Celebrating India

Our entries for this month AC challenge. I am just acting as a messenger here. The girl asked me about the theme around first week of August, broke her head on what to make, narrowed down to these ideas and I helped her a little while making the crafts. As I always say Shruti you have a loyal little big fan at our home 🙂

She also made a puppet theater with my help and did science experiments on this summer. I will post those details on a different post..

ETA: I did help her with making the crafts. On measuring, cutting the construction papers and fixing the minute details. I am sorry if my writing had given an impression that she made the crafts all by herself. There is still some more time for that.

Peacock – Our national bird – Inspired from here. This is decorating our living room now.

Lotus – Our national flower – Inspired from here. This is decorating our pooja room now. The girl even did an arthi to God with this flower 🙂


22 thoughts on “Celebrating India

    • thanks T.. Adi loved the lotus too and made another one with purple and yellow combi yday evening.. She is challenging herself to make it all by herself.. 🙂

    • yeah yeah she is real only.. come here and you can hear her screaming sound if you have any doubt 😀 esp. at midnight when we try hard to get into deep sleep this girl screams from nowhere… Sigh

    • thanks ashreyamom.. we are nothing compared to other participants.. did you check the site? there are so many other beautiful entries.. I just thought of sharing this as the girl was so much into it..

    • thanks ME.. Hope you and Pari are doing good.. It feels good to read comments from fellow bloggers after a long time.. I have this feeling of visiting my native place after many many years.. blog world is just one such amazing thing.. 🙂

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