LHB Holiday shopping and winter concert

There is just two more posts that I wanted to do during blogathon but couldn’t so please please bare with me. How can I miss recording the first’s of kids in the blog that is all about them?

LHB’s first holiday shopping at school. He was upset in the evening that I didn’t accompany him for the shopping. Looks like some of the other mommies went with their kids. The thought of how LHB would have looked out for me in the crowd was killing me for few days. Mommy guilt has no end!!!!

He purchased thoughtful gifts for all of us but only father and sister’s gifts made it to home. I was the only one at home who was hyper about the whole shopping experience and was looking forward to see what he gets for each of us. So much for all that anxiety. More than that it was that killing look of the father/daughter duo when they came to know that I didn’t get any gift. But LHB kept saying that he got a ring for me. I am sure he got it for me. Poor chap!

Father and sister each got a pen with the words Dad and Sister written on it. That red super slime with spider was fun to play but it spoiled a quilt and part of couch at home.


He was part of winter concert at school this year. I think this is his first stage appearance so calls for a post 🙂 The kids sang few carols for the audience. The boy was trying his best to lip sync and it was a sight to watch him act so much.



Happiness is

Late night time spent with daughter listening to favorite music and making crafts. We are making valentine cards for LHB’s classmates and Adi’s friends. This is the time I introduce her to my favorite tamil songs and I am glad she is willing to listen to them. Moments like these are magical when I treat her as my best companion with whom I can share my likes.


So, as we were making the cards, I requested her to be extra careful with the cards made for LHB’s five girl buddies. This is the first time he is sharing hand made cards and I want my charming boy to give the best impression to the girls at his class. I know I sound crazy. I didn’t stop there. I also told her as how this day is seen during my school days, how the boys wait for this day to express their interest to girls, how girls shy away et all.

Then, she asked “Has anyone given you a card Amma?” I wanted to be honest to her and said  “Not really as somehow I had never been in that list of attractive girls”. Then we continued with the topic about her school. She said the boys at her school are scared to express. Boys oh boys!!!

I see myself getting into the next stage of parenting with Adi as she is soon going to enter teen officially. I am trying to be honest with her sharing my thoughts about all topics hoping her to reciprocate the same. This next stage of parenting is very tricky that doesn’t involve much of physical effort but it needs mutual trust and openness between the relationship. I want Adi to treat me as one of her best companion with whom she can share almost everything with no inhibition. This is my first step towards that journey. Treating her as my companion and keep myself honest with her.

Like the other day she was mad at me for some trivial thing and I bursted out to her in private. I told her that “I am going through a lot at that moment that is beyond her imagination and the last last thing I would need at that moment is for my kids to be mad at me” and walked away. I could see her understand the situation and be kind to me.

I don’t know if this is the right way of parenting but I know that I want to keep our relationship mutually strong and honest with lots of talk. Talking is very essential for any relationship. 


Chai for cancer

During summer when I was alone here, I had a chance to attend this amazing event called “Chai for cancer” arranged by a blog friend. I never got a chance to meet this multi talented lady before though we are living in reachable distance for few years. Like it has been the case with any bloggers meet, I didn’t feel strange meeting her for the first time. It felt like meeting a good old friend after many many years.

She has arranged for a social awareness event at her backyard, I was invited via FB and I instantly accepted the invitation as I didn’t have to plan anything. I was staying alone and it was on a weekend. An evening very well spent with chai, chats and songs is all I can say. Connecting with like minded people, listening to the mind blowing performance by the girl dealing with cancer, her mother by her side. There was so much positivity in the air.

It took me few days to get back to normal thoughts after attending this event. I mean what do I crib about in daily life? Isn’t that all nothing compared to what the girl is dealing with? If she could look at life with so much of a positive attitude why can’t I? It was an evening that taught me a lesson in a different way!

Kudos to the friend, her husband, her sister and all her family members who have arranged for this event. I don’t know if I can publish specific details here so keeping it general. But, you can read more about this initiative here – chaiforcancer.


M’s big day

Last year M touched the milestone age that anyone would dread to reach. So as a doting wife I wanted to surprise him. Surprises doesn’t work well at our household but this one I have planned it very carefully and blog played a small role in the overall plan too.

I started with all this process early May 2016.

Plan A was to invite some of M’s friends home along with their family and have a surprise party for M. The staple one most of the people do here. I reached out to one of his ex-colleague’s wife but she said they have plans to go to India around that time and I didn’t like the idea of inviting others without them as this ex-colleague’s family is like a common bond to all other families. So, Plan A was dropped and I squeezed my brain for few weeks to come up with an alternate plan. Thus, Plan B was born.

Plan B was to work from home on his birthday, pickup kids and then go surprise him at work, gather his colleagues and do a cake cutting at office (of course with his colleague’s help) but the said colleague gave me a gyan saying men usually wouldn’t like sharing the big number in public and that too with current situation at work it is not advisable. Plan B was dropped. But he gave another idea. He said men usually prefer to spend their special day in private with family so suggested to take M for a family dinner at a rooftop restaurant at NY.  I liked that idea. So, Plan C was on.

Plan C needed more planning ahead of time. To research for a good rooftop, book in advance etc. Also, what would I tell M to take him to NY. We are not that type of family to just hop on a train for NY visit. We need a good reason or plan ahead for any outing. So, I reached out to this friend’s wife (I want to refer her as friend as we have become more of friend’s now). She did her homework and suggested “The View” at Marriott. I was skeptical to reserve without seeing the view myself. So, took early sign off from work one day, ventured out to the streets, boarded the subway train and visited the restaurant on the other side of the city. The first look was not very pleasing. I wanted M to go “wowww” when he enters the rooftop but this one was not matching my expectation. I shared my feedback with the friend and we were back to square one.

Then, she suggested a different option. To do a surprise cake cutting at Top of the rock and then take him for dinner to an Indian restaurant at Times square. I liked that idea. So, we started planning for the execution of this plan. I blocked tickets for Top of the rock. For the friends, I blocked the slot 30 minutes ahead of us so they can surprise M at the top. Also, she gracefully agreed to get a cake.

Few days before the D day, I told M that one of my blog friend is visiting NY with her family and wanted to meet us at NY. And that she bought the tickets for Top of the rock and sent it to me 🙂 He believed it and couldn’t say no!! Also, as it was summer I suggested to do some more stuff at NY.

On D day, we left in the afternoon, went to central park, kids played in amusement park at central park for couple of hours and then we headed to the Top. M was little suspicious as I denied to show him the reservation. I was on constant texting with the friend confirming their position. As planned, they were at the top before us, M met them as a surprise and cut cake at the top (67th floor). We spent few more hours there for the money spent and then headed to the restaurant. That was a surprise for him too. Had good dinner, parted the friends at train station and reached home past 1am.

This was our first visit to the TOP and I must admit that this is a better choice compared to Empire state as this gives the best view of both central park and Empire state.

The friend took some awesome family pics. Actually, I owe to him for all our family pics. I could not have executed this without their help and support. Adi knew the plan ahead and played along with me. But, I didn’t share with her as how I convinced M to come to NY. She was repeatedly asking “how did you do it Amma?” I didn’t tell her the details as she doesn’t know about my blog.

Some pics from the amusement park and the family pic from the top.

LHB acted to be a beeg boy and ventured into all rides all by himself.

20160618_181403 20160618_183707 family-topoftherock

2016 pictures – part 1

Weekend even if it has an extra day off seems more packed than weekdays. Though I can’t claim to have done anything productive the weekend whiz past like seconds. Hence, resorting to picture post. Its already 430pm and there is truck load of work to complete before tomorrow dawns. Sighhh!!!!

These are some of the pictures from my 2016 photo archive that have either attracted me or have been highlights of the year. I have added caption to each of them.

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Friends forever

We woke up late, I made chicken ghee roast (inspired from masala hut recipes) but it didn’t even come close to how it was shown in the original video. Still it was edible so we ate it for lunch and then set off to a friend’s home.

The friend is RTI this week and we came to help them wrap up. Our plan was to leave in the night but decided to stay back here. We just wanted to spend one last evening staying up in the night and spend some time together. They have been the only family who frequently visit us and we have frequented to stay over.

They are returning to India for a reason and I pray and wish them the best. They will definitely be a big part of Adi’s childhood memories. We will definitely miss them big time.

# Friends forever

My little pooja corner

Let the first second post on this new year be an auspicious one. All my readers take a moment to look at my pooja corner and pray for this year. May all your prayers be answered.

This was part of our kitchen remodeling work and this was the major reason for the delay in finishing the kitchen work. A small change from pre-designed cabinets made the contractor act like as if he is customizing everything for us.

Thanks to Lavender for this awesome idea. We decided to make our own pooja corner. Our initial plan was to add door and cut bell shaped holes on the door to hang bells. But, the contractor took more than a month to add door and by then I started liking this setup. So, we added the bells on top. A friend helped to bring the bells from India (Amma shipped it to the friend).

The top most part is upside down of wall mount shelf and the decorator is from Lowe’s. Adi painted the tip with gold and glitter for shining kumbha effect.

I made few purchases during India visit (silver coated god with frame), brass lamp, flower pot and all that. The designs around the shelf was made with white fabric marker purchased from Amazon. The big brass lamp needs special mention as it was a custom order from a local paathira store at my hometown and I must thank Amma as she made the sales girl bring the model from inside inventory.

I love this small corner of my home and it reminds me of how I used to spend some time in pooja room after head bath before marriage. Amma usually buys few strands of flower specifically for God. After head bath usually on weekend, I will sit in front of the pooja cabinet, take my own time to cut the flowers into small pieces to fit for all frames, lit lamp, incense sticks and close my eyes for some time. Bliss it was. It took almost 12 years to recreate this same environment again.