Thank you

Thank you all for your encouraging positive comments. I am working on lifting my spirit up and stay focused on things that need my attention. Its okay for the dark thoughts to come and go, its even okay if tears flow down, just let it flow or wipe it and continue to do what you do. Don’t sulk and give in to negative emotions!! I am repeating to myself often!

Kids have resumed school today after 10 days and I am able to breathe easy. Naughty LHB took his own time to get ready and made me drop him at school!!

Just for laugh:
Amma: LHB, please come over to take your medicine
LHB: Arghhhhh!!! Its that time again!!
Amma: LHB, please da, Amma paavam da, please come and take your medicines da
LHB: Amma, you don’t understand. My life! My choice! I can choose to not drink the medicine
Amma: **passing out instantly** and Adi rolling on the floor laughing..

If only Amma had even 5% of this wisdom!! My life, My choice it seems…

Adi and I were laughing over it for rest of the day by randomly saying “My life, my choice” and she kept mocking me “You don’t understand Amma”!!

Weekend highlights:

  • Adi attended a sweet 16 surprise party at old neighborhood.
  • LHB and I killed time at Chuck e cheese while the girl was partying
  • LHB won second place in a cub scout boat race. Don’t ask me how many participated πŸ™‚ its 3!
  • Adi attended “Make a blanket” event at the temple. They made blankets to be distributed to terminally ill children at the hospital.
  • Quick stop at friend’s home to wish their daughter for her birthday.
  • I have started watching “Super singer junior” and had a very good laugh. Though I don’t like the way the kids are engaged, some lighter moments and laughter is guaranteed and I need them very much right now!!

We spent a solid 3 hours in making this boat last weekend. LHB chose to paint them red and blue.

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 4.12.36 PM

Hugs and love to you all.


Appa’s spy


Scene – On call with Appa

LHB: Appa, I want to talk to you in private and he walks into my closet with the phone. Closes the door but I could hear him!

You know Appa, these girls, they are using your card to order in Amazon. They are ordering stuff in Amazon with your name Appa.

Appa says its okay and then he steps out and tells me all about it. He felt so relieved when Appa said its okay.

We were ordering a party dress for Adi in Amazon and placed order with M’s card as it was auto saved in the account. I was too lazy to reach out to my wallet.

I least expected this little fellow fooling around to notice it, remember and tell his Appa. He didn’t utter a word when we were ordering instead observed it all and reported to his Appa dutifully!! Naughty guy!!

I feel that some change happens (either good or bad) right after I speak about something in this blog. Do you remember how few days ago I vented about the pain of making LHB do his math/english work. He is acting like a charm for past two days, following my orders and doing all the work he is expected to do with no whining or tantrum!! I hope to not jinx it :fingers_crossed

LHB talkies

#1 – Amma in Kitchen:
Amma: Kutty, can you please get my phone da?
LHB: If I were youuuu (he stretches that u with a ragam) Amma, I would get my phone myself!!! (in a zen tone)
Amma: Searching for the wall nearby to bang her head. Amma thinks all the walls in the house would be blessed with her head bangs soon.

#2 – At home
Akka screaming as LHB took some of her stuff
Adi: LHB, I need you here right now!!!!
LHB: (Walking at snail’s pace towards her with bum bum shaking left to right and says) Calm down baby!!! I am coming!!
Amma was literally ROTFL seeing this scene

#3 – Bedtime
LHB: Akka, you need to give us some space in the bed.
Adi: No, I will not
LHB: Akka, are you going to listen or not?
Adi: You hurt me so I am not moving!!!
LHB: Amma, she is suuuch (again stretches u with a ragam) a drama queen ma, such a cry baby. Let’s just go and sleep somewhere else.

#4 – Shop hopping:
LHB: That’s it. I am not coming to the next shop with you. Can you drop me home and then go to all shops?
Amma: Okay then, I am not going to come to the star wars party at Library. You can go by yourself.
LHB: NOOOO. Let’s go to the shop Amma. I will come with you wherever you want me to come!!!!
Amma: **evil laughter**

#5 – LHB on the way from his class with Appa and calls Amma
LHB: Amma, what do you have for me if I come home now?
Amma: Huh? what do you mean?
LHB: I mean, what is your plan for me if I come home now? will you make me study or watch TV?
Amma: (who always wanted to play with her kids): Of course study da!!
LHB: Ok then, Appa I will come with you to pick up Akka. I don’t want to go home now. What is the point? She is not going to let me watch TV anyways and promptly cuts the call $#@!%^&

#6 – LHB doing his Math
Amma: Dei nallavanae, (means good boy) why are you taking 1 hour for just these 2 additions da? Can you please just get done with it?
LHB: You don’t understand Amma. Math is not my thing. TV is my thing. I am a TV guy ma!!
Amma: Okay%^&$#@!

Cinema cinema

We had a casual conversation at the table today evening about Darbar and it moved on to quiz Adi on how familiar she is with Tamil cinema industry celebrities.

The first she called out was “Yogi babu”. I was totally surprised and assuming she misunderstood asked her to explain how he looks like. She said that short, stout guy with curly hair. I see him in all the movies these days. I was about to pass out and decided to quiz her more

We had a rapid fire round and she faired pretty well much to my surprise. I am sorry non-Tamil readers.

Ajith – is it the guy from Isha movie (she is referring to Yennai Arindhaal)
Vijay – Oh the guy from Soccer movie (she is referring to Bigil)
Rajinikanth – Petta guy
Kamala hasan – The guy from the song I played (this deserves a post), with beard and stuff. She is referring to punnagai mannan BGM song
Dhanush – Oh the guy from Maari
Anirudh – Super singer guy
Illayaraja – I know you talk about him all the time but don’t remember his face. (blasphemy I thought and showed his picture to her right away)
A.R.Rahman – Oh the famous music director
Jeyam Ravi – Kurumba/Comali guy

And with that M declared she is fit to be called a Tamil girl now. It was a proud/not so proud moment I say!!! I mean I would have been much more happier if she knew the true Tamil legends but I am to be blamed partially too for the exposure I give to her.

I think she picked up all these only very recently. We had a good laugh at the end and that is all matters!

P.S: Heart breaking news for STR fans. She didn’t know him. I told her even STR would get a heart attack if he comes to know that she knew all the above celebrities but not him πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Video of the day: (The rapid fire round with Adi reminded me of this scene)


LHB talks

#1 – On our way to township board meeting as LHB’s class was chosen to sing a song for Vetaran’s in that meeting:
Amma: Kutty, do you remember your lines da?
LHB: You know Amma, I am squeezing my brain to remember the lines. I will let it go when we are done and the brain will forget everything. Silly brain!
Amma: I don’t know why but this response from him made my eyes wet instantly. The little boy is trying, trying and trying his best to remember and recollect facts. I remind myself again. It is absolutely okay if he is not at par with academics for his age. He is a happy, healthy boy and he will find his way to survive. He tries and doesnt give up. My duty is to only give him a safe and happy childhood. He will figure out his life.

#2 – On our way back from school:
Amma: So, what did you do in school today?
LHB: We played Heads up seven up game in aftercare.
Amma: What game is that? I have never heard about it.
LHB: Omg! It’s a lot to explain. I will tell you later!

#3 – At home:
Amma: (Screaming) LHB, why don’t you finish your homework now?
LHB: (in a very calm tone) Not in the mood baby!!
Amma: She was looking for a wall nearby to bang her head!!!

#4 – On our way back from township board meeting:
LHB’s class sang a song for Veteran’s in that board meeting and there were many veteran’s present in that meeting.
LHB: Amma, did you see the Veteran’s in the meeting?
Amma: Yes da!
LHB: Are they all very old Amma?
Amma: Yes da!
LHB: How come they are still alive but Raju thatha is not ma?
I went speechless and changed the topic eventually!!

#5 – Bedtime:
LHB: Amma, why do you always keep saying Ammadi whenever you sit or try to stand?Amma: Because, my back hurts sometimes and I say it mostly when I feel tired.
(then he was mocking me for few days especially when I retire to bed with a very loud “Ammadi”
LHB: Then, he came up with the phrase “Ammadi, kannadi, chennadi”. He claims to be the proud owner of this phrase and I pretend to him that it makes all my pain go away.
Amma: You know da, I feel much better when I say it
LHB: I know Amma, that is why I created this for you (with a proud face) πŸ˜€

More saved for another post πŸ™‚

Best secret keeper

LHB was invited to a play date with 3 other boys living in the neighborhood. They all go to same class. I bought brownies to take it to the playdate and told the boy to keep it a secret and not tell his friend G about the brownies when he sees him at school.

Me: Can you please keep it a secret da?

LHB: You know Amma, I am the best secret keeper. Do you know how?

Me: How?

LHB: Because I forget everything after a minute

Me:?? !!!!! Whatever!!!

Next day morning:

LHB: Amma, remember the secret you told me? I don’t remember it anymore so I won’t tell G. No worries

Me:?? !!!! Whatever!!!


Adi went to pick him from bus stop and this is the conversation they had

LHB: Akka, guess what? I didn’t tell the secret to G. I am the world’s best secret keeper.

What do you guys think? Did he tell G or not?

Bonus point: Now I know how to make him remember something **evil laugh**

Dont judge

Please dont judge me with this post. Yes we talk a LOT about poop and butt at home. Its unavoidable having around an actual 6 yr old and a 14 yr sometimes acting like a 4 yr old!!

This post is for posterity. Hope it will definitely make me smile when I read it. Somedays our texting conversation goes like this…

The blue text is me and the white one is Adi.

Of shoes and choice of kids

Scene: Driving back home after dropping Adi at her class

LHB: Amma, these Nike shoes doesn’t fit for me anymore!
Amma: Okay baby. Let’s donate it
LHB: Actually, can you keep it for memory (he meant for remembrance)
Amma: Okay, we can do that
LHB: Like, I can keep it or even give it to my kids!
Amma: That’s nice of you (and the mommy brain got quirky)
Amma: So, how many kids are you planning to have?
LHB: One
Amma: Are you sure?
LHB: Yeah!
Amma: Boy or girl?
LHB: Boy
Amma: Hmm, you don’t want a girl?
LHB: I don’t know. What if the girl wants a girl? (by the girl he is referring to his wife)
Amma: I didn’t get it!
LHB: Like it’s her choice. What if she wants to have two kids or she wants to have a girl? I can’t say anything. Its her choice Amma!
Amma: I just can’t be more proud of this little boy. I told him he made me shed happy tears and my happy meter has reached the top for the day.

I know its coming from a 6 year old but I sincerely wish for him to stay the same and show respect to his life partner’s interest and choices. God bless him with a deserving life partner and may the both make loads and loads of happy moments and memories.

Oh my god, a mother’s imagination is endless! It’s so hard to stop it once it kicks off!!

If I share all this with some sensible person, they would say first let your son pass elementary and make his way to earn his own bread! Finding a deserving life partner comes after that ! True that!

Just for smile – LHB – Color idli

I recollect doing “just4smile” series for Adi in this blog when she was same age as LHB is now. Woww this blog is turning 10 this year actually this month and I didn’t realize it until I started writing this post.

There have been many ups and downs in this ten years and this blog has helped me in many ways to cope up with it. I am eternally thankful for this blog. It deserves a separate post.

Coming to the original content of this post. I would like start the “just for smile” series for LHB. This boy ensures we never have a dull moment at home. He stands very close to me and screams at the top of his voice just when I declare dealing with a bad headache. Welcome to my life!!!

Dinner time:
Ammachi: LHB, I am making Idli for thatha. Do you want to eat the same for dinner?
Myself: I could hear the tiredness in Amma’s voice.
LHB: YES ammachi but I want color idli!!!
Myself: I could see the shock in Amma’s face. She was not in a state to make color idlis
There was pin drop silence for 2 minutes

Then came the Eureka moment for me

: Amma, its ok can you please make color idli for him? But please make sure you make white color idli for him okay? I know its tough for you but can you pretty please make that special white colored idli for LHB?

By now I could see two faces light up instantly. Amma was happy that I saved her extra work and LHB was happy that he gets special Idli.

Problem solved **evil laughter** I was walking around with pride for next two days and Amma was praising me non stop πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Water stall

One day LHB was asking us for lego watch and we did the usual reply. We will get it when we need to get it. So, the little boy declared he will buy it for himself and we didn’t take it very serious. After some time he asked if I want water, forced a cup of water in my hand and said one dollar Amma. Apparently he emptied a WHOLE case of bottled water into the cooler and started selling water to everyone at home to save money for the lego watch. And I don’t even remember when that cooler was washed last!! Yikesss. I was happy as I got suspicious and didn’t sip that water.

Kids and their little mind!! From then on, we never leave him unattended for more than 10 minutes as who knows what damage will he do!!

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 11.50.47 AM.png