Who is the luckiest?

is out of the bag and is popping up very often.

My response is both are lucky in your own ways. She repeats “No!!!! tell me who is the luckiest?”

Self: He is the luckiest as he has got an adorable sister.
Adi: Haan.. then why didn’t you have him first? I would have had an adorable brother..
Self: Know what? I think you are the luckiest!! You didn’t share your parents for almost 7 years but he is sharing from day one!!
Adi: True!!!! so is it even?
Self: Yep it is even. Both of you are luckiest but in your own ways and the good part is its even. She nods, moves on and I pass out with the pressure of handling the most dreaded question.. Pheeewwww!!!!!

P.S: The girl is ready to play cleanup game in the laptop but doesn’t want to assist me with cleanup in real world !!!!!


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