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28 June 2010

Hurray hurray… On day one the lunch box came back home empty. I am soooo happy. I thank all my blogmates for your valuable suggestions. I started this as a breakfast discussion as we would have time constraint for breakfast and I was much worried about getting ready to school on time but based on the suggestions and discussions I understood that it is better to keep the breakfast simple.  So, it has mostly become a combo of cereals and milk or bread and milk.

Moving on to lunch I have planned to update this space with everyday’s menu until I run out of option.

Pictures – coming soon… After all this is the first week so we are not tuned enough to spend the valuable(!!!) five minutes for picture taking in the morning.

green – 90 – 100% empty
amber/yellow – 50 – 90% empty
red – less than 50% empty

Day 1 – Egg and cheese sandwich with baby carrots – 100% emptied

Day 2 – Veggie rice with scrambled egg
(pressure cooked rice for 10 mins along with cut veggies, pinches of  jira powder/turmeric powder/salt – cut veggies include carrots/green peas/lima beans/stirng beans/corn)

Day 3 – mac n cheese with scrambled egg

Day 4 – raddish sambar rice with vendakkai (okra) poriyal – 100% emptied

Day 5 – chicken nugget sandwich with grated cheese – 100% emptied

Picture will look same as egg sandwich (day 1 menu)

Day 6 – 4th of July holiday – mommy had a mini break and have to think fresh from tomorrow

Day 7 – veg noodles (spaghetti) with baby carrots – 100% emptied

Day 8 – green(spinach cooked with moong dal and smashed in blender) rice with scrambled egg and appalam – 3-4 spoons of rice came back home claiming her tummy was already full.

Day 9 – grated carrot rice with rice chips (color appalam)  – 100% emptied

Day 10 – chicken nugget sandwich with grated cheese – 100% emptied

Day 11 – mac n cheese with scrambled egg – 100% emptied – this has become my fallback menu now

Day 12 – lemon rice with vendakkai (okra) poriyal – 100% emptied

Day 13 – pasta with baby carrots – Its is a flop. I don’t think I will pack this again.

Day 14 – raddish sambar with potatoes

Day 15 – egg sandwich with grated cheese

kit kat break as the kiddo is spending time with ammachi and thatha.

To be continued soon

Update on 12 Aug 2010

Couple of additions to above list are

1. Poha with cashews/potatoes

2. Curd rice with a veg poriyal and appalam

3. Mini idlis/dosas with chutney or maple syrup

Otherwise I was packing one from above list every day.  Lunch packing will continue till Aug 20th as the summer camp ends on that day. Then, she will go to near by daycare until the school reopens.  For regular school lunch pack is optional.  I am planning to leave it to Adi’s choice. If she likes I will pack or else she can have the food at school.  Now that I am comfortable with packing lunch I can pack it any day for her.

If anyone has some other ideas please leave a comment. I will try that and will add it to this list.

I know photos are pending. I have not taken one yet. Will try my best to take a few and post them here.

Uploaded photos on 10 Sep 2010. There might be minor variations between the photo and menu desc…

Updates on 19 Apr 2012

Chapathi egg pizza – step by step procedure can be found here

French toast – The bread can be cut in different shapes. I cut them as either 3 rectangles or squares or triangles.

Method – Whisk 1 egg, 2 spoons of milk and 1 spoon of sugar together. Dip bread in this mix, place the bread in a pre-heated pan, add butter if needed and allow it to cook for 2-3 mins on both sides.  Once cooked take the bread off the pan , cut into desired shape and sprinkle some sugar (powdered sugar preferable) on top.


23 Apr 2012

Corn rice – Saute mustard, split urad dal, jeera, corn, salt in same order for couple of mins. Then, add cooked rice.



30 thoughts on “Lunch menu

    • danq danq… இது புது வேகம் போக போக தான் தெரியும்.. 😦 its better to be prepared than indulging in happiness so early

  1. As of Day 8, success rate is 87.5%. That is way too impressive of Adi.

    Either Adi likes your cooking so much that she eats everything or she finds a good place to dump the food and bring home an empty lunch box. Hope its the former. 🙂

    • Noooooooo don’t tell me that… at least I believe that my daughter doesn’t lie to me… that’s the way I have trained her… even if she spits or spills she has to let mommy know about it and she does that as I trained myself not to get mad at her at that moment.

      We talk about everything in the evening.. about what others bring for lunch, how much they finished, her lunch for next day, what did they do in the morning, what did I do at my office, about my day et al… And in the morning I show her the box before packing and we talk about it on the way to school. she packs her bag with lunch, snacks and water bottle. she knows what she is taking to school.

      she has not learned to lie so far… even if she does she confesses to me on the same day… OMG I can’t imagine the day she would start lying.. no am not ready yet for that phase.. she is still my cute little girl and I believe we talk about every thing…

      Other chances are
      1. mommy packs the lunch she likes…
      2. mommy gives her the choice to choose the lunch for next day (pick 1 out of 3)
      3. mommy ranting too much to her on how she gets up early to make lunch, effort spent blah blah blah
      4. mommy hugging her tight and kissing on her tummy if the box is empty
      5. Adi is annoyed with mommy’s pulambal and feels that finishing the box is better

      phew you really scared me with the later comment 🙂

  2. hey… I am sorry if the comment freaked you out. I didn’t mean to say that she is lying. As a parent of a boy of the same age as your daughter, I know how it’ll be if a kid lies.

    I made the comment purely for fun and I’ll better be careful before making any in future.

    • 🙂 that’s fine.. its better for us to get prepared for that stage as its inevitable and kids are growing every day… we will soon learn to handle that stage…

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    • i didn’t touch it till I started my 10th grade. My mom made me swallow them like tablets by convincing me that math skills will improve if we eat vendakkai… I don’t want to go through the same scene with Adi. Anyways its good to develop math skills right from Kindergarten for this generation right?
      Finally I have (I am forced to) developed the taste too 🙂

    • I am honored Shankari… Yeah its from India I was not planning to buy one but this box was a big hit with Adi…
      I bought this when I was forced to buy one item when I had to return another stuff in the store as the store didn’t agree to refund the remaining amount. Sometimes these things happen for good… I doubt I would have bought a better box even if I had shopped for it…

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  6. Hi Ani, Came across your posts in IMC 🙂 Finally got a chance a visit your blog and comment 🙂 Great blog yaar. Between a quick question about packing scrambled eggs. Does it stay ok for afternoon. Or do they heat at Adi’s school? I keep boiled egg but my 5 yr old is bringing it back 😦

    • hmm I wrote a beeg comment for you and then suddenly it vanished 😦 well will try to recollect most if it..
      I have read your posts in IMC too Vidhya and glad to see you here. This page is outdated.. Adi doesn’t take scrambled eggs anymore but when I packed, I used to saute it in butter in low flame. No heating at school and that’s one of the main reason why I cook Adi’s lunch in the morning. I believe it stays good till afternoon. These days I give my kids boiled egg (only white) in the evening before dinner. My son likes to eat when his sister peels it and puts the pieces in his bowl.
      Now, I pack carrot dosa (carrot grated in dosa maavu), veggie patty (chapathi dough made with mashed veggies), rolled chapathi with different stuffings like okra fry, cauliflower fry etc, veg spaghetti (use whole grain spaghetti), idli sandwich (idli cooked with mashed veggies as stuffing), green chapathi (dough made with spinach puree), veg sandwich.. Hope this helps

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