Archive | January 17, 2023

Lunch dabba saga

One of the things that made me feel more peaceful when I dropped off Adi was my accomplishment of packing dabba for her for past 14 years. She started daycare at 2.5 years old in this country and the daycare didn’t allow home packed food. It was convenient for me as I was just learning the ropes of parenthood in a foreign country while working fulltime.

She moved to a private school for Kindergarten and the dabba packing saga started. School offered lunch but I jumped into packing dabba as by then I have become a seasoned hyper mother who wants to do it all for her child!! There was nothing else better to do in those days 😁

Every night we will discuss the menu and rain or shine I have to pack that the next day. If not, I am answerable that evening as why did the menu change? She is not very good at handling surprise. This was the case until she moved out 😁 She needs to know the menu for next day or rather I prefer to validate the menu with her and enjoy the meal planning talk every night!

The saga continues for LHB. He is the opposite though as he needs surprise when he opens the dabba. He told me specifically to not discuss the menu!

Knock on wood, he polishes off the dabba. I usually pack 3 portions for him in bento box – An entrée, a vegetable serving and a fruit serving. Vegetable serving is usually chinese stir fry with mixed veggies or just brocolli. Fruit serving is either apple slices or orange wedges or grapes. So far going good and I hope to continue with this as long as possible!