all of you who have been still reading this blog. Nothing else has made me grin this wide and feel so happy in recent time. It was your visit, comments to the previous post and all your posts in my reader. I didn’t read them all yet but just scrolling up and down and seeing all my favorite bloggers name in the feed. While commuting to office today, I was simply scrolling up and down of my WP reader. I just can’t explain that happiness.

So, how do I pay it back? I am joining the 100happydays challenge. One should never ignore the things in life that brings true joy to them and for once I decided to listen to myself.  It is an impulse decision with just so many things going around but I just can’t ignore this side of myself and my bloggers. I have to read all your posts and I have blog myself too.

I can’t guarantee to post every day but will definitely post whenever I can. Will try to do more than one on somedays to catch up. Hope that is fine!

A beeeeeg shout out to all my readers and favorite bloggers. Love you all!

Ani returns!!!

P.S: Naan vandhutaen thirumbi vandhutaennu sollu!!!!

This week

Yesterday evening I had to wait in station for about 20 minutes to be picked up and that 20 minutes was close to living in hell as M was not reachable (he left the phone at home and was on road with kids, dropping Adi at a class and coming to pick me up). Would he have been caught by the police? Would they have met with an accident? Did anyone get sick? Are they rushing to ER? With these train of thoughts I stood there in the cold feeling helpless with tears flowing down my cheeks.

Unfortunately it has to happen at that time of the year when all I want to do is just curl up in a corner hoping for this week to pass through quietly. The memories from the past about this week is haunting me every second and makes me weak. I don’t know if I will ever be able to reconcile with those terrifying memories. It is this week I fear everything around me. I fear if I get a call, I fear if I don’t get a call for a prolonged time, I fear if family is not reachable, I fear everything around me and the mind is on a constant turmoil. Wish there is a better way to deal with this!!!

On a lighter note, this is every other day scene when I return from work and board car

(LHB is sitting quiet in his car seat)
Amma: Hi Kutti (without turning my head)
**No response**
Amma: Whoever is Amma’s kutti can say “yes Amma”
**No response**
Amma: Hi Kutti!!!
**No response**
Amma: Oh looks like my kutti is not here.. Hmm.. I miss my kutti
LHB:  (shouting) YEESSS Amma

Love you da!!