Thoughtful kids

PFC – That is how they call it. Pray For Chennai

A bunch of girls from Adi’s school has approached her principal at random times in the month of December about organizing a bake sale to help PFC. And the effort was paid off last week. The principal agreed and permission was granted to the last girl who approached her.

Adi and her friends were little upset as it was their original idea but they sorted it out with that girl who organized the bake sale. Adi even volunteered to help the girl at the sale but looks like she already had enough help.

The girls are still planning to conduct some event at our neighborhood. They named the event as “snow ball” and the concept is kids who visit this event gets to play multiple games like scavenger hunt and few other games for a nominal entry fee. It has some logistics issues but I wish they get to do it.

Proud of these girls!!!


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