Goosebumps guaranteed

Sharing two incidents from last year that are goosebumps guaranteed

One evening I visit my neighbor after many months to ask for something and during that 5 mins stay I get a random call on my phone. The call was from nearby elementary school principal to enquire about this neighbor. Apparently she gave me as reference for a job at that school and forgot to inform me. I was able to give honest feedback after knowing the context from neighbor by sign language while I was still on call. Is this called timing or luck or coincidence? I had goosebumps and it took me few days to get this out of my mind!!

I purchased two hair clips with fake rose from a store and showed it to my cooking aunty. The roses looked so real and instantly with no prior thinking I gave one of that hair clip to the aunty. I didn’t have any intention to give but that moment I went with my instinct and gave it to her. It is only after that she said that day was her 40th anniversary. A timely gift however small it is brings in so much happiness and joy. I was elated.

I have said this before too. I am a sucker for such small joyful, cheerful unexpected moments in everyday life. Is it tough to make someone smile genuinely? That smile is contagious, even the air around smiles broad, makes the environment light and reassures that life is worth living. Being happy is not that difficult after all. It is worth giving a try!!!


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