Happiness is

Part 1

Wowww!!! My readers are so intellgent. Who am I kidding? They are my readers. Ofcourse they ought to be intelli..Awesomes. Almost all of you got it right. A beeeg round of applause to all of you.

I kept it in the refrigerator while placing the left over food and it stayed there for a good 20 mins. I was roaming around the floor, lunch table, pantry and when I was just about to go past the refrigerator thatΒ same moment (call it nanoseconds) someone else decided to open it and I got a glimpse of the phone sitting there in the middle rack. Had that nanosecond of coincidence not happened I wonder when I would have got my phone back.

It died on me few weeks later and I had to switch to a new phone but tell me tell me how would you explain that feeling when you saw the phone? I call it happiness a deep one at that! I couldn’t avoid touching my phone at random times and smile wide for rest of the day.


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