LHB Holiday shopping and winter concert

There is just two more posts that I wanted to do during blogathon but couldn’t so please please bare with me. How can I miss recording the first’s of kids in the blog that is all about them?

LHB’s first holiday shopping at school. He was upset in the evening that I didn’t accompany him for the shopping. Looks like some of the other mommies went with their kids. The thought of how LHB would have looked out for me in the crowd was killing me for few days. Mommy guilt has no end!!!!

He purchased thoughtful gifts for all of us but only father and sister’s gifts made it to home. I was the only one at home who was hyper about the whole shopping experience and was looking forward to see what he gets for each of us. So much for all that anxiety. More than that it was that killing look of the father/daughter duo when they came to know that I didn’t get any gift. But LHB kept saying that he got a ring for me. I am sure he got it for me. Poor chap!

Father and sister each got a pen with the words Dad and Sister written on it. That red super slime with spider was fun to play but it spoiled a quilt and part of couch at home.


He was part of winter concert at school this year. I think this is his first stage appearance so calls for a post 🙂 The kids sang few carols for the audience. The boy was trying his best to lip sync and it was a sight to watch him act so much.



Valentine’s day dance

The boy had valentine’s day dance at school today and I couldn’t go as I had an important meeting to attend at work. So, M went for the dance and told me in the evening about how the boy enjoyed the dance. I believed him but this email from his teacher made my day.

He seems to have inherited the dancing gene from Amma is all I could say 😉

All world class dancers watch out, my shining star is coming!!!!



This week

Yesterday evening I had to wait in station for about 20 minutes to be picked up and that 20 minutes was close to living in hell as M was not reachable (he left the phone at home and was on road with kids, dropping Adi at a class and coming to pick me up). Would he have been caught by the police? Would they have met with an accident? Did anyone get sick? Are they rushing to ER? With these train of thoughts I stood there in the cold feeling helpless with tears flowing down my cheeks.

Unfortunately it has to happen at that time of the year when all I want to do is just curl up in a corner hoping for this week to pass through quietly. The memories from the past about this week is haunting me every second and makes me weak. I don’t know if I will ever be able to reconcile with those terrifying memories. It is this week I fear everything around me. I fear if I get a call, I fear if I don’t get a call for a prolonged time, I fear if family is not reachable, I fear everything around me and the mind is on a constant turmoil. Wish there is a better way to deal with this!!!

On a lighter note, this is every other day scene when I return from work and board car

(LHB is sitting quiet in his car seat)
Amma: Hi Kutti (without turning my head)
**No response**
Amma: Whoever is Amma’s kutti can say “yes Amma”
**No response**
Amma: Hi Kutti!!!
**No response**
Amma: Oh looks like my kutti is not here.. Hmm.. I miss my kutti
LHB:  (shouting) YEESSS Amma

Love you da!!

Happy 4th

Dear LHB,

Happy happy birthday kutti. This is a special once in a lifetime birthday when you turn 4 on 4th. Akka herself has to wait for 2 more years to get this special one da. And you can eat two vitamin gummies from now on. Isn’t that awesome my beeg boy?

You were hinting about party this year but Amma chose to wait till next year when you will not give a hint but demand by standing upside down. We had a small celebration at school yesterday morning. You were brimming with pride all the time when Amma and Appa were at your class.

You have a craze for paw patrol so I got paw patrol plates/napkins/tshirt and sneaker for you. I am sure that would be the best gift for you now. Akka has instructed me to buy trucks, cars and some of your current favorites (she is paying for them from her pocket money) and she is going to gift them all to you today.

Amma has planned to keep it a fun day for you today. We will start the day with temple visit, family lunch at restaurant, fun time at chuck e cheese and end the day with cake cutting of home made cake (Akka’s special).

Ok now where do I start about this year kutti? That is how Amma call you “kutti”. Akka keeps changing her way of calling you every other month. The names are strictly to be used only by her. Some of the cute names I could recollect are veeki baby and chu chu botta! Don’t ask for the meaning. IDK!!!

Your sentences evolve every month. Some of the cute ones are

“As a baby, I do … You member (remember) that Amma” – You say this when you do something that is not acceptable like throwing something or peeing on pants or other gross stuff that only babies do.

Now you claim to be “almost grown-up”. You eat chicken and drink milk as you believe only that will make you grown up.

“My teacher said…” is another phrase I have to listen to every evening. You readily listen to all that your teacher says and I can’t thank her enough for that. The best is your teacher said “you have to watch only little bit TV every day” and you follow that on weekdays!! I can’t ask for more da.

You are at the prime age to learn and observe. You have come a long long way from where you were at 3.

You got potty trained in no time, you can sometimes feed yourself, you can write, you recognize almost all uppercase alphabets, you can follow instructions, you can communicate, you can talk lengthy sentences, you can zip up your jacket, you can remove your sneakers, you try to button your shirt. Oh my goodness this has been an eventful year for you with so much learning kutti. I can’t be more proud of you.

I learned my biggest lesson about you with potty training and writing. I was preparing myself for many months to prepare you for potty training but you didn’t co operate. I gave it some more time and you still didn’t show sings of getting trained. But, when you were ready, you got trained in no time. Same with writing too. So, my biggest learning about you is that I have to wait until you are ready. I need to practice that patience and give the time you need and trust you da.

After last year’s India visit, you have started calling us as “Amma/Appa”. That was in my checklist and my heart just melts every time you call me “Amma”. We had to train you for few months to call Akka as “Akka” and you got that too. I love the way you run behind her all the time calling out as “Akka”..

Akka puts you first in all her thoughts da. She doesn’t say anything even if you accidentally sneeze on her face. Her patience with you is something I am still learning to practice myself. The way she protects you when I get mad leaves me speechless. She is the first person you run to when you are in trouble or not feel good. She reads book to you at bed time. She loves you to the moon and back. When we give her a choice she always says “I will go or stay where baby goes or stays”. I wish you both to remain the same all this life.

I get very emotional with you kutti. You cover up for Akka and shower me with hugs and kisses when I ask for one! You are one happy happy boy. Your cuteness makes situations lighter at home.

Oh last but not the least you talk a little about your classmate “Grace” and I told Akka may be we should tag her as your first crush 🙂

Your kutti moolai (tiny brain) works over time and processes so many things. May you be blessed with good health and happiness all you life. You are a precious gift to this family and we promise to stay by your side always no matter what.


LHB field trip

I was about to commit a sin by not recording LHB’s first ever field trip experience from last year. This post will save me from posterity.

Around October during Halloween time LHB’s school arranged for a field trip and I raised both my hands instantly to be a chaperone. Field trip with kids is something I love to do.

Every child was accompanied by a parent, we went in big yellow school bus and LHB was so proud when he boarded the bus. We visited an apple farm, picked 3 apples each, attended a workshop to learn how to make apple cider, went on a hay ride, chose our own pumpkin, did some shopping in the farm store and returned home with a heavy bag. It rekindled my memories of Adi’s field trip when she was 5.

After reaching the farm, all mommies wanted to take their kids to the restroom and guess we wise mommies did. We occupied Men’s room too as the kids couldn’t wait in line any longer to pee. We took in charge of the situation, finished the business real quick with two restrooms and returned to hay ride 🙂



Kids comfort food

Staple comfort food for LHB in 15 minutes.


Rice+toor dal+carrots+potato+spinach
Sambar powder+turmeric powder+jira powder+asafoetida+salt

Add all of this in cooker with 1:2 water ratio and cook for 15 mins. Once cooked, add ghee and mash it.

LHB polishes this off with appalam or home made vathal (chips as he calls them)

Adi also likes it. The leftover, I use it as stuffing for Idli sandwich the next day.

Sick day with LHB

This happened last month. LHB was running high temperature and we had to take turns to keep him at home for 2 days. I choose to take sick day off as I wanted to give my 100% attention to him that day. It was a day that will stay on my mind for a long time to come.

After long long time, it was just LHB and myself at home all day. In the morning I was going crazy as how to keep him engaged all day. His appetite was normal and he didn’t fuss much for taking medicines. That was a big relief for me.

We had just cooked hot food in peace, drank medicine on time, took steam bath (with eucalyptus oil) for 20 mins in shower cubicle, read books, watched one TV show, spoke a lot and overall had a great day.

I was trying to put him to sleep in the afternoon but he refused to climb the bed saying he is not sleepy. You know big boys don’t sleep when its daytime. So, I sat on the bed, started reading his books loud while he was juggling between the floors for a while pretending to play. Then he reluctantly climbed the bed saying he will put me to sleep, slid inside the blanket slowly and dozed off in less than 2 minutes. Each detail of this process is still fresh in my memory and I will hold on to that detail as long as I can as that makes my heart smile wide.

This also reminds me of a day Adi and I had to stay home together. It was a day off for her and I was working from home which was a very rare event last year given my current demanding job. She had no particular plan for the day. As I used to do early in her childhood, I asked a simple question after she woke up. What is your plan for the day? She came up with an hourly plan. I did not follow up after that, she followed 50% of the plan but it was the end of day comment from her that is etched on my mind still.

Amma I feel very good today. I like it when we both are at home, you help me to have a plan for the day and just be around. That coming from a girl like Adi who is mostly sarcastic with her comments especially to me was a big big win for me. I was a proud momma.