Archive | January 5, 2023

Its time

I took the day off today to help Adi with the packing. I made her favorite lunch (carrot sambar and potato roast), we ate together, then some ribbon pakoda business happened to pack for her college, then we made an impromptu family trip to a local milkshake hangout spot, then Adi and I went to the parlor, then I made her favorite poha to pack for tomorrow’s all day’s drive, then I wrapped up kitchen and then we sat down to pack!!

Next 5 hours was spent in packing and loading. Car has been loaded. We are leaving very early in the morning tomorrow. It’s going to be almost 15 hours’ drive. This is our first attempt to drive straight through a looong distance.

I thought my girl is all grown up, well balanced and matured girl but then I saw a glimpse of my little girl when she got emotional while packing. She went around the home, each room to say bye and told me that she is afraid she might cry unlike me who instantly cries!!

LHB made a secret card for his Akka and got gifts (mini blocks) for her from his prize box at school. He has been saving all his points to reach 100points at class to get something good from the prize box for his Akka. He specifically asked me to pack it in golden wrapper/bag. This will be a surprise for her when he gives it to her at the college

I packed oats nuts bar and ribbon pakoda for my own satisfaction and much to her protest. She keeps saying it’s going to go to waste!! I packed them in small ziploc bags for her and her roommate.

I am telling myself that this is just like a mini trip from school. She will be back every month and in between every semester! One can only fool themselves so much!!

The little girl who was the reason for me to start this blog in 2009 is now ready to move out! Wish her the best all my lovely readers.

I will be in travel for next 4 days and will try to make a post!