Back again

I cannot let go of this space so easily. I have to take that effort to keep this space alive if not active for it holds so much of my precious memories and friends whom I don’t want to lose. Frieends who have stood by me during my trying times. Hence, blogging at 11:18pm on a Saturday night after almost two months of break.

I have been sleeping like a log for past one month. I only remember lying down on the bed and the next minute I am a log. But today I couldn’t sleep. May be due to that extra long siesta but I think the reason is different. The girl has gone for a sleepover. First time that is. What should I do to get over it? You are right. Blog. Blog about it.

LHB has asked for her a hundred times before going to sleep. She is in calling distance and will be back by 10am tomorrow. No big deal but LHB and I miss her. She was super thrilled and I hope she has a good time.

I have changed my job last month. Call me crazy before you read further. My one way commute is 1.5 hours with one hop and no working remote unless needed. Now you know why I am sleeping like a log. Day starts at 5:30am and ends at 10pm. I am trying my best to balance work and life. Despite all this, I love my new job. I was recognized to be promoted to next level in one month. New role is very challenging. I hope I will be able to do justice to it without compromising my time with family. Time will say!!

As luck would always have it, our kitchen and utility room roof decided to kiss the floor just two days after I joined new job. Blame it on next door’s dishwasher water overflow. Our wooden floor was flooded and we were forced to rip it off. Talks are still ongoing with insurance and as of now we are using a concrete floored kitchen.

I have gained back all the lost weight and I am just waiting for that guilt to hit me hard to restart my workout regime. Where I will fit this in my current daily schedule is a million dollar quesion.

LHB had fever/chest congestion two weeks ago and recovered with a course of antibiotics. He shakes me off totally when he falls sick. We have started a new bedtime routine now to learn ABCs as his recent PTM review was not that great. I also look at it as our one on one bonding time. He is surprising us every single day with new words. It is true that kids are keen observers and one day all of a sudden they will bring it all on..

Adi is doing good. Busy with her schedules, tests and quizzes every other day. I guess the following holiday month will be on a low key.

I watched “Thoongavanam” with my friends in big screen. It was a good watch.

Today is the 3rd day of Thanksgiving long weekend holiday. We spent Thanksgiving day at our friend’s place, stayed there for two days and now the girl is out for a sleepover. I have almost caught up on my sleep in this break.

One more day to go and the daily routine will kickin again.

I am sorry for this long and incoherent post. Take care all!!




9 days of fun

I took a break from work for a week with no agenda during last leg of Adi’s summer holidays. That’s right, with no agenda for the first time ever during my entire tenure. M and LHB were running on business as usual and the girls decided to have some fun, one day at a time. So, this is how we spent our time

Day 1 – I arranged for an impromptu play date. It was a day that will reflect “Make lemon juice when life offers you lemons”. M left home early in the morning to run some errands and he was expected back only late evening. I had no clue what to do with two kids and no car all day. We can’t even step out. I was worried how would I engage LHB all day. Then came the lemon juice idea :) Made few quick calls and three of Adi’s friends landed in our home within few hours. They baked cookies, had fun at pool and played outside. Needless to say, LHB was the center of attraction and all the girls had so much fun. I loved being a spectator of their girly chit chats and the day turned out to be better than any other normal day.

Day 2 – Family day at bake shoppe. Visited a bake shop near our home. Adi and her friend participitated in cake decorating contest while we were busy relishing the samples. She did quite well I must say!

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Day 3 – Lemonade/cookie stand day. We baked cookie at home and put up the stand near park in the evening. Sale was better than previous time. And I cooked chicken briyani and Adi’s favorite oven roasted chicken drumstick for lunch.


Day 4 – Craft day. We stayed home, played board games, scrabble and Adi made slimy slime at home.

Day 5 – Packed our bags and went to an art museum and biggest public library in nearby town. Had subway sandwiches for lunch and returned home on time to pick up LHB.

Day 6 – Family time. We visited an amusement park as family in the evening. Thanks to Adi’s friend who joined us. With her company, Adi tried all twisty and scary rides and had real fun. The rides that she would not even have looked at otherwise.

Day 7 – Pottery time. We visited a pottery store in neighborhood and painted ceramics with friends. Adi choose a plain round box, drew her signature drawing on the top and colored it. The product was too pretty to last for long. It got the blessings of LHB too soon. Hope you get what I mean. We are still keeping the box but just as several pieces :(

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Day 8 – New York visit. Visited our friend’s family at old neighborhood. Spent few hours at their kid’s birthday celebration and then spent rest of the evening at NY. We visited Believe it or not, Chocolate world at Times square, Chelsea market and returned home past midnight.

Day 9 – Laze around day. Stayed home, watched movie and just simply lazed around. I was mentally preparing myself to return to work after 9 gorgeous days.

Apart from these, tennis court saw us for around one hour every weekday morning after the boys were sent out.

I will cherish these 9 days forever and hope Adi enjoyed it as much as I did.

I am glad I was able to jot it down here in the middle of getting ready to embrace the next change which is right around the corner.

I am still not able to get to reader and have a justification if you could accept it. Hope all of are doing good.

Take care. More later…

So much

So much is happening in life. Adi started middle school last week and LHB promoted from Toddlers to Preppers and we all are back to routine after almost 2.5 months of summer break.

Today morning in that rush hour of stepping out to start our day, my memories were refreshed when Adi handed me a paper to sign for her school.

I felt we have moved on too quickly from “Myself checking her school folder, get the papers, fill them out and keep them back in folder for teacher’s attention” to “the girl filling up the papers including the date next to parent’s signature box and handing over the paper to me with a I-already-read-it-you-just-sign-it attitude”. I hope we stop here and don’t move on further to the girl signing it on our behalf :)

There she is my independent girl who teaches me life lessons every single day.

LHB is doing good, following his sister religiously not missing even her tiniest move. If she lifts her finger, he has to lift his finger. And now getting better at showing his frustration when things don’t turn out his way. All he does is spit out generously with that “bbrrrrrr” weird noise. If your face is not in the vicinity then consider yourself lucky. “No” is honored to be most used word by him especially to me as I am the primary feeding person.

I will do a separate post on the 9 days spent with Adi during the last leg of her summer break. I took a week off from work with no agenda. Adi and I just took one day at a time and did some random fun stuff every day when the boys were running business as usual.

Hope all of you are doing good. It has been eons since I logged in to Feedly. Please pardon me!!

Happiness is

when you beg the family from morning to help with weekend house cleaning chores but they are very busy with their own screens and a phone call turns the table. A call from the husband’s colleague stating they are nearby and would like to visit us in 30 minutes if we are free. The house was spick and span in next 15 minutes.

It did hurt to realize that an outsider phone call had more impact than the voice of the lady of the family but the quotient of happiness was tad bit more than the hurt. I was very happy and smiling to myself randomly today. I know its silly to pull God into this but I just felt God is with me after all for getting the work done for me in his own way :)


You are a god sent angel to me. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. “enna thavam seidhaeno thaayae”.

It has been around 6 hours since you boarded the flight and believe me the house will cry if it had eyes. I am not able to take it at all Amma though I know that it is not fair. I am missing you very badly. Your loud voice is still lingering in the air around.

LHB, after waking up was calling out for “mmachii” as he does every morning when he came downstairs. Adi was feeling bad that she couldn’t get up at that unearthly hour to send you off.

It was tough to see you in wheelchair at the airport. Your health reflects your age but Amma you are my super lady and biggest pillar of support always ready to stay next to me when I need you the most even before I ask for your help. Your presence makes wonders and the impact is more after you have left.

How can you let this happen to your health? In spite of all that leg cramp you have spent most of your time standing in my kitchen. As always, you have cooked and stored even at the tiniest space of the refrigerator. You didn’t have to do that like I always tell you but you hardly listen to me. Why do you have to stretch yourself so much? Something that I never understand!!

I am going to pray to God to spare you alone Amma. Just for me. I hope he will listen to me. Do I sound like a selfish idiot? Let it be. I don’t care. When it comes to you all my life lessons will go for a toss.

I don’t know why but of all the times you have been here, this time I miss you very badly Amma. Thanks to this space for allowing me sulk before I sink in the quicksand aka mundane life.

I cannot repay you for all that you have done to me. All I can do is to observe some of your good qualities and practice in life, to be called as your daughter. Long way to go but that is how I can reciprocate my love to you.

Love you Amma.

IMC Treasure box

I was thrilled when I got an opportunity to review IMC’s treasure box. Thrilled because I have not done any pre-defined activity with LHB so far apart from reading books to him at bedtime or random playing. We I still look at him as a baby who can’t do stuff by his own or follow direction.

But, IMC’s treasure box changed my perception and amazed me to realize how my baby has grown and can actually follow directions. We received “Under the Imli” package designed for 2-4 years.

Package contents:

The package had a book, two activities related to the book, a recipe and app suggestion.



We did both activities back to back and boy it was a proud moment for me to see my baby color, peel and stick. He was kind enough to share the crayons with his sister and her friend for coloring. It brought back the memories of craft times I had spent with my elder one. Craft was our major time pass until she turned 7. Is my baby ready for such craft sessions? I couldn’t believe my own eyes with what he is capable to do. Thank you IMC for making me realize that my little bundle has grown beyond my imagination.


We loved the pack and had fun time together. My elder one was asking why IMC didn’t plan a treasure box for 10 year old :) Are you listening IMC? You have a potential subscriber for 10 year old package.

I am sure you all would love it too. Take a look at different packages they have to offer for ages 2 to 7 in both US and India.

Here’s to more and more quality time with your kids!

Bad choice

Its a bad choice to see this video when you make up your mind to go on carbs-free diet.