Home made goodies – Day 35

Happiness is making goodies at home from scratch.

So, ever since we started buying farm milk for kids, I started making butter, ghee at home. And recent addition is paneer. It gives so much satisfaction and happiness when these batches are made fresh.

That’s butter milk rich with flavors made from leftover water of butter making and little curd stirred into it.

This is the quantity ofย  butter I get from one month collection of milk cream from farm milk after boiling them.


Ghee from that butter


And Paneer. I use the water remains from paneer making as water substitute for other cooking like to cook rice or veggies.



PTA update and random talk – Day 34

Friday, the PTA meet for the boy went better than expected. There are challenges and rooms for improvements which we will get evaluated and work on but overall what stood out of the meet for me was the teacher said he is sweet boy being nice to everyone. That, she can match him with any group of kids for activities and he hesitates to express when he doesn’t like something. I understand he has to be more expressive but the thought that he hesitates to hurt others made me feel good. I wish my sunshine to shine bright with kindness and happiness always. He can be a rowdy to me, just me. I will take it ๐Ÿ™‚

I am super sleepy but have two days of random updates to post here. Let me just get done with it before it slips away from my mind.

  1. Adi made masala chai for us on Friday evening. Pakka stove top Indian milk masala chai from start to finish for the first time. So from now I can nag her officially when I don’t feel like making it for myself.
  2. Kids had pizza for dinner yesterday and I sneaked one slice too. Nothing can beat a slice of pizza. I tell ya!!
  3. I started with my work at 9pm last night and had to continue with it till 6am today fire fighting one issue after the other with a bunch of people on call all the time. The funny part was we unintentionally took turns to power nap and the rest continued to work. Glad that the task finally got done by 6am today morning.
  4. ย I went to bed at 6:30am and woke up at 2pm while M engaged the kids. He took care of their breakfast, lunch, took them out to classes and weekly shopping.
  5. Today was the first snow of this season. First snow is always magical but the days following that are scary. I am super scared of black ice on curbs and roads.
  6. Due to weather conditions, Today Adi’s very important test and LHB’s Tamil class were cancelled. I was more happier than him about his Tamil class cancellation as today he was supposed to say a kuppan, suppan “aabathil udhava nanban” story in Tamil. All he says as of now is kuppan, suppan. I have no idea about how to make him tell a story in Tamil. As if this is not enough, next week he has to make a family tree project and say it loud each relationship in front of class. Sigh!! I don’t see this happening so already made up my mind to put him in same level next year too. I highly doubt he will pass current level this year.
  7. Today, I made cauliflower rice no carbs biriyani for us and vegetable biriyani for kids. The cauliflower rice biriyani came out pretty decent. I made both versions very spicy though. More details and recipe are saved for a later post.
  8. Also, made cardboard guitar for LHB. More details to follow later.
  9. Friday was the first day I missed daily target of 10k steps since 1st Dec. Hope to make up for it next week.
  10. Adi’s PTA on Thursday evening was a breeze. Met a fellow mom who was praising Adi non stop and I actually started feeling odd after a point. Couldn’t be more proud of my sincere dedicated girl.
  11. I gathered the courage to talk to Adi about her “new” elective on Friday. She seems to accept it quickly and move on. She has made some friends in the new class and having couple of events coming up this month.
  12. One of her crazy after school class schedule has come to an end last week. The girl is super happy about it and now struggling to figure out how to spend all that free hours.
  13. Christmas tree was put up by the trio today while I was sleeping. I openly asked Adi to give me choices (no more playing secret Santa with her) and her choices were cookies, cakes, chocolates and candies ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. LHB said he will tell it secretly to Santa as what he wants *rolls eyes*. When I told him I will recommend to Santa to keep him in nice list he said with a firm face that nobody can talk to Santa. Santa only gives gifts, he doesn’t talk or listen to anyone, not even to Amma’s. Fair point!
  15. I am not able to watch a 2 hour movie fully. Both times I tried to watch some movie, I dozed off in the middle and woke up for the climax. Getting old?????

The End

Today random titbits – Day 33

  • 3 days in a row to Gym at 5am. My morning routine rocks. The instructor was right. He said you will have a good day and I am so far having one. The days I make it to Gym sets in the right spirit to start the day but the effort it takes to wake up at 430 still is humongous. Did I say? I signed up for team training. Paying a hefty amount every month and its one year contract. So, just can’t give up. Its been more than 6 months I follow this morning routine at least 3 times a week but I have still not turned into a morning person.
  • On days I don’t make it to Gym I sleep till the last last minute. No biological clock when it comes to sleeping in the morning especially when you see two tiny bodies curled up next to you and its cold outside. All you want to do it sneak between the two and curl along with them. Bliss. I can never be a morning person. Even if I go to bed at 8.
  • Working from home after two weeks. What do I do first once the clan is out? I clean the living room and kitchen. Not spic and span but a decent one that pleases my eyes. Then I sit down with my tea, login to work with songs in the background. Bliss again!
  • I have a folder in my browser as “Everyday Must”. It has links to my bank accounts, gmail, Adi’s school portal and LHB’s school blog. These are links I must visit everyday as soon as I login to work. Today, the grades shown in Adi’s school portal were very impressive. The girl is surely giving her 110%. Can’t be more proud of her. LHB’s school blog somedays features videos that I watch right away just to boost my energy for the day. Its always a delight to watch the cute kids do cute things in the video especially this girl M ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh you thought I watch videos to see LHB? It is more to see this girl M and I see LHB too ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Mondays and Thursdays are tough mornings as Adi has to be at school by 7:30am. She is mostly late by couple of minutes and the family blames it on me. Today, I made everything ready before time, packed egg fried rice for her lunch, even helped her with some stuff and she left on time ๐Ÿ™‚
  • The day is just starting and already I feel so good. Have few things to handle today. Hope to get them done and retire early. Tomorrow is my free day ๐Ÿ™‚ I earned it. I can wake up late, LHB is home, no classes and not much errands to run. But, I have the PTA for LHB that can tally for everything else. I am nervous about this meet **fingers crossed**


Feeding me – Day 32

Today was a productive day at work. The last day of my 5 day learning program at work. I made good progress, my mentor was impressed with my artifact and we got it to a logical end so it can be showcased to others. It did take lot of effort for 2 days to bring it to this state.

I had to leave early to take Adi for a school appointment and had exactly 3.5 minutes to stop by home and pick her up. So, packed my dinner to eat on the way but couldn’t eat as I was driving and there was tension in the air as we were running late for the appointment. It is only at time like this I feel that whole world choose the same time to drive on the same route as you.

I was super hungry as I hardly took any break at work all day. So, the girl fed me as I was making stops at red lights ๐Ÿ™‚ She did not complain and fed me quick as I was demanding for next bite even before the current one was over. I was super hungry and those quick bites were all I needed at that time. I thanked her profusely as nothing can beat a happy tummy.

Bedtime talk – Day 31

Yesterday at 10:10pm:

LHB and I were trying to read a book, Adi was screaming as it was past bedtime and we should probably turn off the lights now as she has school tomorrow. Yeah, only she has school totally and rest of us just stay home she thinks!!!!

LHB: Amma, Today this girl X hurt my feelings.
Amma: Why da? what happened kutty?
LHB: She doesn’t like to play with me. Even Y and Z. Girls don’t like to play with me *insert his puppy face*
Amma: Adi what are sister you are? We are in a crisis situation and all you care about is only turning off the lights. See these girls are not playing with your brother
Adi: **heavily rolling her eyes** Seriously Amma???? Is this very important now?? Just turn off the lights I say
Amma: You are a terrible sister. Do you know that? Here is a poor little guy dealing with a crisis situation and you care nothing about it???
Adi: **shakes her head** and turns to the other side.
LHB: All this while he was under my arms with the same puppy face and I tried to console him.

After like 10 minutes of our cajoling and hugging and everything, we decided to turn off the lights

Amma: Ok di, I am turning off the lights now. GOOD NIGHT

We all rolled out laughing for the next five minutes and it was contagious.

Who cares if you sleep past bedtime, moments like this are to be cherished forever.

P.S: So, the little boy asked me to bring this matter up to his teacher during Friday’s PTA meeting. He is pretty serious about it that girls are not liking him. However, as a doting Amma I am persuading him to play with girl M who I am going to tag as his first crush. Why because? Because I like her very much and she is so chubby and cute and that smile…. Oh my goodness!!! I can do anything for her smile.

So, yeah I am going to have this serious conversation with his teacher on Friday apart from discussing about his progress on the side. I am kind of nervous about this meet though. Wish me good luck and keep me in your prayers please…

Sunday – Day 29

I entered the kitchen at 8:30am in the morning and came out at 4:30pm. My fitbit showed 8000+ steps when I sat down at 4:30pm. It was kind of like a date day for me with my baking powder and distilled vinegar. We teamed up and scrubbed away all stuff that needed our attention.

Ani’s kitchen today dished out two batches of shaped poori’s, channa masala, veggie scrambled eggs, potato fry, palak paneer with fresh homemade paneer, kesari, lemongrass tea and masala chai. In between these cooking, I scrubbed couple of shelves in refrigerator, took away stains from some think bottomed pans, loaded dish washer, cleaned stove top and counter top.

Am I happy? – YESSSSS!!!!!
Is my body happy? – Definitely not. Its crying out loud.

After 4:30, took shower, washed my hair and did satyanarayana pooja as its pournami (full moon) today. The moon had some mercy and peeped at me big and bright right through my window. There were months when it plays hide and seek with me hiding behind the clouds.

Today is a day I reached my daily target of 10000 steps just by walking around my kitchen. I kid not!!

P.S: The potato fry got a thumbs up. I have tried different styles so far but she didn’t like them much. So, tried Amma’s recipe and received thumbs up. I literally had my fingers crossed when the girl took her first bite.

For interested, the fry recipe is to grind (coconut, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, fennel seeds, salt), mix this with cut potatoes and then shallow fry this mixture until potato is cooked and turns golden brown. Key is not to leave it unattended while frying.

P.P.S: Poori making was more of a fun activity with kids as they made all shapes with cookie cutter. They made dinosaur, plane, car, alphabets, candy cane, snowman and the list is endless.

May I have just one more day off pleeeeeasseee !!!!! I want to sleeeeeepppp **insert a whining emoji**