Happy 11th

Dear Adi,

Where do I start? You are growing as a beautiful young lady now managing all the things on your own.

Academics – I am not following up closely on your studies except for reminding you randomly to check if there is any work due or is there any test/quiz to prepare for. You are doing amazingly well at academics though Appa always keeps his bar slightly higher so that you will keep up with your performance.  Amma is very happy and satisfied with your academics (I might not say this loud to you) as you have understood the importance of being educated and able to manage it by yourself.

You were chosen as class representative out of 7 candidates and it seems one of your classmate told you at the hallway that “she voted for you and you deserve it” in spite of her friend being one of the candidate. You were expecting her to root for her friend. You won with majority of votes in a class where kids knew each other for less than two months. Can’t be more proud of you darling. I wonder how you made your classmates feel your presence in such a short time period. Your teacher says you go out of your way to help classmates.

Pattu – We have found a new teacher in local and you are starting to love pattu classes. I am glad we found her as she knows how to deal with kids. Now, you practice on your own and look forward to pattu class. You were even okay to skip few other events to attend pattu class. Can I ask for more? But I think this change is due to your love for your teacher rather than for pattu itself. I only wish you continue with this until you could make an informed decision about this subject.

Art – You are continuing with art class and here is another beautiful landscape you made to compliment the earlier one. They both are now adorning our living room. I have made it clear that we are not buying any art for our home. It should all only be proud display of your own work.


I have created an art board as a backdrop of your bed and pinned your art work there. Time to extend the board I guess!! Don’t the wall color look gorgeous? We choose the paint (named confetti) and Appa painted your room.


Piano – You are taking private class from one of the best teacher. I can’t say you are super excited about the class but we want to continue with it as long as possible.

Sports – This is seasonal. You choose between Swimming or Tennis. We want to keep at least one physical activity as an ongoing activity given the way you put on weight. We are those unlucky souls where the hip/body shows out double of what the lip tastes.

LHB – You call him baby. Yes and that is how you treat him too though he has now started to manipulate you. You  behave like an adult to him. Actually more than an adult as your threshold of patience with him has always been more than us.

He looks after you for every step and you let him follow you. You include him in everything and I can’t thank you enough for that pattumma. Just including him when your friends are around itself is a big deal given your age in spite of him messing around. I try my best to give you your own time so that you don’t feel being bothered by him all the time.

We are potty training him and you take him to the toilet when the situation calls for it. Doesn’t that summarize everything about you? Reminds me of a popular tamil quote “oru paanai sotrukku oru sooru padham” (Eng: one morsel of cooked rice is just enough to judge the taste of one whole pot of cooked rice)

When he annoys you, most of the time you say “Just leave it Amma, he doesn’t really know what he is doing”. I learn from you every single day ma. You are the BEST big sister pattumma.

When he is in trouble or someone bothers him, he would run towards you bypassing us to hide behind you. When you ask “what happened baby? Is someone bothering you?” He would explain the problem to you in his cute innocent voice..  You would patiently listen with your “ohh and ahaan” and then take appropriate action to support your brother. It is a delight to watch the both of you together when you two are at your best.

You are well settled in middle school with your own set of friends. RAAMS is your group’s nick name and you girls plan for sleepover now and then. I am very glad that you got your own group now. I would love to be a secret listener of your chatting sessions just to hear that excitement and happiness and you girls echoing “I know right!!!”. May be it will come true very soon in the form of your birthday party.

You girls have come up with this phrase “we-ooun-weee”. You say that for everything in different modulation based on your mood.

You are in aftercare this year and Appa does the chauffeur job so you and I don’t get much time every day for casual chat but we try to catch up now and then. I do miss all our personal time and it is going to be worse from next year as we have registered you into school bus for morning drop.

You still think I am the annoying person and raise your voice at random times. But, we have learned to come to terms with it faster than before. We have learned to let go and proceed with our own work. And now that you are growing very fast, Appa has also taken some responsibility in observing and giving you gyaans as and when needed.

So, these days when you are mad, instead of pointing at Amma you start with “you guys spoil everything for me”.

As it is a tradition now, Amma will arrange for a treasure hunt as first thing in the morning on your special day (I am planning for a special gift too) and we will bake the birthday cake together based on your design. You are super excited about this year party theme. Me too!!! I instantly fly high when you say “Amma I don’t know how you manage to make my birthday party better by every year”. I believe in the saying “where there is a will, there is a way” darling. It could also be re-written as “when your heart is into something, the stars align to make it happen”..

Well, as a person I can’t be more proud to admit that I am very happy and satisfied with your upbringing pattumma. Your core characters are well formed and I don’t think they will change after this. You cannot hurt anyone knowingly and you care about people.I have noticed it in different occasions. You don’t say it loud when you don’t like something to outsiders just to make sure you don’t hurt them. You do this especially with ammachi when she gets you a dress that you don’t like or cooks something that you don’t like. You act the same way with your friends too. You don’t bad mouth about them in their absence or pass on the not-s0 good comments between friends.

When I have asked you in some occasions you have replied “If I tell her (your friend) what others said, she would feel bad Amma. So, I chose not to tell her”. I doubt if I can act so composed and matured anytime in my life.

You think from different perceptions and consider all possibilities while making a decision. You are able to identify what is right and what is wrong. You do get influenced very easily but that you could have inherited from Amma. As long as that influence is in a good way it is ok ma. You are growing to be a kind heart-ed, sensible and well thinking person. I can’t be more proud of you pattumma.

Wishing you a happy and healthy life ma. That is how I address you most of the times “Adi..mma”. You have questioned me “why do I call you “Amma”. Am I your mother or what?” Truly speaking after my Amma it is you and only you I can call as Amma da. I love addressing you like that “Adi…mma”..

Stay the same always darling. As always remember that, you have a family to back you up no matter what comes your way. I send a silent prayer to God for blessing me with such wonderful kids. I only count my blessings in multiples when I think of you both. You two are the sunshine of my life. May you always stay happy patumma.











Mothers day 2016

Adi had always been a very thoughful kid. This year’s mother’s day gift from the kids. Recording for posterity sake.

Dream catcher. She made this at school aftercare. It seems she was the only one to complete it with patience when all her friends gave up.


Cards by LHB and Adi. LHB with his landmark handprint. Adi with her signature drawing and this amazingly colored heart..


The rose plant. I purchased it myself and thanked the kids :)



Thank you!

A big thanks to all of you who have wished me to get well soon. Thankfully, it was not a fracture. Something in between fracture and swelling. The doctor called it as “bone bruise”.  whatever.. I am able to move my finger enough to type and do all basic work with no pain so back to the daily grind.

Thanks to M who took charge of my duties.

Thanks to the colleague who literally snatched my laptop and acted as my stenographer to draft emails.

Thanks to Mr.X who spared his seat to me in train.

Thanks to the random colleagues who offered to open my lunch dabba, who carried my laptop to meeting rooms, who helped to fill water in my bottle.

Yet again I realized that life has its own way of teaching us the importance of something when it is not available. Not even the tip of a finger can be taken for granted. Every muscle, nerve and bone in our body is precious and I should count my blessings for having all of them intact!

A big salute to all those who have physical challenges and carry the mental strength to lead life with a smile on their face.


That is me now


Broke my right arm by falling off from bed (Yes and Yes). It is swelled and pains terribly. Doctor says there is possible chance of hairline fracture though he could not find anything in x-ray. Working/typing all day with one hand is very tiring.

Please wish me to get better soon.


After almost 4 months, here is my new kitchen. The credit goes to M for all his efforts and hard work. I had very little to contribute except for giving ideas and choosing designs. Countless work from homes and some days even leaving work just minutes after reaching just because the contractor has showed up. He took it all to himself. I couldn’t help much as 1. I could not get the work from the contractors as he does. 2. I don’t have that luxury of working from home often in current job.

It all started during first week of December when next door’s dishwasher broke and all the water decided to overflow to our kitchen. result? the kitchen cabinets and floors were damaged and we had to replace them. Floors had to be replaced at living room too as kitchen is an extension of living room.

We were hoping to get the work complete by end of December during the holidays, but the contractor gave tough time. He will come at his own time when he feels like and doesn’t even gives heads up. Definitely we ended up with the wrong guy and as expected he quit with half done job. We had to get another contractor to finish the job.

It was hard with no range for almost three weeks and no sink/counter top for more than a month.

Here it is finally after four months of hardship..


Can you see the wine glass holder above sink, the small open cabinet on right side to keep my spice bottles and the open corner shelf?

You can see the open small cabinet better in below picture. The door knobs were specially ordered and I fall in love with them every time I see them.


Other new additions are

1. Water filter next to sink tap for drinking water (especially for Adi who doesn’t like drinking from filter jug and solves my problem too of refilling the jug)
2. Brushed bronze finish coffee cup holder
3. Wusthof knife set.
4. Plug points were changed to bushed bronze finish cover.
5. Battery operated lights under the cup board at random spots.
6. Microwave moved above range.
7. Paper towel holder under the corner cabinet.
8. Pull out trash on the cabinet under sink
9. Small lazy susan at the bottom right corner next to dish washer.
10. Small pull out drawer between the sink and trash cabinet to keep dish wash scrubs.
11. Back splash was carefully chosen to complement the granite and cabinet colors.
12. Crown molding on the ceiling above cabinets.
13. Door on door, double door refrigerator with freezer at the bottom.

Phew.. So much planning to make best use of our tiny space in the way I wanted. I must admit that countless visits to Home depot and Lowes paid off well though the entire  journey was very tiring.

The second from top of the open shelf is a glass jar with different color of pulses stacked up. Adi and I did this together. I am yet to find a perfect fit for one of the open shelf. I am also planning for few more additions/modifications to the counter top. Compatible spice rack may be to replace my Indianized spice box (that blue colored tupperware anjarai petti)? One at a time. No rush!! Please share if you have any ideas for counter top. I want to remove that dish rack but don’t know where to keep those dishes for easy access. I want to keep as little as possible on counter top.

My other biggest addition is the pooja corner. More on that in next post:)


For the records

All day this week I woke up at 4:45am promptly, checked emails, sat down on the bed for few mins and then went back to sleep and woke up late than usual time. I thought I should record this in the medium where I wrote proudly about the new routine of waking up early. Every night I resolve to myself to wake up early next day only to fail.

Tomorrow I promise to myself again. Lets see… I hope not to give up so soon😦

Believe in fairies

One of the molar decided to fall down yesterday night precisely at 9pm and we were looking forward to the tooth fairy not because we believe in her but because it involves money business.

I asked her “do you believe in tooth fairy pappa?” and this was her reply verbatim

I know it is one of you guys but I just pretend to believe and play along as believing it means gift and money.

Seriously? I doubt if I was this smart even at my late 20s after mothering two kids or even now!!!

The tooth fairy didn’t come last night. It was too tired you know. May be tonight.. Lets see..