Archive | January 10, 2015

Christmas Tradition

This year we didn’t keep the tree at home for no particular reason but didn’t miss the tradition we have been following for almost past seven years. We visited our good old ex-neighbors to greet who have been the best part of Adi’s childhood.They were amazed to see Adi after a long time and said I now have a beautiful young lady. She is no more a kid.

H grandma never misses to build snowman with Adi at her backyard every winter. C grandma and T grandpa would always be in the patio all summer to greet us when we return home in the evening. Many summer evenings, I would just rest in their steps for a quick chit chat before heading to home. M grandma passed away the year before last year and P grandma, the oldest of all would show so much interest in joining our chat though she can hardly understand us! The four three lovely sisters live in different portions of the same building and their family bonding is something that always amazes me. Their children and grandchildren take turns to visit them for every holiday.

C grandma also babysits her grandchildren and lets Adi play with her grandaughter whenever she is home. H grandma is Adi’s favorite and its funny to hear her say she hates when her grandkids come home and change settings in her laptop. She doesn’t like that. Adi calls them patti and am glad to teach them few tamil words. She has good sense of humor too. We are in touch via email. One person to whom I still write long personal emails.

Hope to continue this tradition for as long as we can and I am always thankful to them for being part of Adi’s beautiful childhood memories. God bless them with good health.