Happy 2nd

Dear LHB,

Where do I start? I am totally blank da. I can’t believe that you have been with us for past two years. You have changed all our life and transformed each one of us for good. We are not the same as we used to be before you came into our life. Your Akka will steal this post if I start to talk about her love for you but I can’t talk anything about you without her. Such is her influence on you! You want to follow her and repeat whatever she does. You want me to do it to you, whatever I do to her. Be it oiling her hair, checking her belly button. You will come next to me with your shirt rolled up for belly button check. Its a happy moment the three of us share every other day followed by laughter.

You have started full time daycare soon after turning one as we didn’t have the luxury to hold back Ammachi any longer. Appa was dropping and picking you up from the daycare so you would always run to him as you were so used to running to him every evening. When you were just getting comfortable with the daycare we shifted home. Yes, call us cruel parents. You continued to travel two hours round trip to the same daycare as India trip was around the corner and I didn’t want you to go through too many changes.

You went to India on three weeks trip with Appa. Gasp! You celebrated Diwali with kith and kin back home and had a whale of time enjoying the attention from both set of grandparents. We could see your happiness through Skype. Once back from India, you have started a new daycare near our new home. This time, I was mostly doing the drop/pick-up job and you slowly started running towards me. That meant so much to me and I started to look forward to those moments.

You have never been a demanding baby. You go very easily with the flow. We don’t do anything special for you, yet you take most of our time. The Florida road trip proved how well you adapt to situation. We never thought even in our wildest dreams that a JetSki could be your best cradle. You dozed off within minutes after boarding the JetSki and gave very hard time to Appa.

It is very easy to make you laugh and pacify you. All you need is a tight hug. You are very good at complaining. You go near the other person in vicinity, pull her/his shirt and point at the person bothering you with your index finger. We pretend to support you and questioning the other person.  The pride is your face at that precise moment is worth a million da!

You talk a lot but just that we are not able to understand any of them yet except your “noo nii”. You use it when you are upset and your teacher helped us to realize that it means “Not nice”. Then, you say Hi, Bye, My (especially when Akka tries to snatch stuff from you). Words like Amma, Appa and Akka are still waiting for your attention!

Though you are not clearly pronouncing words, you are very clear with gestures. You can point head, nose, eyes, hand, diaper. Give Hi-Fi and you kiss generously and give a big bear hug when asked for!

Whenever you see me opening cupboard in the Kitchen, you will come running to me for your share of Bournvita. You patiently wait fiddling with your fingers until I take the bottle out, open it and take a spoonful out and feed you.

You are still a total daddy’s boy. Your favorite pastime is to wet Appa’s face. Ewwww would be Akka and my reaction and run away as soon as we can.  You spend most of your evenings with Appa at upstairs bedroom when Akka and I are occupied with our chores downstairs. By the time, we come upstairs you will be in your snoozeland. This routine makes it very slow to build our relationship. What rush? Slow and steady. We will be there someday da!

You eat if you like it and feel like eating it. No one can force you. Period. Amma has learned to accept this fact. I am yet to find out your favorite food as you are a man of moods. The dish that you will polish off within minutes will not even be touched the other time. You eat better when I feed you and Akka from same plate and you will be very clear and specific on whose turn it is and do a mock cry when I try to feed Akka two times in a row.

You have been on two courses of antibiotics within two months this year. It was to treat ear infection. I hope you don’t get it anymore. It is very hard to see you all curled up, the otherwise bubbly boy.

Your favorite time is to watch youtube videos by lying down on the bed with hands behind your head on either side and legs crossed. Appa claims that is his relaxing posture. This is how we engage you when something else cries for our attention. I know, not the best way to engage you!

I want to repeat this on all your birthday letters. Don’t even think about hurting your Akka for fun. She loves you above and beyond! She is the sole reason behind us buying last minute ready to bake cake mix and make goodie bags for your class friends. She has been nagging me for past one month about the plans. She has single handedly packed the goodie bags last evening and its all ready to go. She forced me to bake the cake on 3rd evening itself as she didn’t have much homework on that day. So, we baked zebra cake and then decided to cut it on 3rd night itself with both set of grandparents online on Skype as technically it was 4th morning at India. You will take choco chip mini muffins, orange juice and goodie bags to school.


Here is a song she composed specially for you when you were born. She hates when I sing along and says this is a special song only to be sung by her for you!

Lyrics goes like this “I love you, yes I do, who do I love more than you? Nobodyyy!!!” She means it da!

Wishing you a healthy and happy year ahead! You are a lovely boy. Stay the same always kanna.


P.S: For new readers benefit, LHB stands for Little Honey Bun. Adi came up with this name for her brother.



25 thoughts on “Happy 2nd

  1. Such a beautiful letter this is. Happy happy birthday to the kutti paiyan! Wish him loads and loads of happiness! 🙂 And, muah to his sweety pie akka! Akkas are the besht! 😀 😀 Rendu perukkum suthi podunga, Ani! 🙂

  2. A very Happy (Belated) birthday to the little bundle of joy LHB 😀
    P.S.- Visiting your blog after a year or two and determined to catch up on all I missed. Hope you all have been well 🙂
    Much love to the little darlings and their sweet mom 😀

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