It has been identified as Scarlet fever. Yesterday at doctor’s office strep test was conducted to confirm this. A swab was used to take the culture from throat and then it was placed on a test kit. Result was positive. The test line getting darkened confirmed it as Scarlet fever caused by bacterial infection in throat. Surprisingly Adi did not complain about throat discomfort and her throat was clear when examined. May be this was the early stage.  The girl did not like the strep test and we had to force her to lie down and hold her arms and legs when the culture was taken :(.  Googling says if left unattended this could have become a serious case. God’s will we acted earlier without sitting on it factoring in climate changes and common cold and flu.  Anyways to get rid of the bacteria infection completely she will be on antibiotics for next 10 days.  Doctor said it will take another two to three weeks for the bumps/rashes to disappear.  She is having slight fever in the night that leads to disturbed sleep and little whining in the morning. Otherwise she is all good.

Thanks a lot guys for such nice comments. Work is pressing but I am writing this quick post to let you all good hearts know that Adi is doing good.  Thanks again. I am touched.

And guess what after the doctor’s appointment we did got for t-o-t as Adi calls it.  Its trick-o-treat (If you wonder what it is).

She was a bat girl this year and had loads of fun collecting treats from neighborhood and shops. 😀

9 thoughts on “Update

  1. before I saw the link I googled it…got worried but I’m sure the doctor is treating her well….best wishes your way Ani…worry not…Adi will be fine pretty soon 🙂

    and tell the bat girl she is looking super cute 🙂

  2. so sorry to hear that Adi Is not well….I just came online… I hope and would pray for a speedy recovery….
    Halloweeen outfit is superb… She is looking cute……pass on my love to her

  3. I am glad it got diagnosed early and the treatment has started. Sending lot of wishes to Adi, the cutest bat girl around.

    Hope you are not stressing up too much. Hugs

  4. I like Adi’s pink bat girl outfit and she looks adorable! My pinky daughter would want one. Hope Adi gets well fast! Last year I got the strep infection and didn’t take antibiotics. It let to a sinus infection. Good that you took her to doctor immediate.

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