My precious evening

Today my precious evening was spent on the stranded train not for few minutes or an hour but for close to 3 hours. As the News says, a trespasser was fatally struck by the train that was ahead of our train and the rest of the train on all the tracks in both directions were stranded until all was cleared.

Our train had to back off couple of stations to switch tracks. I left work at 6pm and reached home at 10:30pm. The lighter side is I read few newspapers back to back after so many years. A co passenger was kind enough to pass it on to others once he was done reading them all. Eventually, we were tired of staring at each other for a prolonged time period. Poor fellows were those who couldn’t secure a seat.

Luckily my neighbor was travelling in the same train and she offered to drop me home. Otherwise I would have spent another 30 minutes on the road hunting for a cab or M had to come to pick me up with sleepy kids..

Ouchhh my back is breaking!!!! I don’t know if it was an accident or intentional. Whatever it is, may his/her soul rest in peace.

I sincerely hope the weather acts as predicted this time so that I can stay at home tomorrow. Hey Snow please don’t fail me.. pretty please… I am becoming worse than a school kid these days looking for holidays and closings!!! I am sleep deprived and it is better to stop here!

ETA: I am not able to sleep thinking about the fatality. What must that person have gone through during his/her last moments. This always crosses my mind whenever I hear about someone losing their life. Would he/she have expected this ending when today dawned? Would that person have a family? Especially small kids whose future is in this person’s hands. What if that person is the only bread winner of his/her family? I pray God that it should not be someone I know of. It will not be as I don’t know anyone from that area.

The memories of this day from last year was bothering me deeply since I woke up and was hoping for today to end as any other normal day. But as I feared something bad has happened though I was not impacted first hand. It’s past 12 and I am not able to sleep yet. I feel so disturbed…


After much procrastination, most part of this weekend was spent on the much needed cleaning. The counter top and sink were fixed last week. There are still work to be done but at least my kitchen is functional now so I decided to set it up as much as possible and also clean the living room that was partially kitchen for last two months. After decluttering living room I decided to extend the cleaning to other rooms too. Ah, the bliss of having a clean house can never match anything.

That is Adi’s room before and after.


Today morning the rest of the clan made grocery run when I was indulged in my cleaning. And this is what LHB did after they returned. He made a “chu chu” train with the items they bought.


We baked apple chips in the evening. The recipe is from Sri’s blog. I let the first batch burn but the second batch came out okay. Adi liked it. Thank you Sri for introducing us to a healthy snack.

And now we are all set to watch the super bowl. Adi says she watches it for the commercials. **shaking my head in disbelief**

I am slowly getting the hang of Netflix. I know, I know. Don’t laugh at me. Watched Jobs and few episodes of Grey’s anatomy. Love this show so far.

Thank you for all your wishes to LHB. We went to temple on Thursday evening followed by dinner at Rainforest cafe. LHB turned all red when the waiters grouped to sing birthday song for him. That’s when I saw my shy boy :)

On Friday morning, when he woke up and we asked about his birthday, he said birthday is gone!! I was hit by stomach virus on Thursday night and was forced to take sick day off on Friday.

Hope next week is productive and just whiz pasts. I am already looking forward to the long weekend next week.

Happy 3rd

Dear LHB,

Did we already spend 3 years together kutti? Time sure flies but not fast enough for your mother who wants to see you as an independent boy. We have long way to go. First and foremost, you have to be potty trained. Then, feed by yourself. These are my priorities as that will save me a lot of time. But, the day you are ready to do all this, I will terribly miss my cute little boy who talks gibberish aka cute baby talk and kisses/hugs his mom generously. Sighh!! Parenthood can never be satisfied.

You are a happy boy kutti. You don’t cry unless it really bothers you but I see it changing in recent weeks. You pull Adi’s hair and start crying. I mean how is it fair? Though I have now trained myself to act as an unbiased refree, you get your way on certain occasions and the poor girl takes it all. She goes cross with me if I give time out to you for hurting her. Seriously? If there is one thing that I have to request you, that will be to treasure your akka da. Don’t take her for granted and hurt her. She cares for you above and beyond. She calls you “baby” and plans everything for you. She wants to have a small party for your birthday at home inviting two toddlers we know from neighborhood. She was telling me “It is not fair amma. You have to plan a party for the poor boy”. I convinced her that there are days to come when you will demand for it and for this year cake cutting at your school with classmates will just be fine. She carefully picked and packed the goodie bags for your classmates.

You are very good at complaining kutti. You go “Mommy see” when daddy/Adi bothers you and calls out for one of them when the other two bothers you.

You are very good with your sorry and thank you. But, Adi is annoyed with your sorry’s. She asks how does it help Amma? He hurts me and then just says sorry. You may have to learn that when you say sorry you should really mean it and agree not to repeat the same act again. And you should stop pulling her hair and jumping on her. Be nice to her kutti.

You love Caillou and Peppa pig. You learned to say daddy stage by stage from these shows. You started with “dei” followed by “dayeeee” improved to “dadddddeeeeee” and finally to “daddy”. Your appa was very proud with the respect you gave initially. (dei is a not so respectful tamil word)

I have to shamefully admit that I use TV shows as my secret weapon to feed you. I can push anything down your throat if I have you engaged with your favorite TV show. But, there are days you deny outright. Egg dosa with ketchup is my saving grace. You are better with eating spicy food.

You get homework *rolls eyes* from school but we hardly do it. Somehow I feel you are not ready for it yet so didn’t bother much. Adi was freaking out on initial weeks that you are defaulting. She couldn’t take it at all.

I tried to teach you ABC as a family activity. You were always passing your turn and made Appa and Adi say all ABCs. Then, Appa used the idea to make you say “No ABC” and it worked. You can sing the ABC song but can’t recognize the letters yet.

Your favorite rhyme is “daddy finger daddy finger where are you”. You go “daddy finger daddy finger where are you” and then rush as “ououou ouououo howuuuuu”

We have changed your bedtime routine recently and I am loving it. Mommy puts you to sleep these days after we read few books. I am very happy to see you looking forward to the reading sessions. That moment you hug me tight when lights are off. That makes it all worth it.. Amma is now running like a headless chicken to finish all her chores before 8:45pm.

We have just started potty training for you. Long way to go!!

You have come a long way with your speech. You can now say meaningful sentences and express yourself better. Appa was astonished the other day when you sat on the toy car outside a shop and said “daddy put money and pointed at that tiny hole that accepts quarters for the car to work”. We still wonder from where do you learn things.

Amma is working from home today. The plan is to pickup Adi early, go pickup cake and visit your school around 3:30pm for a small party. And then if all goes well, we will go to temple in the evening and have dinner outside.

Amma made payasam today morning and we did a small prayer. You loved the payasam. You can even eat a paper written as sweet. That is your love for sweets. So, I am not surprised.

Amma sometimes just like to sit back and admire you kutti. You melt Amma’s heart at random times and even help her to feel lighter during heavy mood swings. You hug or kiss me whenever I ask you for one unlike your Akka who shrugs her shoulders. I need them now and then to keep myself sane. So, please don’t stop that!!

Ammachi has taken care of you for around 2 years out of the 3 years. She holds unconditional love for her grand kids. So, treat her with respect and be thankful to her always.

Your little mind will learn a lot of things in the coming years. I wish you the best in everything and want you to grow up as a sensible man who will respect self and others. Be nice and have a good heart da. Learn to appreaciate life and relationships around you.

May god bless you with good health and happiness kutti. Always remember that you have a family that will stand by you no matter what!!


Staring at the screen

for more than 20 minutes and don’t know what to write. I am totally blank. I have few posts in draft but don’t want to post any of them.

ETA: I was re-reading this post and thought I have finished it abruptly. So, editing again to add some more details.

This year I didn’t find it difficult to do blogathon unlike previous years where I get panic, have few posts ready in draft, schedule my posts ahead of time. So much of planning. This year, I didn’t struggle much and just wrote the posts on the fly at night. May be because, most of the days I just went with the flow and chose to write about my day. More importantly the WP app in phone helped a lot to catch up on posts and write while in transit. Thanks to my readers who have introduced me to this app.

Thank you Maya for facilitating this year’s blogathon. It was definitely fun and I enjoyed reading all fellow bloggers posts. New friends, new learning, lighter moments, virtual hugs, feeling good with comments and what not. Like I have mentioned before, blogging has become an emotion for me.

It was also my own personal time in everyday’s crazy schedule and I seem to appreciate this tiny break from regular work, something that I do to my inner self and all that.

I hope to write more often. It is okay if I don’t, I can always catch up in next blogathon ;)

I remember how doubtful I was when Maya approached me about participating in blogathon. My confidence level was less than 25% to complete it. But, just started it for the sheer joy of reading fellow bloggers and not to give up this yearly tradition that I am part of for past 3 years. This is like a yearly virtual meetup for me and I will not miss it unless I have a concrete reason to justify like the world has ended :)

This was a great beginning and I wish you all a wonderful rest of the year. A big applause to all bloggers who have attempted this blogathon.

Let us please continue with this tradition in the years to come..

Take care all!!

Rant and my latest favorites

I had this post drafted couple of days ago. It is a compilation of my latest favorite tamil songs. I want to share it but at the same time now I want to rant too. So, let me just do both. First is the rant followed by the songs.

Today is one of the hardest day. I got to put my butt down only at 10pm after running since 7:30am.  So, this is how the day unfolded.

Woke up at 7:30am, spent some time with LHB, made pancakes and scrambled egg with veggies (MTW – inspired from you) for breakfast, fed LHB, made tea, cooked quick lunch with some leftover, went to drop Adi at her class, went to gym, came back home, fed lunch to LHB and Adi, took the kids to library, marathon run to four shops to do weekly groceries, order birthday cake and fix goodie bags/snacks for LHB’s birthday party at school, came back home, took bath, read books to LHB, put him to sleep, pulled myself out of the bed reluctantly with great effort, wash two loads of laundry, sort out the things bought from store, wash/soak rice/dal for idli batter, wash/soak grains for tomorrow’s breakfast, make salad for my dinner, boil milk for curd, load dryer and finally sit down in the couch at 10pm with my salad. Tomorrow is no better. I already have a list of to-dos. Sighh!!!

And another worry is the phone. It is behaving strange since yesterday. The battery drains pretty quick and doesn’t get charged sometimes. I have to do some tricks to make it charge only to see it drain in less than an hour. I was nervous today to be on road with kids and a dead phone. What if something unexpected happens? Just the thought of it sends chills down my spine. Hope I get it fixed sooner.

If you are reading till here, thank you for listening to my rant. I am overwhelmed with this constant running. Just hope that I don’t shutdown abruptly. I cannot afford to stop. It will cost me too much that even some of life decisions may require revisit. But, I really don’t know how long will I be able to run like this. I need more strength.

Now, my top 10 favorite list from recent movies in no particular order. I am sure I would have missed few more but this is the list that came to my mind today.




Thoughtful kids

PFC – That is how they call it. Pray For Chennai

A bunch of girls from Adi’s school has approached her principal at random times in the month of December about organizing a bake sale to help PFC. And the effort was paid off last week. The principal agreed and permission was granted to the last girl who approached her.

Adi and her friends were little upset as it was their original idea but they sorted it out with that girl who organized the bake sale. Adi even volunteered to help the girl at the sale but looks like she already had enough help.

The girls are still planning to conduct some event at our neighborhood. They named the event as “snow ball” and the concept is kids who visit this event gets to play multiple games like scavenger hunt and few other games for a nominal entry fee. It has some logistics issues but I wish they get to do it.

Proud of these girls!!!

Tag time

Birth story is done and now it is tag time in the blogosphere

BM maatha ki jai.

BM – kodaana kodi namaskarangal (millions of thanks).

1. What are you wearing?
Light purple tee with dark purple PJ

2. How tall are you?
You mean how short am I? 5′ 1″

3. How much do you weigh?
155 pounds. I was 143 beginning of 2015 :(

4. Any tattoos?
No. Scared of the pain while doing it.

5. Any piercings?
Ear piercing – the standard piercings.

6. Favourite show?
Could not think of any at the moment.

7. Something you miss?
My sleep.. I miss it very badly!!

8. Favourite song?
right now it is “Paaruruvaaya” from “Tharai thappatai”. Raja raja-dhaan

9. Zodiac sign?

10. Quality you look for in a partner?
Good at heart, Respect others

11. Favourite actor?
No one in specific. It keeps changing based on acting in latest movies.

12. Favourite colour?
Ever Green

13. Loud music or soft?
Depends on the situation and my mood. Loud when with crowd and happy, energetic. Soft when alone or sad.

12. Where do you go when you’re sad?
I would love to go hit my bed but these days no time to even get sad. I just take a moment to standstill where I am for few mins, drop few tears if its too sad and move on with chores..

13. How long does it take you to shower?
daily shower – 10 mins. head bath – 30 mins

14. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
15 mins if you don’t include the morning chores to pack dabba. All inclusive – 1:30 hours

15. Ever been in a physical fight?
Yes. With my brother and cousins during school days.

16. Turn on?
Good act from random people.

17. Turn off?
Self centered and manipulative characters.

18. Fears?
Losing a relationship and loved ones.

19. Last thing that made you cry?
LHB. I was crying looking at him for no particular reason (I know!!) and the cutie pie handed over a tissue to me and gave me a generous kiss. He also asked “mommy crying? daddy pinch you?”

20. Last time you said you loved someone?
To Adi. We have this thing going on. I will show the ILU gesture to her with my 3 fingers at random times and she has to reply with “me too”. She says it relunctantly but who cares. The deal is she has to say it instantly.

21. Last book you read?
Rainbow fish – LHB’s book

22. The book you’re currently reading?
Hugs, Brush brush brush, Rainbow fish, counting 1-10 and who’s hiding. All are LHB’s books

23. Last person you talked to?
LHB – while putting him to sleep.

24. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
Husband. Or life revolves around texting these days!!

25. Place you want to visit?
Top 10 tourist places along with family.

26. Do you have a crush?
Yes, if crush towards kids counts. LHB is at this cute age where he talks so much and melts my heart at unexpected times.

27. Favourite piece of jewellery?
Finger rings

28. Last song you sang?
It has been few days since I listened to songs as I am not using headphones due to ear discomfort.
Let me think, I sang this specific line while we were travelling in car as a family and was explaining to Adi how I love this line “Ennodu vaa veedu varaikkum. En veetai paar ennai pidikkum” from the song “Nenjukkul peidhidum maa mazhai” from “Varanam Ayiram” movie.

Aabath paandavan Tags vazhga!! valarga!!