Navarasa Day – Day 44

Today was a Navarasa day.

The day started with LHB’s winter concert. He didn’t move a muscle on the stage while other kids were moving all body parts including their ears. I went near the first row to wave at him and make him smile and feel better. I am sure he saw me but he turned away and stayed still with a stern look. I could sense that something was wrong as that was not usual self. Whoever knows him know how much of a happy boy he is.

Later, I figured out that he had a nature’s accident. I had to clean him at school and felt relieved that his reaction at stage was expected for his situation. Adi laughed like crazy (Prachee I captured the moment to observe how she laughs :)) when I told her as imagine the situation “You p**p and you are on the stage”. what would you do? That’s exactly what my little boy did. My brave boy didn’t cry. He just kept a sad face which was more than fine for his situation. Next year is always there to rock the concert. It must be the food we ate last night. Adi and I had stomach upset issues too.

Afternoon was more work as I wanted to wrap up all pending tasks before going on vacation. Yup, we are out next week on a road trip to a different state. Its a total of 17 hours drive one way and we are breaking it into two days drive.

Evening, started with cooking preparations for the road trip and packing clothes. Adi helped with cooking (she made egg curry under my guidance). As it is expected before any trip M got worked up, I had a big vent out session and it was total chaos while LHB was just minding his own business of watching TV as if nothing is happening around. And house is a mess which irritates me even more!!!!

We are supposed to start with the drive at 8am tomorrow but there are still things to do. And I am damn tired. All I want to do is just curl up and sleep as if there is no tomorrow. I wish!!

Today I had my happy, dull, exploding, pleasant, pity and tired moments.



12 thoughts on “Navarasa Day – Day 44

  1. Aww LHB. You will have to delete this at some point before he reads it Ani 🙂 Poor kid, must have been really tough sticking it out there during the concert. That’s ok, give him a beeg hug from me.

    Enjoy the much needed break.

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