What will I miss the most?

When Adi goes off to college later this year?

  • Her kitchen explorations and her serving style

Last week, she made assorted pancakes in Uthappam pan (Strawberry, M&M, Jalapeno flavors)

Yesterday, she assembled two paneer kaati rolls for me when I was on back to back calls

Its a common scene at home that every time she enters kitchen to grab some food, one of us will piggy back and ask her to fix a plate for us too! She will sulk most of times but always served us!

My Appa is a big fan of her egg sandwich!

Our day turns to be lucky if she is in the mood to bake!

She always serves my coffee with biscuits (well most of the times!)

Helps to make rotis when I use two pans to speed up the work

Unloads dishwasher and puts away washed dishes in their designated place

Her online school ends at 11:30am and she would run down to kitchen saying “romba pasikudhu, romba pasikudhu” (very hungry, very hungry), what’s for lunch?, open all vessels to smell the food and then sit down to eat!

ETA: Just after I published this post she walked into the home with a brown bag. She went to mall with her friends and came back with treats (cookies she chose based on our taste buds). I didn’t plan to write this topic today and cookie was a total surprise 🙂

Appa – Chocolate sea salt caramel
Amma – Half sweet chocolate walnut
Adi – Milk chocolate chip


10 thoughts on “What will I miss the most?

  1. How sweet of her Ani, I feel so sad everytime I read of Adi going to college. It sure is going to be hard for us when the birds fly the nest 😦 But enjoy every minute while she is with you and make the most out of it, buy her lots of chipotle 😀

    • lol, lots of Chipotle definitely 🙂 We are doing marathon commenting I guess, catching up on blog reader during weekend 🙂 I appreciate you taking the time to catch up on all my posts Seema, it means a lot to me hugs🤗

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