Archive | May 29, 2013

A day to forget

That was last weekend when it looked like the stars of entire family took all possible twists and turns.

LHB catching cold. My heart sinks to see the 3 month old fight with cold, cough and difficulty to breathe.

Microwave refusing to produce heat waves.

Washer conking out with overload of clothes.

Part of dining room ceiling kissing the ground.. ¬†Fortunately it was just two minutes before the fall Adi and I moved away from that place.. Just the thought of “what if someone was standing there?” is enough to stay awake all night.

Work speeding up with late nights and early mornings..

The family is still coping up with the situation and cannot further take in even a miniscule change..

Who said “One at a time”? We exist to prove them wrong!!!!!