Bad choice

Its a bad choice to see this video when you make up your mind to go on carbs-free diet.

random thought

You will realize that the love and affection towards someone has died a natural death
not when you are angry at them
not when you don’t talk to them
not when you abuse them verbally/physically
not when thoughts about them haunt you
but when you don’t care for them anymore
but when you are not bothered by their action anymore
but when they are not in your thoughts anymore


Lemonade stand

One down on the bucket list. Adi had put up the lemonade stand last weekend near the park in our community. She paired up with her friend and they had a good time. Both took turn to go around the community to advertise about the lemonade stand while the other one was at the stand. We prepared one gallon to see how it goes and sold all of it. They earned few dollars and shared it between them. Wishing the girls to put up more of such stand in this summer with different items.

Turquoise is the only color the girl seems to know now!!



busy stand


22 minutes 52 seconds

I don’t remember when did I last watch an interview of an actress that lasted for 22 minutes 52 seconds. This one hooked me on. I can’t guarantee for the integrity of this interview but it left a warm feeling in me. Hats off to her husband Surya if whatever she said about him is true. Watch it for yourself if interested.

Feel good post

Thought I will do a feel good post after a long time. I felt like I have been complaining more about the little girl that it is now time to pass on some credits. Yesterday evening was one of those days when she was at her best.

As usual I asked about homework while returning from school and we discussed about the plan for the evening. There was no homework so plan was she can watch TV for 30 minutes and then play outside/ride bike till 7pm. Come back to home at 7pm. Have dinner. Practice for Hindi test till 7:30pm. Practice pattu till 8pm. Attend pattu class at 8pm and get ready for bed at 9pm.

On any normal day, I had to chase her around the community at 7:10pm. We both return home at 7:30pm. She will switch on the TV the moment she steps in. Demands for dinner and spends the rest of the evening by lazying around, playing with LHB or watching TV which obviously will shoot up my BP and I had to repeat 100 times (ok 99 times) to make her follow at least part of the mutually agreed plan.

Yesterday evening, she came back home at 6:55pm. Had dinner, practiced Hindi, practiced pattu and was ready for the pattu class even before 8pm though class was cancelled. All this without me following up not even one time. I am surprised how did I not end up in emergency with a heart attack. I shared my happiness with her and it was spread to the rest of the family too. I felt so light and gave her double thumbs up. We decided to have a new rule at home.

Thumbs up/down is the new rule. Any good act gets a thumbs up and any bad act gets thumbs down. End of day we see how she fair-ed for the day. I told myself “be happy as long as it lasts”. Kids are the biggest challenge to share market in terms of change.

Life is good! Touchwood. Touchwood.

10th Party

Before I forget that we hosted a party for Adi’s 10th birthday, let me jot down the details.

As that enthu cutlet Amma, I planned for a surprise party but if you know me well you can easily guess how my surprise unfolded..

Adding to my sothapals was Adi’s friend’s mother who made sure to talk to me about the party plan only when we pick up the girls that too when the girls can hear us very well. Some people never get it. I had to roll my eyes heavily to signal her and it got tough to keep up the secret as the day was getting closer so I decided to tell Adi that she can invite her friends and have a party at home over the weekend. I told her that we can bake the cake at home and plan for some games. The theme for this year was chocolate much to the dismay of “eat healthy” Amma. There is only so much one can control.

Adi came up with the cake design. She made a draft, explained it to me and scraped it as “project can’t be done” when I questioned some logistics. Few days before the party, I dusted the design, we re-worked on it and ended up with a decent cake. It was layered with melted chocolate and topped with m&m’s, mini kit kat’s and kisses. The kids loved the cake and taste was good too if I can say so myself. Some even got second servings. Cake making was a collective effort of mommy-daughter duo the night before the party.


We mixed, licked, baked, arranged and made the final product after four hours of labor. The best part was both of us maintained the zen state from beginning to end.



The top design was all done by Adi. We loved the way it turned out with the outer 10, kit kat 10 and then M&M 10. It was unplanned. You can see the difference between the design and outcome.


She invited her best buddies (five girls) from her class and the girls made chocolate dipped strawberries and their own chocolate bowls. Some fixed it as ice cream bowl, some as fruit bowl and the rest choose fruit toppings on ice cream.


What if the party was not a surprise, I had a surprise element as part of the party. I took prior permission from other parents and took the girls to nearby bowling place that Adi was asking us to take her since we moved here. The girls played there for around one hour and then we returned home and they continued to play inside our community until their parents picked up.


They had pizza and juice for lunch and return gifts were beads and strings with Adi’s personal touch. Hope the girls had put it to good use given that next day was Mother’s day.

Verdict from Adi: You know Amma, my party just gets better year by year. Can there be a better compliment? I was beaming with proud as if I won a lottery for ten generations to live a lavished life. Though, I had to agree that the effort I had personally put on this year’s party was less than the previous ones.

Oh forgot to mention LHB was the center of attraction and all the girls took turns to pamper him. They sat in a circle, played music and made him dance in the middle. He skipped his nap and enjoyed all the attention.