Quick Breakfast Ideas

Please don’t visit us during the morning hours on weekdays after June 28th. You might witness a killer family.

Yes, Adi has to eat breakfast at home still leave home at usual time.  I don’t know if it is a challenge for us or for her.  She easily takes an hour to finish her breakfast or lunch during weekends. To top it I have to also pack lunch for her for next two months.  My ideas are

1. Fruit loops with warm milk
2. Banana milk shake
3. Pan cake with maple syrup
4. Egg dosa cut in bite size
5. Mini Muffins

1. Noodles with carrots and peas
2. Egg fried rice
3. Curd rice with a veggie poriyal and couple of baby carrots
4. Poori with aloo masala and couple of baby carrots
5. Sambar rice with appalam

I need your ideas for a quick breakfast and an empty lunch box.  Please help me guys.


8 thoughts on “Quick Breakfast Ideas

  1. You can never generalise.. but, see if this helps you in anyway.

    In our experience, food that is easy to handle is consumed (relatively) quickly at school. So, despite the fact that Anirud loves chapathi + channa masala / poori + aloo etc, we don’t pack that for lunch, as he will have to use his hands (not just the spoon).

    Any type of sandwich gets home an empty lunch box. For us, sandwich is a 100% guaranteed fall back. Preparation wise, that is the quickest. Apart from that, lemon rice, uppuma (with lots of vegetables), cous cous, noodles etc are considerable options. Whatever we pack for lunch, we keep a cheese string and a Banana in the box.

    For Breakfast, it is always cereals + juice and we give him 20 mins to eat. Although we are not that very strict, if he doesn’t eat it, the food is removed and he starves. We feel bad if we have to resort to that, but inevitably two things happen i) lunch box will definitely be empty ii) at least for the next few days, breakfast is eaten without any fuss.

    • Thanks Chakra… This is the first time am going to pack lunch for her so am all nervous about it… as you said poori will not work out… I will think of stuffs that can be handled with spoon…
      what are the fillings usually used for sandwiches? Adi always takes them apart and keeps aside the tomatoes and cucumbers… how many sandwiches do you give 1 or 2?

      thanks again

      • I can understand your nervousness. We’ve been there, done that. 🙂

        We spread the cheese on both the bread slices quite liberally and once we place the tomatoes, cucumbers and watercress, we press it well enough for them to stick, so that they don’t split apart that easily.

        Or if you use sandwich maker, you can even put aloo as a filling. Might sound crazy, but you never know which ones the kids will start to like.

        We give 2 sandwiches.

  2. Cant help you much,but am sure sandwiches,cheesy makes a good option.Try toasting bread with lil sugar,shld be easy for breakfast.Some french fries,baked potatoes or mashed potatoes shld also help

  3. Pasta , Fried Rice(with minimal veggies), chicken nuggets are some other quick options. Frozen yogurt with all disney characters in the pack has always been a huge hit with Anya…she is eating Shrek these days…and grilled cheese sandwiches always ensure empty lunch box 🙂

    For breakfast, timer works and also TV 🙂 Anya will eat anything n everything as long as PBS kids is on in the morning…for cereal buy the huge pack with different varieties and let her pick what she wants to eat for the day…and yeah bribing is also good…a treat each time she finishes within time…Anya’s treat mommy will drop her @ school…she likes it when I drop her 🙂

    • thx a lot sunee… I have bought the nuggets, sandwich bread and cheese … for breakfast Adi chose cookie crisp cereal and promised me to finish it quick…

      nice to know abt the bonding btw u and Anya

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