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Engal veetu pillayar

Happy Vinayakar Chathurthi to one and all..

We celebrated it with hand made Ganesh by Adi with zero help from me and home made kozhukattai.

Ammini kozhukattai is from MM’s blog and kadalai paruppu pooranam kozhukattai from Subbu’s kitchen.

I took it easy when Amma said making kozhukattai is a tiring process. Now I realize it with my back breaking so bad. I would be lying if I say all the pain vanished when the family polished off the plates but I am very happy that it turned out good and they liked it. Kozhukattai’s were over in few seconds.

Adi is really having good patience now. It took her more than two hours to make this Ganesha..




Tag time

Maya, the eternal dreamer has tagged me with this award and I feel great. Maya is someone whom I adore for her style of writing and getting this award from her is a big honor for me. Thank you Maya!

Maya, I have got your miniature at home who says “Amma, get your grammar correct” when I make those silly mistakes while talking in English :) She cannot stand grammar mistakes like you.

Rules are
1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you – Done
2. List the rules and display the award – Done


3. Share seven facts about yourself.

1. I love vatha kuzhambu or puli kuzhambu with white rice especially the one made with potato cubes and drumstick. I can eat it for every meal for infinite days.
2. I occasionally buy long earrings, necklaces to match my dress, wear them too but mostly remove it before stepping out of the home. Though I like to dress up, I am more comfortable with the age old amma’s small gold ring type earring and thin gold chain.
3. Have said it many times here before. I cry at the drop of a hat though I hate it to the core to shed tears for undeserved people/incidents. No improvement at all.
4. I had a huge, huge gang of friends during college and friends have been everything to me at one stage of life.
5. I am a sucker for simple pleasures of life like Adi hugging me as first thing in the morning, Stranger smiling at me, Getting into the train few microseconds before the door closes, elevator not stopping in between floors before I get down at work especially in the morning, getting a personal mail, spotting a billing counter where I am first in line and the list goes on.. I count my blessings very often..
6. I love the taste and flavor of mangoes but scared to eat them. My body doesn’t take it well and ends up getting body heat. A glass of milk after eating the mangoes doesn’t work for my body.
7. I wash my hands very often while cooking.

Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

I nominate all my readers/bloggers for this award as every blogger deserves the inspiring blogger award.  Its okay if you have already received, please accept it from me too and write 7 facts about yourself.
Would love to read it.
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I did my best to collect the blogger’s name. Please pardon me with all your heart if I have missed your name above and accept this blog. As I said, every blogger truly deserves the inspiring blogger award.

Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you – Done. I mean the display part. I am already an ardent follower of Maya’s blog.



Song on loop at our household for past few days. I am missing Chennai very badly… The city that’s full of life and the city that holds the best and worst memories of my life.

I want to go back to Chennai like RIGHTNOW !!!!!!!!.

Happy Birthday Chennai.. The city very close to my heart…

Just for laugh

at my cost..

Amma: Adi, I did something adventurous today when you all have gone out.
Adi: What???? did you cook Amma?

Hhmmppffff!!!! So much for cooking 3 meals for them every day. I am going on a strike!!! 

Adi’s art and update on Mac

Adi’s recent artwork..

Thank you GB for the inspiration. She asked me to show it to you. She had hard time completing this as the glue became flat after drying and the foil was ripping off easily. I was happy that she didn’t give up. 

Foil art:







Update on Mac: The service center came back stating the repair cost would be $1,240. LHB seems to be a very costly boy. M said, I am getting the cheapest laptop from Walmart as I need one to work remotely. I am very upset :(

LHB in action

Did he turn two already? No, there is still six more months. Then, how did he get into terrible two already? We have an incident at home every other day and yesterday’s was the highlight.

LHB did oats abhishekam to my Mac’s keyboard and track pad.
Impact – M visited fifth avenue apple store around 8pm and came back home at 4am. Mac has been sent to service center for repair and it will take another 5 to 6 days to get it back. Until then, I have to make do with the other laptop that is already in two pieces and stays as one piece with the help of tape. Its more like a desktop as we cannot move it anywhere for the fear of it falling apart into multiple pieces. I seriously wonder how its still working.

Going off on a tangent, do apple folks really have so many customers or are they fake? M reached the store at 8:30pm and got his appointment with genius bar at 1:30am. He said at 1:00am, he was some 25th person in line and there was still crowd coming in when he got out at 2:30am. That too on a weekday. These guys must either be really genius or have more unhappy customers. I own android phone and Mac has already given us enough headaches. I wouldn’t blame the product.  We all have dropped it at different times and its LHB’s favorite time pass to feed the laptop as if its starving and begging him for some food. It just came to us at the wrong timing and since it was bought for me, I get blamed every time it goes for a service. M is a “well-thought” person. He bought warranty for the product that is saving him (to some extent) now.

This is last week antic. Its M’s laptop and Adi is becoming a pro in fixing keys these days. She can now skip the typewriting class as we are giving her enough hands on training to position the keys in the keypad.