Deal or No deal

Adi had taken two hard boiled eggs to school on Monday to decorate for Easter. Will publish the decorated one later this week. These days she is buzze with her coloring, crafts and other activities. Good news is she is on the last lesson of the reading book purchased from  She can now read level 1 story by herself and needs some help with level 2 stories. The deal while reading level 2 stories is if she finds a hard word she would say “Mommy I need your help” and I have to read the word for her.

She is getting more independent these days. Some times locks her self in the room and says “Mommy don’t come here for a while okay? I want to play something”. That scares me a bit and the devil mommy inside forces me to spy her but I ignored it so far. What the max will a to-be five year old do in a room? I will be the first to join “parents should be the first to trust their kids” club if there is any. I remember doing the same when I was a kid. Lock the door and try to do make over, style my hair in different ways, tie saree with duppatta and all other girlie stuff. So, I am not worried about it at this point.

Her recent styles of getting things done from me

1. Mommy I have two things to say if you don’t do one of them then I don’t want you
2. Mommy I have two things to say if you don’t do one of them then I will be quiet and will never ever talk with you
3. Sometimes if she doesn’t get what she wants then she says “Mommy I don’t want any dolls at home. I don’t want any of my favorite dress or shoe or other stuff. You keep all of them for yourself. Okay?”

After throwing one of above tantrum she wears the mad face mask and either sticks to the wall by folding her hands or lies upside down on the bed/couch.  Based on what and when she demands I either go at her back or remain silent allowing her to come back and bargain with a set of different options.
She is clever in picking options. Read this for a sample… (This is exactly how she says)
1. One thing is give me dosa with orange chutney for dinner and second thing is feed me the vendaikkai (vokra) poriyal
               – fed the poriyal
2. One thing is I want to watch TV and second thing is I need a chocolate 
               – gave the chocolate
3. One thing is I need the glue for my craft and second thing is take me to the park right now
               – gave the glue
4. One thing is I need a lollipop and second thing is make me rava laddu
               – bought lollipop
5. One thing is I want to wear my princess costume today evening and second thing is pick me up early today evening
              – she wore princess costume

Needless to say deal or no deal is happening at our household every day :(. Poor thing is she manages to make the deal most of the time.

5 thoughts on “Deal or No deal

  1. On getting things done, my son does the third one very often. If we don’t give him what he needs, he rejects everything and goes away. We simply ignore him – that lets him come back with swallowed pride. 🙂

    good about the

    We have been using the products from, if you want to have a look.

  2. nice to hear about his way… i will have a look at jollylearning… btw we also use hookedonphonics … little expensive but has stickers and other kids attracting stuffs…

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