WW – Halloween Costume

LHB was DJ Marshmello for 2020 Halloween. We decided to make a DIY costume this year. It was multi purposed as I also used the same at my work for Halloween virtual party. One of our artistic friend helped to make cuts in the plastic bucket and make the helmet while LHB and I made a list and did store runs to collect all supplies needed for his son and LHB.
Shirt and shoes are from Walmart and jogger pant is from Amazon. I ordered a pant well ahead of time that was delayed, then ordered another that was delivered just a day before Halloween. I was literally tracking the driver and went out to curb to collect the package when he was approaching our home. That’s the day I had first hand experience of real time Amazon delivery tracker!!

Did I say WW? Well, this is the best I could do when it has to be wordless πŸ˜„πŸ˜


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