Archive | January 11, 2023


I don’t know if there is such a word but I think MTW passed the energy from her home to our home. It just took a day to reach. I am feeling the kind of satisfaction that she felt yesterday.

LHB’s homework – done
Dinner – done
Dishwashing – done
Clean kitchen – done
Prep for tomorrow – done
Wrap up office work – done

And now we are relaxing in the couch watching Panda 3 on mid of a weekday. Trust me, this has never never happened before! The boy was very co operative today, earned bonus points in his daily chart and finished all work without big fuss. In addition he also did a quick Costco run and had basketball training with his Appa!

Its time to go to bed in 10 minutes. All that is pending is bedtime reading and brush the teeth! I am pinching myself! Am I in my dream world?

Prachee passed her energy too as I messed up with the days like she did. I posted a picture yesterday with WW in title thinking it was Wednesday yesterday 🤦🏻‍♀️ So, made up to it by writing a daily journal update today.

Adi update:
Akka is doing good, keeping herself busy. Yesterday, she made a fuss about food and snacks so the dotting Appa has sent her a snack package first thing today morning. She will come to know when it arrives. With long weekend coming up and her roommate going home we hope this snack package will help her! 3 more weeks to see her next time!

The periya manushar (big man) of the family aka LHB gets prompt daily updates from her. She needs to report to him every night if she made any new friends, if she met with her professors and how is life in general. Then, he will give his school update. It all starts with “You know Akka,….”