My Family

Our final entries to Shruti’s this month artsy craftsy challenge

When I asked Adi to draw My Famlily or Family Tree she came up with these two beautiful drawings.

This one with extended family. With all her cousins, anna, akka, grandma and grandpa

and this one with only three of us.  Do you see the graph of butterflies on top of each picture. She recently learned to draw skirt and pant and she chose green for me ‘coz it is my favorite color.  I loved both the versions 🙂


8 thoughts on “My Family

    • thx Shruti… hope we are not late.. Adi checked with me last night “Amma you said 27th is the last day.. have to sent my pictures to Shruti aunty?”.. I showed her the entries in this blog as a proof 🙂

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