Sunday – Day 29

I entered the kitchen at 8:30am in the morning and came out at 4:30pm. My fitbit showed 8000+ steps when I sat down at 4:30pm. It was kind of like a date day for me with my baking powder and distilled vinegar. We teamed up and scrubbed away all stuff that needed our attention.

Ani’s kitchen today dished out two batches of shaped poori’s, channa masala, veggie scrambled eggs, potato fry, palak paneer with fresh homemade paneer, kesari, lemongrass tea and masala chai. In between these cooking, I scrubbed couple of shelves in refrigerator, took away stains from some think bottomed pans, loaded dish washer, cleaned stove top and counter top.

Am I happy? – YESSSSS!!!!!
Is my body happy? – Definitely not. Its crying out loud.

After 4:30, took shower, washed my hair and did satyanarayana pooja as its pournami (full moon) today. The moon had some mercy and peeped at me big and bright right through my window. There were months when it plays hide and seek with me hiding behind the clouds.

Today is a day I reached my daily target of 10000 steps just by walking around my kitchen. I kid not!!

P.S: The potato fry got a thumbs up. I have tried different styles so far but she didn’t like them much. So, tried Amma’s recipe and received thumbs up. I literally had my fingers crossed when the girl took her first bite.

For interested, the fry recipe is to grind (coconut, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, fennel seeds, salt), mix this with cut potatoes and then shallow fry this mixture until potato is cooked and turns golden brown. Key is not to leave it unattended while frying.

P.P.S: Poori making was more of a fun activity with kids as they made all shapes with cookie cutter. They made dinosaur, plane, car, alphabets, candy cane, snowman and the list is endless.

May I have just one more day off pleeeeeasseee !!!!! I want to sleeeeeepppp **insert a whining emoji**


13 thoughts on “Sunday – Day 29

  1. Though we may end up tired, such days are satisfying in a way right.. I have a sense of accomplishment on such days. We spent the weekend clearing the junk. I felt so good by Sunday night.
    And you cooked so much gal.. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Also, if you are ok with chemical cleaners, have you tried Barkeepers friend on the tough grease? I occasionally use them for my burnt steel pans et all and found it very effective.

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