Akka birthday surprise

Akka is coming home tomorrow for a loooong break and I wanted to finish off the birthday surprise visit post before she comes.

Continuation from this post

I suggested Akka to come and co sleep with LHB on Friday night so he will see her when he wakes up and it will be a big surprise. She denied and said she will be up and bright before LHB wakes up and will surprise him! Isn’t it fun to deny Amma’s suggestions? Anyways, as I suspected the plan didn’t go the way we wanted it to.

LHB woke up early, got curious about why Akka’s room is locked, roamed around the home, identified Akka’s shoes near door, duly questioned about it, drank milk, ate breakfast and agreed to go to basement to play for some time. We tried our best to keep him in basement until the doting Akka woke up, refreshed and came to the family room. She wrapped herself in a blanket lying down in couch and we called out for LHB to come and unwrap the present.  Phewww!! Then they hugged, pounced on each other and rest of the day was overloaded with family time. We ate banana leaf lunch at a local restaurant, watched Wakanda forever at the comfort of home (cuddling inside blankets in couch after a heavy lunch) and friends family made surprise visits in the evening.

Adi and I dozed off while watching the movie and later the day Adi shared a psychological fact that “a good siesta means you feel safe about the place and people around” and that she had a very good nap that afternoon 🙂 I had a good nap too cuddling her 🙂

Next morning, she left to college and I duly packed freshly made tomato thokku and rotis for her to savor later. It was a short trip but a must needed for everyone in the family! I am so glad she came home.


Big Friday

The day I have been preparing myself for is finally here. Today is a mixed day with multiple streams demanding my attention.

Day started with preparation for my father-in-law’s 4th year anniversary ritual. We call it Thithi. I wanted to prepare an elaborate spread of south Indian meal, so the prep work started at 5am in the morning after a nice hot shower. Priest came home at 9am and the rituals went on till noon. Here is the platter I offered to my father-in-law today.

Left to right:

  • Moong dal payasam
  • Raw banana fry
  • Cabbage poriyal
  • Chayote kootu
  • Mango pachadi
  • Urad dal vada
  • Appalam
  • Lime pickle
  • White rice
  • White pumpkin sambar
  • Tomato rasam
  • Curd

Mid-morning, I had my 2022-year review meeting at work, and it was aligned to what I expected. I was happy as I am getting better at self-analyzing and not live in some illusional state. It seems like I am on the right path at work. I love my current job and hope to keep up with the momentum and continue to learn!

The main plan for the day is Akka’s surprise visit. LHB will go to Tamil school in the evening, Akka will arrive home when he is gone, she will settle down and lock herself in her room before LHB returns. LHB comes home, takes shower and goes to bed. Tomorrow morning, Akka will wake him up as a surprise. Perfect plan, right?

It was perfect until Tamil school declared today is online class due to very low windy chill temperature. Now, LHB will be home all evening and Akka will walk in when he is around! Mommy brain switched to Plan B. LHB was moved to basement to take his class. He was convinced as he can play video games with his friends right after the class as Xbox is setup in basement. Perfect plan, right?

It was perfect until Appa called me to wish LHB for his birthday. IT turned into a video call and Appa asked LHB if he knows the surprise about Akka. My heart skipped a beat and Amma tried to change the topic! I grabbed the phone, changed the topic and cut the call. Now, suspicious LHB wanted to go upstairs for some reason! I knew exactly what he will do. He will go to Akka’s room for a quick check! Thankfully, M diverted him to have dinner and the little boy had dinner and went back to basement to play Xbox. While LHB was having dinner I went upstairs and quietly shifted Akka to a different room, the forbidden room that we hardly use! She stayed there for a while and shifted back to her room once LHB went to basement. Mommy brain reached “shhabbaaaa” mode by now!

After his game, when he came upstairs, I managed to guide LHB to our bedroom and start bedtime routine. He took shower, settled in bed besides me and reading as I type this! I am not allowing him to step out of the room anymore and watching him like an eagle! I am done for the day. Hope the surprise works as planned tomorrow morning.

Akka update:
She came home, took shower, ate food (she tasted all the dishes I cooked today and said it’s all equally good). M and I were right next to her starting at her as she was taking every bite, the scene was funny! She was running around like a kid lost in candy land looking at all the food varieties on the kitchen table, inside refrigerator and in food pantry! She ate a hearty meal and now settled in her room catching up on work. She wants to finish all work today so tomorrow will be family day!

I guess LHB’s birthday letter will be delayed this year! With Akka being at home, I want to spend every minute with her so screen time will be less tomorrow. Let’s see!