Apple puff

Friday has been reserved for food post.

One of the favorite activity that Adi and I work in harmony is baking. She loves to be a sous chef when it comes to baking and I love to have her by my side as she is the best to work with. She will be one step ahead doing exactly what you want her to do next.

During a long drive, I shared the apple dumplings story and recipe from FV’s post with Adi and we decided to bake it during her upcoming winter break play date.

It was a perfect day with two of her friends and my little boy at home. The girls cleverly kept the little boy engaged with the idiot box and we all carried on with the task in peace. They mixed all ingredients, taste tested the stuffing, added some lime juice, adjusted the sugar level and prepared the stuffing all by themself.

We made it in puff shape rather than dumpling as the puff pastry sheet we got from store was rectangle in shape.

I rolled the pastry sheet, cut it into desired shape and they took care of egg wash and filling the sheet. I loved the way we all worked together.

Stuffing ingredients:
apples – 3 or 4 skin peeled and cut into small pieces
walnuts – crushed (I loved this addition. It gave a nice crunchy texture)
brown sugar – 3/4 cup or as needed
lemon juice – as per taste
vanilla escence -1 teaspoon
cinnamon powder – 1 spoon

Bake it at 300 degree for 10 mins on each side. As it has always been the case, I burned the top layer and M gave this awesome idea to just scrap it off before the girls could see it. Adi did warn me to not burn the top/bottom just before putting it into the oven. So, just have a close watch when its in the oven.

The girls loved it, I gobbled a couple too (yeah yeah diet and all that). Adi liked it so much that we made it again during new year eve when friend’s visited us.

Thank you FV and Sri for introducing us to this amazing recipe. This has definitely been added to our “to bake” list.



12 thoughts on “Apple puff

  1. Life is a bliss when puff pastry is available nearby. Sigh!
    You two sync in baking says a lot about how meticulous you two are, so glad you girls had a delist time not just once but again and again 🙂
    I have eaten these and love ’em a lot ❤

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