Blogathon 2022

Here we are again! This year Seema have kick started blogathon. She is having some issues with publishing the post so I am posting on her behalf. Request all our fellow bloggers to spread the word.

I just couldnt say no when Seema reached out though I know its going to be very hard. January is going to be a super hectic month and I just added blogsthon to the never ending list! How can I not be part of it when this is going to be my 10th year of blogathon?

I cant break the cycle, just cant so instead decided to rearrnage my priorities just for January. This little space of mine deserves the one month of attention (fair ask) if not all around the year. And my fellow blog friends, I cant wait to reconnect with you all!

Let’s do this. Please join in and spread the word as well. Read you all soon!


9 thoughts on “Blogathon 2022

  1. I had been opening WP for the last couple of days just so that I could see this post from you. Finally !! Can’t wait to relish this space again after this long wait. Thanks Ani 😊

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  3. Yayyy, thank you for posting this Ani and joining in. The fact that you managed to make room to do the blogathon is testament to how we value this tradition ❤️

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