Kindergarten book reports

Adi gets two books a week and she has to make a book report after reading the book cover to cover.  The book will be sent home on Monday and Wednesday and report is due on following Wednesday and Friday.  The report will have a space to draw a picture and two lines to write about what the kid most liked in the book.  Isn’t that cool? More stars are rewarded if the picture and words are own (not copied from book)

I have fallen in love with this concept though this means we spend additional one hour together on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

On these evenings Adi first finishes other homework, then reads the book by herself, takes some time to think about what to draw and write (at least I believe so as she wanders around for a while). Meanwhile I will read the book once in peace, then we read together followed by a mini discussion about what she want to draw and write. I will give her some suggestion but the verdict will be from her. Then, she will first draw the picture in a paper, checks with me and then makes the copy on book report sheet.. Mind you all these on one of those perfect evenings or how I expect this to be okay?  There are evenings when she will just read the book once, throw it away to the other side of the room, scribble on her own on the book report sheet in less than five minutes.  I cannot attempt to correct it as she colors the picture with crayon. The book report sometimes will also be blessed with drops of her tears same as her homework sheets…

I will try my best to keep this page updated with her book reports…

24 Jan 2011

Adi’s verdict – I think that the tooth fairy puts all the teeth in a bag.

Sketch – Tooth fairy with a bag and grass and clouds around.

26 Jan 2011

Adi’s verdict – The moon is up and the snow angels are coming alive.

Sketch – Snow angels lying on the snow (god knows why the snow is green – one of those days) with moon and stars.

31 Jan 2011

Adi’s verdict – When the babies eat they look so cute.

Sketch – Table (green) in the center with two mommies on either side feeding their baby on the chair.

02 Feb 2011 – School closed due to inclement weather

07 Feb 2011

Adi’s verdict – The mommy is taking a book from the bookshelf.

Sketch – Mommy monkey taking a book from the bookshelf (right most) and a baby monkey.

09 Feb 2011

Adi’s verdict – Dick and puff play together.

Sketch – Dick, Jane, Sally and puff. You can make out from the picture that this is one of those(!) days

14 Feb 2011

Adi’s verdict – The plants grow when the sun shines.

Sketch – An apple tree with sun (shining) on top left corner and grass under the tree.

16  Feb 2011 – No book  as 18th is holiday.

21 Feb 2011 – Holiday

23 Feb 2011

Adi’s verdict – I liked when they give their mommy a surprise.

Sketch – Three girls gives surprise to their mommy. A surprise breakfast to her in bed.

28 Feb 2011

Adi’s verdict – The wonder pets are tucking the bee into bed.

Sketch – The three wonder pets with bee (you see the yellow and black colors), sun and grass

02 Mar 2011

Adi’s verdict – The dog is waiting for its favorite person.

Sketch – A browny dog, purple door and an aunt behind the door (in pink dress)

07 Mar 2011

Adi’s verdict – Little monster is bringing the cake to the party.

Sketch – Little monster on the way to the party house.


14 thoughts on “Kindergarten book reports

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  2. wow..this is so nice.. I loved Adi’s verdict 🙂
    it is encouraging for the child, it promotes creativity and not just “learning it by heart”… I’m impressed…

  3. Thank you so very much for sharing this. My 5 year old has to do book report’s and i was like how do an kindergartener do book reports🤔🤦. We read every night before bed anyways. But now i understand more of what we need to do for school.
    Thanks again because you are a lifesaver. 😘😘😘

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