Archive | January 27, 2020

This and that

LHB got this garland from last week temple visit. We went just before the closing time, LHB wanted to pray lord Hanuman so as we were approaching Hanuman the priest gave him the garland from Hanuman. Goosebump moment!! I couldn’t hang it in front door for the lack of nails so hanged them here that you can see as soon as you enter the home.


Sunday, I went to a Pooja at neighbor’s home, had nice lunch, came home and crashed in bed. Had a satisfying siesta after a very long time. I don’t know anything that happened at home that afternoon, not even the door bell ringing or LHB screaming. All I remember is waking up to hot hot “Vattayappam” shared by my other neighbor. Counting my blessings.

M is out on a business trip this week and I am single parenting the kids for the first time in this home. He will be back in few days and again disappear for one month long. I will see you all by March in one piece if I survive this phase!!

Work is building up like crazy and my eyes are constantly in burning/irritating mode these days that I am not able to focus on anything. Guess an eye checkup is in the cards.

Today’s lunch was liked by both kids which was a big win. They polished off all the Pav Bhaji and asked for more!! I am yet to figure out the list of LHB’s favorites food so I get nervous when he rejects the food that Akka likes.

LHB irritates me by saying “You are suuuuch a baby” whenever I try to go into whining phase. Sighh!!! A person can’t even whine in peace!!!

Our bedtime routine is getting worse these days. We are getting to bed only past 10pm 😦 😦

I am behind on reader by few days. Hope to get to them soon…