Summer Special

A long pending request from Adi was fulfilled this week. We made Water melon and Strawberry ice pops.  As this is our first try we made 3 strawberry pops and two watermelon pops.  As always Adi helped me with every step. Its pretty easy to make and was a big hit with her. While making she said “I can’t wait till I take the first bite (Errrr first lick)” 🙂

Preparation method:

Watermelon Ice Pop
Watermelon (Cut into cubes and remove seeds. I used around 5 pieces for two ice pops)
Sugar – 1/4 cup or as per your taste
Salt – a pinch
Paper cups and Popsicle sticks
Popsicle mold

1. Blend all the above ingredients together.
2. Pour them into mould (I used foam cups and paper cups).
3. Place it in freezer.
4. Take them out after few hours and insert popsicle sticks (If you insert them before freezing the stick may not stand straight. I forgot to insert the sticks on the evening we made the ice pops. So, took them out next day morning, microwaved for 30 secs and inserted the sticks).
5. Freeze them for minimum 8 hours.
6. To take it out run them through warm/hot water and gently pull the stick.

Strawberry Ice Pop
Steps are same as above. Additionally I added few drops of lemon juice and two spoons of milk to the mix while blending.

Next the girl is demanding for Banana ice pop…

Let your imagination go wild and try with any fruit.


8 thoughts on “Summer Special

    • great.. do let me know about how it turns out.. as I mentioned you can try with other fruits too like kiwi, orange etc based on which fruit Buzz likes…

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