Clay craft

Presenting our entries for this month artsy crafty challenge

All these are made with play dough. Adi had so much fun and she made a few by herself. After procrastinating for more than 2 years at last I have got the guts to buy the play dough. I have always seen play dough as a messy item for some reason. I don’t know why. Thanks to Shruti. Β Adi would have missed all this fun. This time before making the craft she had loads of questions about the rules.

Amma is it okay if we make craft with this dough didn’t Shruti aunty mention it as clay craft? is it ok if we mix colors? is it ok if I put wrong color for rainbow etc etc… Its high time I read the rules along with her.

Over to the crafts (Updated version as collage)

The froggie, snail or snake and butterfly where made by Adi (In her words all by herself) and rest were a joint effort.

Will see if we can make more in coming weekends.



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