Perfect day – Day 93

Yesterday was a perfect day after a long time..

  • We all woke up late, had late breakfast (crispy dosas with red chutney and molaga podi)
  • Adi and LHB put up tent in living room, arranged it with board games, snacks and I let her dream come true by granting permission to order pizza for lunch.
  • Gorged on pizza topped with pinnapple/jalapeno, chicken/onion combos and hershey’s soft baked cookie cake.
  • Watched a movie in the afternoon without disruption while rest of the clan had a siesta.
  • Nice long hot shower. It is a luxury these days!
  • Visited friend’s home in the evening
  • Had masala chai at their home and then we all headed out to bowling
  • Non stop chit chat with friend while kids had fun at bowling centre.
  • Go to an Indian restaurant for dinner at 10pm and ordering like 10+ dishes just when they were about to close the kitchen.
  • Have sweet pan and kashmiri pink tea on the way back to friend’s home.
  • Continue with chit chat while watching LHB dance to tamil video songs at their home.
  • Arriving home at 1am.

Perfect day 🙂 🙂



Singapore vacation – Part 1 – Day 92

A long due travel post. I will try to recollect anything that is left in my memory.

Last year summer, we decided to go to India as a family unlike the previous year when M and I took turns. So, we thought it would be a good opportunity to plan the first international family trip en route to India. We started the plan with Italy, moved to Dubai and finally settled with Singapore. Dream big and settle with reality 🙂 🙂

Good side was we had extended family and friends at Singapore. A friend helped with visa processing and cousin opened her doors for stay. A special mention to cousin’s husband who prepared a detailed excel sheet for us to answer all our silly queries and helped with local itinerary and flight bookings. We would hop on to a call every other day to go over the details as the travel was getting closer. He made us totally feel at home and comfortable. Not everyone knows or follows this genuine art to make others feel comfortable.

The best part was all that chit chat the cousin’s husband, M and I had every night. After having dinner and settling kids, we will sit down around 10pm to plan for next day and talk everything but plan until 1 am or 2am. The cousin with a 2 year old baby in hand and a 7 month baby in tummy will be half asleep on the other room pleading us to retire soon. We were never out of topic. He even spent the whole night with us in Singapore airport from 7pm to 5am talking non stop with couple of doses of kopi/tea during our return journey to US. The plan was for him to just come and meet us in the airport to exchange luggage but he ended up staying to chit chat till it was time for us to board the next flight to US.

This is what I call as the highlight of the trip and made this vacation more memorable to me..

  • Stay with cousin family, cooking with them
  • dinner with a school friend who helped us with Visa. We saw each other after almost 20 years!
  • lunch at my BFF home. Seeing her after 12 years!
  • dinner at an extended family Akka’s home
  • impromptu evening visit to M’s school buddy’s home
  • family time not worrying about errands to run, train to catch or mundane tasks to complete

It was a trip filled with fun and laughter besides the customary visit to all top tourist attractions to take pictures and check from the list.

Day by day itinerary in next part..

Crochet ruffle scarf – Day 90

Craft exchange gift from the awesome Sri

I received it last month on an evening and promptly wore it to work the very next day.

It was an all day meet at work and I became quite noticeable in the crowd. Received so many compliments and was proudly saying “my friend hand made this for me”.

Thank you so so much Sri. This is a thoughtful gift to someone living on this side of the world.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 12.04.28 AM

Shadow day – Day 89

Today is going to be an interesting day for Adi. She has been randomly chosen by draw to shadow one of her teacher. That means she will skip her classes and will be behind the teacher all day to experience a slice of teacher’s life.

Her friend was home last evening for group study and we were making fun of Adi as what will she do when she or the teacher wants to use the bathroom. We were gossiping for a while about who is going to shadow who and who is shadowing that famous quirky teacher. It was a laugh riot for few minutes and man I love these silly talks with the girls.

Pasta has been packed for lunch in the specific green box with a fork so it doesn’t look messy when she has to share lunch time with her 7th grade social studies teacher.

All ears to hear about her shadow day in the evening!!

Happiness #88 is – Day 88

  • Waking up at 4:29am and picking up the phone to see the time change to 4:30, the time you set the alarm for.
  • Having an evening chit chat with blog friend Indu – LHB’s dosa aunty and my tea/cake rusk girl. Hope you don’t mind our impromptu show ups.
  • Saying NO to cheese cake at work. This miracle happened yesterday and I want this to be recorded here. Though it was not “on the spot” happy moment, it made me feel so proud and happy later. I can now save those calories to gulp down some other junk right? Right!!
  • Forgetting LHB’s backpack at home but promptly taking the gifts we packed for his classmates and teachers. Hey we got our priorities right and that is what the teacher said too 😀 😀
  • Seeing the boy dance away to glory at the dance event organized by his school for Valentine’s day.
  • LHB hugging, kissing everyone at home in the morning, wishing happy valentine’s day but treating me extra special with this necklace. I am wearing it all day 😀

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 2.22.06 PM.png


Inspirational – Day 87

Today, I attended the company recently appointed CEO’s first town hall. The usual self that buries its head into multi tasking the list in hand, today for a change thought it would be nice to listen to CEO speak in person. What if I was working from a remote location? Why do I always pass the opportunity of meeting senior executives in person when they are only few floors away from my desk?

So, I requested for a change of team meeting that conflicted with town hall time and reached the auditorium 20 minutes ahead to secure one of the last few seats available. It was great to feel the positive vibe in the air. He cracked jokes and kept the audience attention for almost 1.5 hours. What stood out for me from his speech is

“Speak up, don’t just speak up but collect your data and speak up with respect”

“Be diversified and inclusive”

According to me, being inclusive in a diversified environment is a big challenge and those who understand this are the real heart winners!

He also touched upon women empowerment.

It was very inspirational to hear his speech and I am starting to feel proud about my company and its brand!