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We should love each other

 Me: I love you honey (I say this often to her for no reason. I would love to hear back “Me too” from her)
Adi: no response
Me: Couldn’t restrict myself from asking her “Did you say something now?” (expecting her to say “Me too”)
Adi: No I am just thinking if I really love you or not

Pause for a minute

Adi: I think it is y.e.s (she spelled it. she is after spelling every single thing these days)
Me: Oh thank you honey. I am so happy
Adi: Do you know why I said yes?
Me: because you always love me (with an innocent face)
Adi: No not that. I love you because we are a family. We have to love each other to be a happy family.

Periya manushi (old lady) gave me a big lecture for next 5 minutes…


My mobile is not mine anymore …

Yesterday evening Adi’s best friend mom called and said her daughter wanted to talk to Adi as they did not meet for long days (4 days). I gave the phone to her and here is the rest

Adi: Hi Ila how are you?
Adi: I just reached home. Yet to change my dress
Adi: You know I bought my hello kitty doll to school today.
Adi: We came home early as my mom had office work. That’s why i was not able to wait for you
Adi: We will meet tomorrow okay? Have you reached home? Removed your shoes?
Adi: what are you doing?
Adi: Just be on the line. I will be right back. Need to wash my face and hands.
Adi: I am back. Are you there? What are you doing?
Adi: you know my mommy is very busy. She is making snacks for me. You need to wash hands before eating snacks.
Adi: what is your sister doing?
Adi: Ok I have a plan. Let us finish our snacks first and then call again okay?
Adi: I will ask my mommy to call you after I finish my snack
Adi: Mommy, cut the line. You can connect us back later.

I can now escape myself from the blames if the phone bills are high. Myself and Adi have started sharing the same phone 🙂

The day is not far to get a mobile for herself.

Boo boo and on demand I love you

boo-booAdi’s first big boo boo. She had minor tummy ache on Sunday and threw up couple of times. To ease the condition M took her out for a walk. On the way she fell down in the curb and landed with her face. It has become like drawing a big line next to the small one. Her tummy ache has taken the back seat now.She is at home for past 2 days. I stayed home yesterday and M is staying back today. We were upset more than her. We are not sure if this will leave a scar in her face. Googling around said the scar will fade off as she grows. But, she was strong than expected. Had the antiseptic cream applied in intervals and did not make a big deal.She didn’t want to show or talk about her boo boo to anybody. She even kept away from joining the patti’s club next door in the evening.She didn’t want to go to school as her friends might ask her about it. I had a conversation with her and told her that its okay if people around speak about it and she can just respond that it will go away in 6 days. She was okay with that and is looking for next Sunday so that her boo boo will be gone.

A dialogue for smile:

Adi: Appa, I don’t love you
M: Thank you very much pappa
Adi: But, I love you tomorrow
Adi: That’s because you are going to stay with me tomorrow right.
(8 out of 10 dialogues from her will start with “That’s because”)

Today I love mommy as she stayed with me and I don’t love you but tomorrow I will love you 🙂