My orange beauty – Day 76/25

This is the bag I take to work every day with pride. It has travelled many places with me for the past five years. It very close to my heart as I got it as a compliment from my previous employer for completing x years of service with them. I see it as a gift for my hard work. I was given reward points in some online site and was supposed to make purchase from that site based at India. So, browsed through that site and ordered this bag which was shipped to US from Mumbai specially for me. I still remember the day the shipment arrived.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 2.44.09 PM.png

Why am I writing about it today? Coz, yesterday I noticed a rip in its side pocket. Its under the pocket so that means I can’t use it anymore. The pocket where I usually keep all my travel size lotions and lip balm. I use it very rarely though!

This bag is one of the best choice I have made and guess its time to give it a good rest though it looks shiny and as new as just bought yesterday. It has worked beyond its tenure. I am sad to see her go but I am happy for the time we spent together all these years.

Starting my search for a new bag. Any suggestions? (I prefer backpack compartmentalized ones so it can fit my laptop, dabbas, travel mug, wallet, shades with its box, makeup pouch, papers and other sundry items. M is true that I am carrying 10 pounds to work every day but I prefer to keep it that way.

I like to carry that big one side shoulder bag but would that fit all of this? I am known for packing 4 set of clothes for an overnight stay. So, yes keeping all this mind share your suggestions for a new bag please.


6 thoughts on “My orange beauty – Day 76/25

    • thank you Pop! I have seen Targus bags but couldn’t really make up my mind about what type I need! the shoulder bag or the one side big bag? what if this doesn’t fit and that doesn’t fit? confusion still continuing….

  1. I understand the emotion, Ani. I got my India work bag with me and used it here too! If it were India, I would say Wildcraft bags. A red bag from wildcraft lasted as a baby bag for Sam from his birth to until he turned 5. I never had any problems and it carried all his things-breakfast,lunch,snack,milk, 2 throws for daycare and his spare clothes, not to mention the diapers and wipes etc! My personal opinion on a single shoulder bag for laptop is no, it creates the worst posture problems! My neck and shoulder hurt whenever I tried that for style. Now, Im back to my backpacks

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