Concert that I will remember

Adi’s choir concert on last Thursday will be etched on my memory for longer than the other one’s because this is her first concert rather first school show that I missed due to office work. She is pretty upset about it. Me too!!

There was a hackathon event organized by a different company in my office building and I signed up for it at the very last minute just to understand how these events operate and its a good opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. Also it was in same building so all the more reasons to participate.

At the hackathon, we were split into teams in the morning, each team had about 3-4 members and there was total of around 8 teams. Then, each team was asked to pick an idea. One of the guy in my team had this awesome idea and rest of the day was spent in prototyping our idea with zilch break. It was an one day event and the results were announced on same day evening.

My initial plan was to be part of the team, skip the final presentation and go to Adi’s concert. But, I was so hooked to different ideas that I stayed back to see the presentation of all teams. Then, it was judging time. After seeing all the presentation I had a strong feeling that my team could make it to at least the 3rd position so couldn’t leave though my heart was all at the concert. The judges took forever to come up with the results and I was calculating and recalculating the train schedules to see if I can still make it to the concert. I was sitting at the tip of my seat with bags packed and ready to scoot right after the announcement.

The announcement was made finally and all I could say is it was worth waiting 🙂 We won the first prize. Each of the team member were gifted an iPad and I was glad to receive it in person. Judges were impressed with the amount of work we got done in 6 hours and liked our demo. I scooted away right after receiving the prize still holding on to my hope to make it to the last part of the concert. I ran all the way to catch the earlier train and trust me that day commute was the longest I ever had! I just couldn’t stay put in the seat and felt so restless.

Hope Adi reads this post some day and understands why I had to skip her concert. I tried my best to make it to the concert till the very last minute but this is the same day I chose to forget the phone at home. So, took a taxi to her school and by the time we reached her school crossing, concert was over and all the cars were driving out so the taxi driver denied to get into that traffic. Instead, he dropped me home!!

Next day, I collected the videos from fellow moms and watched her perform.

I have refrained from getting an iPad all these years as I didn’t want to add more screens to home. This one hopefully will be predominantly used for LHB’s study purpose **rolls eyes** The last thing I want to see happen is LHB glued on to iPad playing random games and watching videos **rolls eyes heavily**


Cake pop

Last Saturday, we were out all day to attend LHB’s Tamil school annual day function. He said one phrase from Aathichudi and danced for a medley of songs. His program got over around 10am and my initial plan was to leave to tend to other errands. But, looking at all the little ones perform in stage, I stayed put in the seat for few more hours.

Adi and M went back home to take care of their work while the vettis that is LHB and me stayed back. The event had a cake stall and I bought a cake pop for LHB while Adi was away. I actually asked her if she wants one and she said no. But, LHB doesn’t know this and asked me to buy one for her. I told him that she doesn’t need one and we left it at that.

The duo came back to pick us in the afternoon and we spent some more time watching other programs. Kids and I were seated together while M sat in a different row. While we were watching the program, Adi asked me to buy a cake pop for her. I said she missed the chance in the morning and she was sulking about it. After a while, LHB wanted water to drink and went to his Appa. They stepped out of the auditorium and when they came back, this little fella had a cake pop in his hand. He gave it to his Akka. Looks like, he forced M to buy one for her as she didn’t get it in the morning and she is crying about it. He was upset as they didn’t have the rainbow pop anymore. He got her a blue cake pop with sprinkles.

When I saw the pop in his hand, I assumed he would have got one for himself too but I was wrong. He bought only one pop for his Akka and didn’t even ask her for a share though he was looking at her gobbling it.

I don’t know if I would have acted the same way if I was in his shoes. The least, I would have bought a second pop for me too but this little boy of mine has made a big impact in my heart that day with this kind act.

God bless you kutty!!

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 1.37.54 PM

Happy 13th

Dear Adi,

Turning 13 or 13th is our phrase for this year. I am an official teen age mom and soon to be high school mom. It is very overwhelming ma. You are growing to be a beautiful young lady and I have already started drawing my life lessons from you. Its not going to be a mushy birthday letter from now.

We are stepping into the phase where I can feel that gap between us some days. You are getting closer to your friends than us, you chose what to share with us, you have your own world now. Imagine a family with two extreme kids where one is in her own world and the other constantly keeps looking for Amma/Appa. That is us precisely now. I am not liking this setup at all but learning to adapt myself to the reality!!

My only hope is for the table to turn in few years like everyone says. I will wait with all my will kannamma same as how my Amma waited for me. I could so relate your present life to my high school life and how I rebelled to my Amma. Till you come back to me, I will make do with LHB. His unlimited hugs and kisses keeps me sane.

You have an Instagram account and strictly denied me from following you. Your spare time are mostly spent in hangouts. You have hosted couple of sleepovers in past few months at our home and as parents our contribution was just cleaning the home before the event, ordering/delivering pizzas and donuts. That was it. You took care of everything else. I am happy we are able to host sleepovers though we live in a condo and our home is relatively smaller. The presence of those girls cheers me up too.

You are too good at teaching shortcuts to LHB, like the pattern you taught him to remember the dots in a dice. He learns from you in no time whereas Amma has to slog for days to make him remember something. You both have silly fights and you always say he gets his way out easily than you but I am sure you know the truth. You are still our priority and he only gets the attention spared from you! You are the world to him so as I say many many times every day please pretty please be nice to him ma! I know that he gets on to your nerves often but can you not annoy him please? He blindly believes all that you say so please watch your words!! May your sibling love grow more and more with each passing year!

You are continuing with the Indian classical music and piano lessons though I wouldn’t call them as your passion. One thing you did with passion this year is the Odyssey of the mind competition. It was a group competition and the six girls who participated in that became more like twin sisters now. I am very glad to see you with a gang. Friends are very important in life ma. You need them always!

We watched Gilmore girls together this year and we always blame each other as one will watch it without the other sometimes making the other miss few parts. Also, you will declare “Amma I will put Gilmore girls so we can watch it together” but I will get carried away with some other work in 2 minutes while you will continue to watch and then bring me up to speed when I come back to sit.

What I remember the most is the day you rewinded the episode where Lorelai and Luke reconcile after their first big fight and kept it ready for me to watch as I ranted to you that I couldn’t stand to see Lorelai sulk/cry. You wanted me to see the couple get back together. We watched it so much that LHB started liking it and declares “Amma now its your TV, do you want me to put Rory for you?” 🙂

Sometimes you tend to be a tad self centered but Amma is working on it to make you not take things for granted and learn to appreciate any small kind act. I attribute this behavior more to your age than your own self.

You adapt to situations very well. A girl who outright denies Indian dresses was seen wearing kurta/salwar out of her own will during last year India visit. She bugged me to get her few pairs of salwars and even kept bindi in forehead everyday. Do you know that girl by any chance?

You can make stove top Indian tea now. I have been blessed with a cuppa few times last year.

Cleanliness – Its better we don’t talk about it!! **rolls eyes heavily**

I will wake you up with a treasure hunt and we will bake the cake at home as it is our yearly tradition to celebrate your special day ma.. You made sure I am preparing for the hunt and you wanted me to keep a mini hunt for LHB too. This shows that the child in you still exists kannamma 🙂

You are a little scared about high school and the pressure/work involved. I am sure you will handle it with grace given your academic records so far!

Here is to a beautiful and rocking teen years. You know where to go if you get into any trouble. Your family will always stand by you no matter what!



Student of the month – March 2018

This deserves a separate post for 3 reasons

  1. For the extraordinary effort put in by the girl. She got perfect score in consecutive vocabulary tests that impressed her English teacher to honor her with Student of the month award.
  2. I have not seen her so excited about anything as much as this award. So excited that she was particular about me coming for the breakfast arranged to give the award. This coming from the typical tween girl who ignores the presence of her parents in public.
    As luck would have it my official trip conflicted and I was not in town on the day the breakfast was planned for. But, how can a true wish of a little girl not come true? Our town was affected by snow storm while I was away and school declared “delayed opening” on breakfast day. So, breakfast was postponed to a later day. I was joking “what if I have to go on another trip on the new date?”. Adi replied “Simple ma! You have no choice but to say no to that trip” 🙂 🙂
    So, we attended the breakfast and I can’t skip that twinkling in my eye when the girl was presented with the certificate. M and I played it cool by not going for the seconds though the bagels and cakes were very inviting. Order from the girl so we obeyed. I must admit it was very tough to play it under especially when I saw her photograph in “wall of fame” board.
  3. She did not talk about this with her friends gang because only one other girl in the group got this award and Adi didn’t want the rest of the gang to feel bad. Basically, she didn’t want to brag. Again, it was very hard for me to not brag about it but this life lesson from this little girl hit me hard that I chose to not brag too!

Proud of you ma! God bless you dear!

Happiness is

Seeing your idli batter rise up beautifully…

LHB and I mark the batter dabba to check and measure how much it rises after fermentation process.

I don’t know why we use permanent marker. Who cares? Those lines in the dabba reminds me of our experiment 🙂

Green line – Right after I grind 4 cups of rice

From bottom :
1st black line – Right after I grind 6 cups of rice

2nd black line – This time 6 cups of rice gave me that much of batter (more than usual. I wonder how?). May be I finally got the right time and consistency! Phew!

3rd black line – After the batter fermented that too in overnight. Its a medical miracle you know! Usually it takes me more than 1 whole day to ferment.

I left it out for another half a day and that’s the top of the batter you see. Didn’t mark it though!

Ladies and gentlemen -This is true happiness. I can see those who grind idli batter at home nod their head heavily with me (especially those who live in cold weather)

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 7.48.25 PM.png

March 2018

I didn’t intend to stay away from blog after the 100 happy days challenge but it just happened.

Highlights of March:

Pot luck with colleagues and their family (yeah we finally executed it after 4 months of planning and postponing). This was supposed to be a “Welcome to US and Happy married life” party for the newly married couple but it was this close to turn out to be a baby shower function. Glad we pulled it off sooner. They are in the family way!!!

3 consecutive days of all day workshop at workplace. It was in same building but different floor with classroom setup. We had out own desk and chair and it felt good to be a student again. The highlight was breakfast and lunch was served and I was sitting in last row right next to food 🙂 So, you know where was my attention all day. I was literally binge eating all day!

Couple of snow day with school closings and all that, all in just one month!

Started styling LHB’s hair 🙂 We now apply styling gel and part the hair on one side and comb neatly. I can’t love this little guy more because my love is already over overflowing. Seriously!!! He still melts my heart at the drop of a hat!

Weather getting better on some evenings that means our bike ride routine around the community has started. I huff and puff and run along with him while he rides his bike happily! He starts pedaling faster just when I catch up with him. Evil boy!!

Birthday parties! Of course!

Mommy and son outing to the mall. We behaved like adults, ordered kebabs, mango lassi and shared it 🙂 He is a charm to take along for shopping. He made me try few tops, pants and helped me chose the right one!

4 day work trip to the west. Met a college friend and his family living closer to my office campus after almost 17 years!! Again I ate like a pig in this trip!

Took kids to an easter egg hunt at a farm. Saturday afternoon well spent!

Took kids to Planetarium and Lindt store. Another Saturday afternoon well spent!

March was a pathetic month in terms of being healthy. I skipped gym and ate with no control that I gained back all the pounds lost in Feb 😦

April is so far promising in terms of fitness. Looking forwards to shed down the weight gained in March and little extra **fingers crossed** I will do a separate post about this if I succeed in my effort. Too early to speak.

From all other aspects, April and May already looks busier than March! Hope to get some rest day!